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  1. Im definately not the first to ask for these, but yeah... im looking for them: The B/W event Celebi (current event i think) And Satoshi's pikachu (Recently ended if i'm not mistaken) I'm (for some unknown reason) unable to get these events myself and i'm requesting some help So if anyone has them, i'd like a way to get them too. AR, Pkm, wondercard file, tradeing... whatever... I'm a hopeless collector who got unlucky and missed a few :bidoof: Please and thanks? ^^; PS: i have HG (US) and SS (JP) if that matters... I would've used my soulsilver to get the events, but it at a freind's house and i wont be able to get it back for a while :creep:
  2. Here are some event Pokemon I will be offering Key: (male)=The OT name is blue colors for the events that had multi-color names (female)=The OT name is pink colors for the events that had multi-color names UT=untouched,never raised or have and exp. *blank*=i'll give it for a good offer **=A somewhat valuable offer ***=Vaulable offer ****=Offer must be very worthy to its ranking *****=Don't be f***ing joking.Only extreme offers can get you this PKMN. NFT=NOT FOR TRADE UNLESS THE OFFER IS EXTERMELY VALUABLE! NEW!=Newest Pokemon to enter in my list Unhatched= the event PKMN is in the Egg Stage Slash =Pokemon is not up for sale,pokesav'd,hacked,etc. Here is the list: Events: Movie Jap Darkrai UT *** Aura(female) Mew Lv.43 ** MYSTRY Mew UT **** TRU Manaphy UT *** ROCKS Metang UT *** Gamestp Deoxys UT **** Hadou(female) Mew Lv.20 *** Ageto Celebi UT(with PokeRus) **** MATTLE Ho-Oh UT 3x and Lv.100 UT=**** Lv.100=*** Jap MATTLE Ho-Oh UT and Lv.75 UT=**** 100=*** WISHMRK Jirachi UT *** Movie 11 Regigigas UT **** 10 ANVI Celebi Lv.71 *** Hadou(male) Mew Lv.21 *** Wishing Star Jirachi Lv.36 *** Aura(male) Mew Lv.10 raised a little **** Hadou(male) Mew UT **** 11th Movie Shaymin UT **** ALAMOS Darkrai UT **** Jap. Battonage Darkrai UT **** My Pokemon Ranch Mew UT(Both Eng&Jap) *** 10 ANNVI Entei UT *** WORLD08 Lucario UT **** 10ANNVI Ho-Oh Lv.70 trained a little and Lv.100(06227) *** TRU Dragonite UT 11/08/08 ***** Hadou Regice **** Hadou Registeel **** France ALAMOS Darkrai UT *** JEREMY Growlithe ***** (Info not given to prevent hackers!) Tanabatta Jirachi UT *** PC Tokyo(07207)Charmander UT ***** McDonalds Pikachu UT **** Shiny ALAMOS Darkrai(0738) UT NFT Nintendo Zone Pikachu UT ***** 10th Movie Deoxys UT **** Pokemon Sunday Tropius UT ***** E4ALL Manaphy UT *** PC Tokyo (07208) Charmander UT ***** Concert Chatot UT *** Pokemon Center Eevee UT NFT Shiny WCS Milotic UT NFT X2 NEW! Daisuki Club Magikarp [02226] UT ***** Daisuki Club Magikarp [03126] UT ***** Daisuki Club Magikarp [07076] UT ***** Daisuki Club Magikarp [12226] UT ***** X2 Saikoyu Dragonite Lv 50. *** Shiny Movie Shaymin UT NFT DOEL Deoxys UT ***** High Sp.Def IVs! Shiny Ruby Zigzagoon UT ***** High HP & Sp.Atk Iv's! Shiny Sapphire Zigazagoon UT ***** High HP, Def, Sp.Atk, & Speed Ivs! BABA Flygon UT ***** High Def Ivs! PC Yokohama Pikachu UT NFT Collo Pikachu UT **** Distant Land (DL) Suicune Lv.41 *** Yuknia Meowth UT NFT Birth Island Deoxys UT *** JEREMY Tarous UT NFT Kyrocia Bidoof UT NFT Kyrocia Starly UT NFT 12 Annviersery Pichu (EGG Form) Unhatched NFT! NOA Seth Heracross UT NFT Shinge Psyduck UT NFT 10 ANVI Charizard(00010) UT *** PC Wishcash UT NFT JEREMY Psyduck UT NFT PokePark Celebi UT **** 10 ANVI Lugia UT *** Saikyou Milotic Lv.50 **** Palcity Mew Lv63 *** Distant Land Entei **** UT Shiny Distant Land Entei ***** UT Almia Darkari UT ***** NEW! Kyle Riolu UT ***** NEW! Platinum Pokemon(all Jap): Regirock UT *** Articuno UT **** Palkia UT **** Dialga UT **** Rotom UT X2 *** Giratina UT X2 **** Giratina Lv.49 *** Regigigas UT **** Zapdos UT **** Moltres UT **** Heatran UT *** Members Pass Darkrai UT X3 ***** Shiny Memers Pass Darkrai UT NEW! NFT Shiny Giratina UT NEW! NFT High HP IVs! Shiny Pokemon: Abra UT ***** 3X Ho-Oh Lv.70,82,100 *****(ALL) Palkia Lv.52 *** Dialga Lv.76 *** Machop UT *** Groudon UT(nickname:QUAKE) **** Shuppet UT *** Magikarp UT ** Seviper UT *** Muk Lv 38 *** Major Wants: WCS Milotic(need other dates) 10ANNVI 10 ANNVI Movie Events Shiny versions of events Regular Wants: Anything else I don't have. Looking for events that I don't have. FC is in my sig
  3. Welcome to FLOOTENKERP's Events Trade Thread! All the events are 100% Legitimate. Enjoy! What I want All of the events I'm offering were obtained from the database Except the Osaka Meowth and the NOK Mew. All are legitimate. I have the wondercards for most of these so I can get you certain nature's or IV's for some of these events. If you have any questions on nature or gender ask away and I'll gladly answer. Thanks for viewing my thread!
  4. Using pokesav, the title basically. I wanted the toys'r'us Regigigas... and im not sure how to do it. I dont just want the PKM i want the wondercard and stuff. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi ! I have a problem with pokesav HG SS too. I can't access to the "events" > "edit" page in the main page of the program. Why ? Thanks ! ___________________ Salut ! J'ai également un soucis avec Pokesav HG SS, la partie "events" > "edit" sur la page principale est grisée. Je n'ai pas accès à cette fonctionalitée. pourquoi ? que faire ? Merci !
  6. Hi everyone. I would like to ask if anyone had the follow events pdc, pgt files or pkm files bacause i already searh on the official Wonder Card Thead but i don't know if they are legit. These a the events: - Ekigan Arceus (The Arceus from the 12movie on Japan) - Pikacgu-Colored Pichu - NZ Jirachi - WORLD09 Weavle - Fly Pikacu From Pokewalker Course - Surf Pikachu From Pokewaker Course Also if anyone already had the TRU Arceus, please send me the download links or the links to thead were they are posted. Tanks
  7. i have been away for a couple of months and now i cant seem to find the events on the main page so could someone please help me or tell me what happened or where are they
  8. Ok, so I've downloaded the Wonder Card package in the Event Contributions thread. There are some events that weren't shared, though, and that I'd like to get. These are the following: I alerady got them over Wi-Fi from people who went to the event, so take all the time you need to get them. The reason why I'm trying to get them is so my friends and my sister can have them. I think this should be the right place to post this, according to the warning message randomspot sent me.
  9. If I remember correctly, Gen IV events all use the normal "Mystery Gift" algorithm, where the IVs can be anything and the PID must be non-shiny (if it's dynamic). But I think Gen III events have different PID-IV correlations, most of which I don't know about. So: - What is the PID-IV correlation for event Pokemon from Gen III? I'm mostly asking about Pokemon Box - is it possible to just take a hatched, migrated Pokemon from Gen III and hack the special move onto it? (With the exception of Pichu, since it knows the HM move Surf). - Are there any exceptions to the "Mystery Gift" algorithm for Gen IV events?
  10. I need a rar with all the events in it for Japan and and the US. Both items and Pokemon. Does anyone have one?
  11. What exactly does it check? As in, does it work if you just hack the right species with a Fateful Encounter, or is there anything special?
  12. I was wondering if Pokesav is capable of making events such as Member's Card, Oak's Letter, etc. Replayable. If this is possible, I would very much like to know. Thanks.
  13. Hello i have many events all these are legit all from either the event thenselfs or this very fourm my fc for platinum is 4340 1749 4289 WANTS HGSS dragon trio HGSS dasuki eggs mareep JAPAN EVENTS USA EVENTS ---------- Post added at 09:38 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:37 PM ---------- [/color]EUROPEAN MY EURO EVENTS ARE TO VARRIED TOLIST ASK FOR SPCIFIC PKMN AND MOST LILY I WILL HAVE IT
  14. Here is a list of Pokémon which have not been contributed yet. Please help out the community by sharing your event Pokémon! Birthday Chimchar Birthday Charmander German/French/Spanish XD/Coll Pokémon Please contribute them here!
  15. Every event hosted on the site is legal. We have done extensive checking and research to ensure this. However, we cannot and will not ensure that all or even some of them are exact copies of a pokemon given out at a Nintendo-sponsored event. Every one of them at the very least could have been, and that is all we will guarantee. By extension, none of these events can be proven illegal by any third party. EDIT: As of 2016, this statement still applies!
  16. It might be a lot but i got them all legitimately. I didnt pokesav them. Trading these events: Bday pikachu, NPower Pikachu, PKTOPIA Pikachu, Flying Pikachu, Karaoke Jigglypuff, GCEA Kangaskhan, TRU Dragonite, Aura Mew, Hayley Mew, GCEA Cyndaquil, PCP, 10 anniv entei, hg/ss suicune, 10 anniv Suicune, hg/ss lugia, hg/ss ho-oh, jap event jirachi, concrt chatot, world08 lucario, tru regigigas, manaphy egg, e4all manaphy, tru manaphy, alamos darkrai, tru shaymin, japanese celebi event, pokemon channel jirachi, NZ Jirachi, BDay Charmander, JBHF Manaphy, PKTOPIA Magmortar, Red Metagross, Saikou Salamence. Pm me with offers. a lot i know :eek:
  17. Looking for a Jeremy Oddish, that was given away at this event: FireRed and LeafGreen Trade and Battle Day, on September 25th, 2004 from 9:30-11:30 a.m. The OT on Oddish should say JEREMY and the ID should be 24680. It should pass Legal.exe If you attended this event, or if you happen to have one contact me, I offer almost every event Pokemon available for trade but these are just some: All 10 ANIV, 10 ANNI, 10 ANNIV, 10 JAHRE events All PokePark events All GBA Movie event Pokemon like Hadou Mew, Aura Mew, Mystry Mew, Hadou Regi, etc. Almost all other Jeremys All DS events from Japan, USA, Europe, Korea, etc. I am hoping that somone has at least one.
  18. Hi I am looking for uk regigigas event, spain regigigas event, and italian regigigas events please help me :'( Thank you <3 <3 <3
  19. Hi I am looking for the following pokemon: To be legit in Platinum here are the following info that it needs to have: Pikachu Cafe Electivire: Gender: Male OT:????? ID No: 06298 Name: ???? Ribbon info: A ribbon that proclaims love for pokemon. Moves: Light Screen, ThunderPunch, Discharge, Thunderbolt. Pikachu Cafe Tangrowth Gender: Male OT: ??? ID No: 10038 Name: ???? Ribbon info: A ribbon that proclaims love for pokemon. Moves: Sunny day, Morning sun, Ancientpower, Natural gift. P.S For nature for tangrowth some say calm is hacked if it says brave its real. Thank You
  20. I saw on the old forum some time ago it was possible to obtain shiny 10th anniv events from nintendo because some algorithm or something like that allowed it to be generated. Sorry for sounding like a noob but is there an article about or can someone confirm it explaining how it happens or something?
  21. Hi umm so my event pokemon with classic ribbons suddenly change form A ribbon that proclaims love for pokmeon to a ribbon obtained at a mystery location please help me Thank you <3 <3
  22. i will offer events that are not on gw pika and ana pika and any thing u want
  23. I got tons to offer. I need one really really really bad please if anyone has it trade it to me.
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