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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Kanto Starter Charmander Egg The Kanto Starter Eggs were distributed to players who collected Pokémon found on various Pokémon merchandise sold between June 23 and September 30. Players could receive one of the three eggs at random in exchange for a full set of four stickers (Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, and Pikachu). This Charmander always has a Speed IV of 31. Wondercard ID 095 PID Random Games B2W2 Type IR Dates 09.01.2012-09.30.2012 Nickname ヒトカゲ Gender Random Level Egg Nature Random Ability Blaze OT (Player's) SID (Player's) Location Pokémon Event Ribbon --- Ball Poké Ball Held Item --- Moves False Swipe Block Blast Burn Acrobatics
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Kanto Starter Bulbasaur Egg The Kanto Starter Eggs were distributed to players who collected Pokémon found on various Pokémon merchandise sold between June 23 and September 30. Players could receive one of the three eggs at random in exchange for a full set of four stickers (Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, and Pikachu). This Bulbasaur always has a Defense IV of 31. Wondercard ID 095 PID Random Games B2W2 Type IR Dates 09.01.2012-09.30.2012 Nickname フシギダネ Gender Random Level Egg Nature Random Ability Overgrow OT (Player's) SID (Player's) Location Pokémon Event Ribbon --- Ball Poké Ball Held Item --- Moves False Swipe Block Frenzy Plant Weather Ball
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Iris's Axew The Mysterious Eggs were distributed by Nintendo Wi-Fi to commemorate the main character getting an egg in the anime. The three Pokémon are based on the anime characters' Pokémon. Each player could receive one at random. This Axew always has a Speed IV of 31. Wondercard ID 029 PID Random Games BW Type Wi-Fi Dates 12.17.2010-01.11.2011 Nickname キバゴ Gender Male Level Egg Nature Naive Ability Mold Breaker OT (Player's) SID (Player's) Location Pokémon Event Ribbon --- Ball Poké Ball Held Item --- Moves Scratch Dragon Rage --- ---
  4. Hey there guys! So like it says in the title, I'm looking for help regarding creating eggs in PKheX. I've been testing it out because I would like to do an OR Egglocke for my YouTube Channel, however whenever I make an egg, they won't hatch for me, which I assume would mean it's a bad egg. That being said, I've looked over the details and there shouldn't be any issues with the egg. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  5. trainboy2019

    Mod PKHeX?

    Is there any way to make PKHeX use egg as a species? I know it is possible, and I downloaded the master, but even with that, I don't know how to recompile it to .exe
  6. Hey folks, I'm doing some research on the Mersenne Twister RNG in Heartgold which is used for generating the PIDs of eggs. I'm just doing it to understand the logic which is used here. Right now I'm stuck with this look-up table thing. I read that about 600 numbers are generated by the twister and that there's an address for the frame counter, but where are the values stored? I tried getting a Pokémon from the daycare and compare it's PID with the number I generated externally with the given initial seed and got a match, but I don't understand where this and the next values come from in the games. The value at the address of the initial seed changes to something else after an egg is generated. Also chanigng the initial seed on game start doesn't change the outcome, so it must be stored previously, only question is where?
  7. Please help me! I thought it might be too long to post so I've got a link: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AigQXWCuFJEHusAb71H1ab7sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20110318130549AAx5v2U
  8. in platinum version Instant egg (replace XX to choose nature, replace YY to chose gender) (Press X) Are there any code like that?
  9. From the first games for GB know of the existence of this "pokemon" produced from a programming error of the game or intentionally (as in the GBA versions) Now the main question .. Is it valid or not this "Pokemon" (It may be legal because the game NOT generated naturally) .. The funny thing is that there EXIST in all games (All pkmn versions,PBR, MPR & PKWalker) and is perfectly playable and stable .. I open the question as I am intrigued by the fact that there pkmn in the game and has his own pokedex number (494 and 495) besides "name" Egg & BadEgg If you want I can post it (it passes tests of legit) to see what it thought.. Here for download http://www.megaupload.com/?d=EL3OJZPH They can play with these in PBR can put them MPR and Pokewalker .. Whatever happens NOT exchange them via GTS as this will not be permitted and no longer remove them or let them share there... Excuse my English.
  10. Ok, I looked on these forums and there wasn't a Pokemon Shiny Egg Guide, so here it is. Firstly, find the pokemon you want a lvl 1 Shiny of. Catch a Ditto, and put it and the other Pokemon into the Day-Care. Next, you'll need a site that says when, roughly, the eggs will hatch, like http://serebii.net/pokedex-dp/ Now, save once you get 1 Number away from the egg hatch Number. Now walk forward until the egg hatches (This may be about 200 steps) When the egg hatches, don't move, and look at the number of steps. Write this down. Turn the power off, then on. Now, go to the number before that, and save. Now, walk forward, and the egg will hatch. How cool is that? Now, if it isn't shiny, soft reset (L, R, Select, Start) and keep repeating the process. This may be pointless with a terrible pokemon, but with something like a Magikarp or Feebas, it will be your saviour! Note, I do not own Serebii.net, nor do I work with them in any way.
  11. I missed the announcement of the mareep egg with the wallpapers, but apparently its out there. Kelly you were talking about it with Singe, do you have anymore information or know where to get one?
  12. Hi, everyone, and sorry in advance if I posted in the wrong section or something! Okay, I need you guys's help with something. Maybe this will be a bit of a tl;dr thread, but please don't go away! I just downloaded PokeSav and decided to try it out. Since this was my first try, I decided to follow a Tutorial on how to use PokeSav I found on YouTube; in fact, I watched two different videos, but there was no difference between them on the following of the steps. Just as a reference, these are the videos I watched: As a test, I simply edited one party Pokemon to a Kingdra, and tried to make it as valid as possible; to do that, here's what I filled in: EVs: None. Let's say it was just caught. IVs: I checked "All max" and then modified them, so that only one would be a 31. The others were something around 20, 17, 19, 7 and 8. Same with the stats edit. Location: GTS - Yeah, let's just pretend I got it from someone using Wi-Fi. No problems there, right? ID: ... now it's where things probably got wrong. I assumed this Pokemon's ID should be one different to my own, considering I got it from the GTS, so I just typed in five random numbers. Secret ID: I didn't put anything here. Perhaps it was a mistake... Then again, I wouldn't know what to put. OT: Jon. I don't know why. Let's say I got it from someone named Jon on Wi-Fi. These are all the fields I assume could have messed up my edit. Everything else is okay. To sum it up, "Met at Level" and "Stats Edit - Level" where the same, "Trainer Gender" was male (even though my trainer is a female: I assumed this is related to the OT), "Poke ball caught with" was an Ultra Ball, "Ability" was Swift Swim, moves were Aurora Beam, Signal Beam, Brine and Rain Dance (PPs correctly inserted), "Date Met" I just put year 2009, "Friendship" 0, "Atribute" Mild/Class Second/Gender Female/Shiny checked; and nothing else was modified. I'm sorry I can't attach the AR code I got. Okay, so, since my AR Code Manager doesn't seem to detect my AR DS for nothing, I have to manually insert all those numbers into my AR as a new code. It took me a lot of time, believe me. I own a copy of Diamond, by the way, and I made sure to type the correct code. I press L+R to activate the code, and when I check out my Pokemon... I see a Bad Egg in the first slot. The funny thing is, it says "Egg obtained in GTS", and "Item: Leftovers". Please, help? I don't know what I did wrong. Also, let me know if I missed any information I should provide you! Thanks a lot in advance!
  13. Hello. What's your tips to check a pokemon from egg? I don't know how to counter hack and take legit with them, legit.exe always say: 'Hatched', and other modes are correct. Thanks to help me. ^^
  14. my bro accidentally got a bad egg while i was testing out some codes (he agrees to test them as log as he gets to use it if it works) anyway i made a coder for a pikachu meant to be reeeaaally close to a perfect "middle-scale version" of both Ash's Pikachu and the surfing pikachu (meaning, assuming ash's pikachu is lvl 100, put their stats exactly in the middle, use half of each pikachu's movesets, etc.) but it came out a bad egg. how can i remove it?
  15. What do you think is going to happen with the introduction of Egg Pokemon? I'm wondering if they are going to pretend they haven't been discoved and/or give you Togpi or someother Pokemon OR maybe not even do it at all. What do you think?
  16. I am new at this so I do not really know what or how. I am still figuring it out. My question is: what do I have to know if I want to make a complete legit egg pokemon. Let say I want a riolu in an egg what do I have to do to make it legit? I appreciate if you can help me out
  17. Hi i'm currently accepting people who need a porygon. It will be lvl 1 because it just hatched. So if you want a porygon, PM me your friend code and I'll PM you mine. Then you will get a porygon!! (just trade me anything in return, like some lvl 3 bidoof or somethin)
  18. I want to recreate my original Charizard from my Blue game in my Platinum.. *Save file went poof, may you rest in peace D=* I saw the request threads, but I wasn't sure if I should put it there since I want it as an egg so when it hatches the OT is mine,since I can no longer access the OT for my Blue version T^T ANYWAY! I would like the Egg to say received in trade since you can't pal park eggs. I would like the egg to hatch a female Charmander *not shiny* with the Original Blue moves of Scratch and Growl. If you could make it so the Charmander has some good stats that would be great. Nothing too extreme though please. Bold Nature. No Pokerus. If anyone can help with this that will be great. I am not picky, I just want to revive Blaze in my Platinum version and re train her. Please make this as legit as possible. Also, if it is not to much trouble can I also have the same Charmander shiny and male. Blaze needs a boyfriend Hugs and Kisses to whomever can get me this code! Please and Thank you! Also, i have my own AR so no need for wifi trading.
  19. Hey you guys. I just created a bunch of Pokemon eggs, that I would like you guys to try out if anyone is interested. I'm not saying what's in them, so I'll leave the surprise for you guys to find when they hatch. All of the eggs are already set at the 'Making noise' stage so you won't have to wait very long for them to hatch if you use your bikes to run with them. Though if you want to try out the code, you will have to clear out PC Storage box #17 of the pokemon you don't want to lose, because that's where they will be sent when you activate the code.
  20. what level is it when you hatch it?
  21. Dont tell me its impossible to find out......and i need a pkm file i need legit 100% legit.....
  22. Is there an Instant Egg code available for Platinum USA yet? The one that doesn't require you to press X for an egg that gives you a set nature you want. Specifically looking for the one where you take one step while holding R1 and the old man has an egg ready. Please help
  23. First post. So, hi! .pkm file is attached below! The egg received date is on the 21st, but I'm not going to hatch it until the 22nd, because I'm going to buy the EU Platinum release and transfer the egg over. Basically, I hacked an egg using Pokésav. I think it's byte-for-byte legit-looking. The legality checker says it's fine, but I just want to make sure the job has been done well. I'm 99% sure it's possible for this Pichu to be born with these moves, the PP is correct, etc. I didn't make IVs particularly great, but I did nudge them until my Hidden Power type came out as Ice, and gave speed a little love. The bytes over on the right should derive from 7D0, correct? Which is 2000 in decimal, showing that this Pokémon was given to me by the Day Care couple. It was produced in the American Platinum version. The PID comes from the IVs and nature being Naive, male, not shiny and class 1 (Static). In short, is this a good quality hack? Would Nintendo even be able to detect it? If you're wondering why the IVs aren't particularly impressive, well, I mostly just wanted to see if I was any good at hacking. Also, I skipped some time and TM wasting by giving myself Grass Knot and Hidden Power. Thanks for any help! pichu.pkm
  24. First post, YAY! I would like some help making a legit egg. I am making the egg for pokemon platinum. The egg is a Riolu, and I'm trying to make it look like that it came from Riley. I can make legit looking pokemon fine, but the egg isn't working. The problem is that the egg keeps saying its from Lovely Place or Mystery Zone.:confused: Look at the attachment. I left the original pkm file on another computer, so I recreated it, but it should be the same. Riolu.pkm
  25. Hello there, I found the so-called "Shiny code" in the official code list. It seems that it forces the game to calculate a PID that results in a shiny Pokemon. Obviously, the code was made for a US copy of Pearl. Now, are there any operating system independent methods to port the code or even better, is anyone willing to port the code? I am running Linux and have no Windows available anywhere, wine/mono do a terrible job sometimes, especially in stuff like emulators. However, I do not need any possibility to get shiny wild pokemon, so that could maybe simplify the job a bit. If required, I can give an already-completed German Pearl savestate. EDIT: The code from the url stated in http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?t=2111 does _not_ work. It simply crashes the game if I activate or deactivate it and encounter a Pokemon or hatch an egg. EDIT2: 02064F24 47104A00 02064F28 02000031 94000130 FCFE0200 02066E14 47084900 02066E18 02000001 02066BE4 47084900 02066BE8 02000051 12066BD8 000046C0 D2000000 00000000 94000130 FCFE0100 02066E14 95019000 02066E18 90022000 02066BE4 43200400 02066BE8 1C28900D 12066BD8 0000D107 D2000000 00000000 62000000 95019000 E2000000 00000080 95019000 90022000 1C28B40D F0684907 1C01FD7B 2901BC0D 4902D101 49024708 00004708 02066E1D 02066DFB 00000000 95019000 69384A04 98046010 4B019A09 00004718 02064F2D 0200002C 00000000 43200400 4907B401 F0686809 1C01FD55 2901BC01 4904D001 900D4708 49031C28 00004708 0200002C 02066BDB 02066BED D2000000 00000000 seems to work. I don't know yet whether it just overwrites the PID with some generic value or if they're really correctly generated. It looks fine to me, though. Thank you very much
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