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  1. ポケットモンスターアクアサファイア Game Info Hack of: Creator: Team Fail Remake of Pokémon Sapphire version (GBA) Storyline One morning, you go to meet a girl next door and you learn that her father is the local professor. While exploring the town, you hear some shouts and yells from down the road. You go to see that the Professor is being attacked by a Wild Pokémon! A leads to B, and that Professor you saved ends up giving you that Pokémon! With your mom having your back, you set off on your own Pokémon adventure! On your journey, you will meet friends new and old, and you will end up discovering things that not many people know of... The history of the Hoenn region. In it's flesh and blood. Pokémon Aqua Sapphire is a remake of the Hoenn region using the fabulous Nintendo DS engine! Re-live all your favourite moments in the Hoenn region in 3D! Videos HVynm7MvDNs Yes. Desmume's lag allowed me to TAS that menu. It is also slightly outdated. t-GPlKZB7Xw This is almost complete, minus music. That needs to be sequenced, looped and inserted. PNMT_htLAcU This is a test for a new script. I'm leaving it for speculation. PAWg7GaJF7c For all of you that thought it was Lyra, you're sooooo wrong. Awards None yet! Releases (Beta V1): Not yet. Unknown release date as of yet. Possibly August. Beta V1 will contain a playable demo of Littleroot Town. It is currently unknown what content this beta will and will not have, because the certainty of some of the content is up in the air. To Do's Well, there is a small list. So, let's get started. Music: I am getting remixes together, but I need looping to be done (If you want to, you can apply!). Other than that, music is pretty much covered, besides one song. Once I get to music, I want to hold a contest for that. Sprites: I have someone getting these done. Look in the credits for who. Graphics: Same as above Scripts: I have that covered mostly. Trainers: This is where you come in. Once I can have more access to edited maps, I want to have a small contest. I won't start it yet, but once it is done, I want to have all of you in the Battle Tower. What is remaining? Implementing Rival's house, lab, and some more home scripts. Music Graphics Silly typos and fixing textboxes Screenshots Music What's On TV? Littleroot Town Rival's Battle Welcome To The World of Pokémon! Use Banners -Courtesy of Pink Typhlosion -Courtesy of Pink Typhlosion -Courtesy of Tan and Teal Team Team Fail- Mapping, scripting, sequences and (some) graphics Innovator- Graphics giradialkia- Support Credits Link_971 for his astounding map editor, and for helping me with what it couldn't do. Innovator for graphics and sprites. SCV for the most amazing PPRE. Cilerba for the CSS Rin Okumura for posting this on PHO's front-page news! Nintendo for the wonderful base and graphics. kimba616 for the public Kris sprites Me for making this. Let me know if I am missing someone. FAQ Q: WHEN IS THERE A RELEASE!??!?! A: Please don't rush me. DS Hacking is much harder than it looks, especially when it comes to music and maps. Q: How will you implement Dive? A: I am stuck between 2 options: Marine Cave, or ASM/Tile permissions. I will decide when the time arises. Q: What do you mean by "Friends new and old?" A: We'll see about that... I can tell you this much: It's going to tie up a loose end in the series. Closing Notes I am wanting to make this hack and I have been planning it since last year, so I think it's about time I presented it to the community. IT IS NOT MEANT TO BE LINEAR to the original games. I hope to have this released soon. Keep a sharp eye out here! I also know that I am very inactive here, but I want to show this to people to show what is and what isn't possible.
  2. PokeJoke DS Summary: PokeJoke DS is a parody of Pokemon games. It is a hack of Pokemon Diamond. The main difference between this and the original game is the text. Nearly every line is different. Because of this, you should actually talk to everyone. If you do not talk to people, it would be very similar to the original game. The differences in text include dialog, Pokemon names, move names, item names, town/route names, etc. There are also some slight differences in the maps and sprites. So far, I have: Renamed all of the gen IV Pokemon Renamed a few of the gen I, II, and III Pokemon Changed some of the moves Changed the storyline (The different storyline will become much more apparent later in the game.) Completed editing Twinleaf Town Completed editing Sandgem Town Completed editing Jubilife City Completed editing all routes up until Oreburgh Gate Added an Easter egg to Twinleaf Town Todo: Rename all remaining Pokemon Change most of the moves Complete editing the rest of the story/world Add more Easter eggs Download Demo: An xdelta patch can be downloaded HERE. It requires an untouched Pokemon Diamond USA/ENG rom as the source file. EDIT: This patch is v2, which fixes grass in some houses and a few broken dialogs. Download Full Version: Sorry, but there is no full version currently available. Screenshots: Known Glitches: If you find any glitches, please notify me of them. The invisible wall at the end of the demo is NOT a glitch. It is there to mark the end of the demo. Other Info: I originally started this project back in 2009 under the name Nu11iFy. Now, my most common username is Razema. The project was discontinued, but I have restarted it. The initial thread can be viewed HERE. I am currently locked out of my old Nu11iFy account, so I cannot remove the old thread.
  3. So I used pokemon Mystery Gift Editor to get the AR code for the event Ash's Pikachu. At first I selected for the select button to be the button trigger for Heart Gold. Nothing happened when I hooked up the AR with the game and pressed select. I tried it again with L and R as the triggers, and again for Diamond instead of Heart Gold, but still nothing. What do I do?
  4. Well, after using the PokeRadar a lot, chaining, and having a few chains seemingly break for no reason, I was hoping to find out what exactly makes it work? I'm familair with ASM, but I'm not sure where I'd start with NDS. If anyone has information on solid evidence for how the PokeRadar works (mostly to keep the chain going, like how it calculates the chances of continuing the chain per patch), please post here.
  5. G4PS will take 2 or 4 images and build a single palette from them and then save all the images using the single palette as an 8bpp image to be used with PokeDSPic. example G4PS..rar
  6. Hey guys i am working on a new hack pokemon hard diamond. Its a hack of Pokemon Diamond. Special about this hack. This hack has tiles from black and white. And New maps. And gonna look a little like hoenn Progress so far: 10% To do Insert more tiles create some more maps. Credits. Spiky/Markitus95 for hes awsome tool Google for the amazing Google Skethup. With plugins. Me for making this hack If you feel to join me in my progress just send me a pm and you´re good to go Screenies. I havent so many yet but more is coming
  7. PokeJoke DS Summary: PokeJoke DS is a game built off of pokemon diamond. It is a spoof / funny game based on the pokemon theme. It has all new maps, all new text, all new sprites, all new Pokemon, all new storyline, and is very fun to play. It is created by Nu11iFy. Development status: So far, I have... created a list of objects and models I can put into the game edited twinleaf town's map edited twinleaf town's text added a secret in twinleaf town (will be told by an npc twards the end of the game) have changed some of the pokemon changed character sprites changed the starters edited sandgem town's map edited sandgem town's text Renamed a few things Made a demo of the game My current goals are: Figuring out how to change where a door leads to redoing pokemon settings (names, spirtes, location, move-sets) adding a new storyline changing events (animations, npc movement, etc) Download I have just released a very short demo. This demo is only for the first two towns, and ends right before Jublife city. In the demo I have: -Changed player sprites (the female one got messed up though...) -Changed the towns around a bit -Remade all of the text -Changed the Pokemon around a bit. -Blocked off everything after Sandgem -Added a secret in twinleaf town (can get you any legendary) -Edited Pokemon (names, moves, locations) To patch this game, you need xdelta, the PATCH file, and a clean rom of Pokemon diamond. I will supply xdelta and the patch, but you need to get the Clean pokemon rom yourself. The clean rom itself should be about 65,536kb, I think. If you find anything that you think could use improvement or needs fixing, tell me. I know the maps still look a little the same, but editing maps is really time consuming, so bear with me. Anyways, here is the download link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?ogyxgzzuizi If the patch does not work, tell me!
  8. About this hack This is a rom hack of Pokemon Diamond Version. In this hack, I’m trying to make the following changes: Team Plasma is the evil team of this game. You can battle two sages of Team Plasma now. More different Pokemon are seen in the wild. Some Pokemon are edited (Stats of some bug types, dream world abilities, new moves). Trainer and Gym Leader Pokemon are edited. Music is edited. The game has a more 3d-like look(thanks to Spiky Eared Pichu's tutorail on Pokécommunity) I'm actually still looking for someone who can change music in the game and someone who can help me with inserting sprites. I’ve made sprites already but I don’t know how to insert it. Could someone helpful insert the sprites (when I'm done with them) into a Diamond rom and send the narc for the sprites to me, or help me with inserting them? I also would like it if someone told me how I can script in fourth gen (probably with PPRE at some way). I can edit Pokemon and other stuff by myself. If you've enough time on your hands to help me with this hack, just reply to this topic. Screenshots I’ll place screens as soon as I’ve edited sprites into the game. For now I can only show you the sprites I've made so far. Click on the spoiler to see them. Note that the overworlds of B/W are bigger than the overworlds of D/P. Bugs No bugs known, because I haven’t edited the hard part already. Progress Status Still working on the hack in the weekends Downloads I've no idea when I finish the first beta. It depends on how much help I get and how easy the editing is(probably really hard). Sorry if my English is really bad. Let me know what you think of this hack, if you can help me or if you have an idea for a better name. Soon I'm going to improve the layout of this topic, but right now I'm busy with school.
  9. Features: - New Starters - All New Pokemon Sprites - All New overworld Sprites - Catch all 493 Pokemon - Be a pokemon in the world of pokemon - Play as Mew or Riolu and explore the region of sinnoh More to come Note: this hack is actually v3 of pokemon weird.
  10. Hi, lately I have been thinking of an idea for two pack Pokemon games. I have a storyline, legendaries, the Gym Leaders and Elite Fours on each side. My problem is I'm not a good programmer, so I was wondering if anyone can help me. This is the base storyline: You can't choose your gender in the game (I am hoping this is able to stop in whichever game ROM is used): You are male if your playing Pokemon (M symbol)-Pink and you are female if your playing Pokemon (F symbol)-Blue. Your professor is Juniper if you are (M symbol)-Pink and your professor is Oak if you are (F symbol)-Blue What has happened is Dialga and Reshiram tagged together to beat Palkia and Zekrom. Instead the battle caused a rip in all time steams of the world of Pokemon. With one rippled world is purely male humans and the other one being purely female humans. However you are that only other gender in that world, with another one we find out near the end. You go and find the reason this happened (like every other game). I will explain more storyline if I get this starting first. This means no one can take the idea off me. well this is the Legendaries, the Gym Leaders and Elite Fours: Gym Leader 1: Rock Pokemon: Geodude Lv10, Roggenrola Lv14 Gym Leader 2: Electric Pokemon: Pikachu Lv14, Plusle[(M symbol)-Pink]/Minun [(F symbol)-Blue] Lv16, Tynamo Lv18 Gym Leader 3: Normal Pokemon: Miltank [(M symbol)-Pink]/Tauros [(F symbol)-Blue] Lv18, Kecleon Lv20, Ditto Lv22 Gym Leader 4: Water Pokemon: Luvdisc Lv22, Basculin [(M symbol)-Pink is Red, (F symbol)-Blue is Blue] Lv24, Seaking Lv26 Gym Leader 5: Fighting Pokemon: Hitmonchan Lv26, Mienshao[(M symbol)-Pink]/Lucario [(F symbol)-Blue] Lv28, Heracross Lv28, Primeape Lv30 Gym Leader 6: Fire Pokemon: Ninetales[(M symbol)-Pink]/Arcanine [(F symbol)-Blue] Lv30, Houndoom Lv32, Torkoal Lv32, Heatmor Lv34 Gym Leader 7: Dragon Pokemon: Druddigon Lv34, Altaria Lv34, Vibrava Lv36, Altaria Lv36, Kingdra Lv38 Gym Leader 8: Poison Pokemon: Nidoqueen[(M symbol)-Pink]/ Nidoking[(F symbol)-Blue]Lv40, Crobat Lv40, Drapion Lv42, Weezing Lv42, Gengar Lv44 Elite Four 1: Dark Pokemon: Bisharp Lv45, Zoroark Lv45, Krookodile Lv47, Tyranitar Lv47, Umbreon Lv49 Elite Four 2: Psychic Pokemon: Gardevoir[(M symbol)-Pink]/ Gallade[(F symbol)-Blue] Lv45, Wobbuffet Lv45, Alakazam Lv47, Bronzong Lv47, Unown (? or ! I don't what one yet) Lv49 Elite Four 3: Ghost Pokemon: Sableye[(M symbol)-Pink]/ Spiritomb[(F symbol)-Blue] Lv45,Golurk Lv45, Chandelure Lv47, Jellicent [(M symbol)-Pink is Pink, (F symbol)-Blue is Blue] Lv47, Shedinja Lv49 Elite Four 4: Flying Pokemon: Vespiquen Lv45, Tropius Lv45, Gyarados Lv47, Mandibuzz [(M symbol)-Pink]/ Braviary[(F symbol)-Blue] Lv47, Emolga Lv49 Elite Four F: Mix Pokemon: Porygon-Z Lv45, Gastrodon [(M symbol)-Pink is Pink, (F symbol)-Blue is Blue] Lv46, Skuntank Lv47, Eelektross Lv48, Scizor Lv49, Kingdra Lv50 Catchable Legends in both games: Giratina, Jirachi, Landorus, Deoxys, Articuno, Celebi, Cobalion, Heatran, Rayquaza, Manaphy, Moltres, Entei, Raikou, Regice, Regigigas, Regirock, Registeel, Shaymin, Suicune, Uxie, Victini, Zapdos, Kyurem (some of these might not go in the game due to area in the game) Male Game Gym Leader 1: Brock Gym Leader 2: Lt. Surge Gym Leader 3: Norman Gym Leader 4: Crasher Wake Gym Leader 5: Chuck Gym Leader 6: Blaine Gym Leader 7: Drayden Gym Leader 8: Koga Elite Four 1: Sidney Elite Four 2: Will Elite Four 3: Morty Elite Four 4: Byron Elite Four F: Alder Main Legend: Dialga Catchable Legends: Reshiram, Ho-Oh, Latios, Darkrai, Azelf, Groudon, Mewtwo, Terrakion, Tornadus Female Game Gym Leader 1: Roxanne Gym Leader 2: Elesa Gym Leader 3: Whitney Gym Leader 4: Misty Gym Leader 5: Maylene Gym Leader 6: Flannery Gym Leader 7: Iris Gym Leader 8: Roxie Elite Four 1: Karen Elite Four 2: Caitlin Elite Four 3: Phoebe Elite Four 4: Jasmine Elite Four F: Cynthia Main Legend: Palkia Catchable Legends: Cresselia, Kyogre, Latias, Lugia, Mesprit, Mew, Thundurus, Virizion, Zekrom I will fill in more in about a hour to let my PC cool down. Please tell me if any of my spelling and/or grammar is right in this. I will keep my eyes checked for it too.
  11. Hey everyone, I'm looking for someone to wifi trade weak pokemon holding these berries for weak pokemon holding nothing. I only need one of each berry because I can grow more (I especially need the Jaboca Berry), but PLEEASE send me some!! I'm using Diamond, and my friend code is 2409 0462 4944. Im typically availible Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday evening. Email me at spiffysaint6@gmail.com with info regarding my request. Thanks!!
  12. New and improved BTX Editor 2.0 http://www.mediafire.com/file/49nycebcfywyh2y/BTXE old post
  13. Hey all. I planned to make a remake of pokémon Diamond but I don't have an cool story line. I made other evolutions methods but I want someone who makes new gym leaders, a cool storyline, someone who know how to script,... It is also possible to have multype people helping me. I just wanna have a cool Diamond. Please help me...
  14. Hi guys, im new and a bit of a noob so sorry if i have put this in the wrong place. But i was just wondering if someone has got a action replay code (E) for a shiny ditto for pokemon diamond. Could someone also tell me if I am doing this right? haha thanks!
  15. Sorry guys but the results are in and this isn't working. I don't know what else to try so consider this project dead until further notice. The following is kept for informational purposes only: MUST-READ: There are several important pieces of information that you should be aware of here: I recommend that you DO NOT use the method I am going to detail here. This method is potentially risky and much more restricting than simply using a save editor (which I do recommend). This requires your copy of D/P/Pt/HG/SS to be retail; no flashcards. This requires at least one DS "Phat" or DS Lite. The second DS can be any model DS, as long as it will run Black/White from a flashcard. This requires that you flash the firmware of your DS "Phat" or Lite. Flashing carries an inherent risk of bricking your device and/or voiding your warranty. I am not responsible if that happens. That said, I have flashed my DS without a problem and will provide guidance for you. Firmware can be flashed back to its untouched state later. If after reading the above bulleted items, for whatever reason, you still want to try this method, follow the step-by-step instructions below. For now the modifications I've made are only available as part of Project Pokemon's English translation patch. Make sure you have applied the latest version from here to your B/W ROM. Just let me know if this doesn't meet your needs. Now we need to flash your DS "Phat"/Lite. Download FlashMe from here and place it on your flashcards's microSD(HC). Make sure your flashcard is in the Phat/Lite you want to flash. Boot your flashcard and run FlashMe. As it will tell you, you should plug in the charger before continuing. Once that's done press x+b twice. Now you'll see a new paragraph followed by a line reading "Progress:" ... If the progress percentage goes right to 100 and you get a new paragraph saying it's safe to turn of the DS, you're done. Most likely in that last step you didn't make it past 0%. If that's the case, get out a small Phillips screwdriver and a small flathead screwdriver. Use the Phillips to open up the battery compartment of your DS. Depending on if you have a Phat or Lite, you will see something like this: The part circled in red might have a bit of paper stuck over it, you will have to remove it. You can either discard it or try to stick it back when you're done. Now you have exposed the SL1 terminal (circled in red). As FlashMe says, we need to short this. Use your flathead screwdriver to bridge the two sides. Make sure you're applying constant, firm (but not hard) pressure on the screwdriver. Flip your DS around, still holding the screwdriver in place, and have another look at the percentage. It should be progressing upwards now. If it pauses don't panic, just adjust the screwdriver a bit and it should continue. Continue holding the screwdriver until you get a message that it is safe to turn off the DS. Turn it off and you're done flashing. You can ditch the screwdriver and put your battery cover back on. Upon turning on your DS again you'll notice that the health and safety screen is gone, this is normal. You can now PokeShift/Transfer Machine as you normally would, only with an English game. Just make sure the English game is in your flashed DS and your B/W is patched as mentioned in step one. Enjoy! Technical Note (You don't need to read this.) Some folks out there might be wondering why it's necessary to flash the client DS. After all, nobody has needed to flash a DS since practically the beginning of time right? Well, as you probably know B/W uses download play for cross-generation communication. That brought in an ancient problem in respect to editing the regions. The region is of course specified in the download play ROM (which is inside and sent from the B/W ROM); problem is, Nintendo decided in developing the original DS that all download play ROMs must be RSA signed to prevent unauthorized code execution. Lucky for me there was an ancient solution to this ancient problem: flashing, which removes the RSA signature check from the DS's firmware, freeing it to run my slightly modified ROM. =) I'd like to give a big thanks to to those who worked on FlashMe and its custom firmware; this wouldn't be possible without them.
  16. In land_data.narc the length of the second block is supposed to be multiple of 0x30. This is true for all maps except for nr 483 (m_dun2405_00_01c). It has the lenght 146(0x92) instead of 144(0x90). That means there are 3 buildings and two additional bytes (0x0d 0x0a) Why?! (I use the Pokemon Diamond ROM)
  17. In the course of trying to edit every aspect of a pokemon for ROM hacking purposes, I've made some findings that may prove useful. Note that no tools exist to do this (yet), so I will just provide some insights on how each file works and those of you competent with a hex editor should be able to figure out the rest. The relevant file is (/data)/application/zukanlist/zkn_data/zukan_data.narc in a D/P ROM's internal filesystem. Unpack the narc (I used kiwi.ds's NDS Editor) and you'll get a folder with 58 binary files. Files 00 through 10 contain information pertaining to the height an weight comparison features of the pokedex, 11-58 contain lists of pokemon index numbers in various orders for use by the pokedex's search feature. Following is a list of each file, what information it holds, and notes on how it is structured. 00 I wasn't able to figure out anything about this file. Editing it did not seem to result in any changes in the pokedex -- maybe the information is related to the dex but actually used elsewhere. Of note is that it is the same length as 01, indicating 4 bytes per pokemon. 01 - Weight 4 bytes per pokemon. The number stored, divided by 10, equals the weight of the pokemon in kilograms used by the "weight check" feature. Note that numerical value in kg/lbs expressed by the pokedex IS NOT calculated from this. It is stored separately in msg.narc along with most other textual data in the game. I haven't taken the time to find the thresholds on which the animation used by the scale changes; if somebody wants to do this it would be appreciated. 02 I wasn't able to figure out anything about this file. Editing it did not seem to result in any changes in the pokedex -- maybe the information is related to the dex but actually used elsewhere. Length indicates 1 byte per pokemon. 03 - Trainer Scale Divisor (for female player) The number stored, divided by 256, equals the divisor used in scaling the trainer graphic in the height comparison feature. For example, if the divisor is 2, the size of the trainer will be half its unscaled size. 04 - Pokemon Scale Divisor (for female player) The number stored, divided by 256, equals the divisor used in scaling the pokemon graphic in the height comparison feature. 05 - Trainer Scale Divisor (for male player) The number stored, divided by 256, equals the divisor used in scaling the trainer graphic in the height comparison feature. 06 - Pokemon Scale Divisor (for male player) The number stored, divided by 256, equals the divisor used in scaling the pokemon graphic in the height comparison feature. 07 - Trainer Y-position (for female player) The higher this value, the further down the screen the trainer graphic used in the height comparison feature is. Default value is 8. 08 - Pokemon Y-position (for female player) Pokemon graphic used in height comparison feature is moved down by as many pixels as the value stored specifies. Values prefixed with FF instead of 00 will actually be moved up by 0xFFFF - x + 1 where x is the value stored. 09 - Trainer Y-position (for male player) The higher this value, the further down the screen the trainer graphic used in the height comparison feature is. Default value is 9. 10 - Pokemon Y-position (for male player) Pokemon graphic used in height comparison feature is moved down by as many pixels as the value stored specifies. Values prefixed with FF instead of 00 will actually be moved up by 0xFFFF - x + 1 where x is the value stored. 11 - National Dex order Listing of pokemon index numbers in the order that they appear in the National dex. In this case that is just the numbers 0-493. I have tried adding a 494th entry but unfortunately it did not result in a new pokedex entry. 12 - Sinnoh Dex order Listing of pokemon index numbers in the order that they appear in the Sinnoh dex. Pokemon that do not appear are omitted. 13 - Alphabetical order Listing of pokemon index numbers in alphabetical order. As with height and weight, editing the name of a given pokemon will not automatically update this. 14 - Heaviest to Lightest order You get the picture by now. 15 - Lightest to Heaviest order 16 - Tallest to Shortest order 17 - Shortest to Tallest order 18-26 - Subsections of Alphabet Each file contains a listing of pokemon index numbers with names that start with a letter in the given subset of the alphabet. Within each file the order is alphabetical. For example, file 18 contains an alphabetical list of all pokemon that start with the letters A, B or C. The letters associated with each file are as follows: 18-ABC 19-DEF 20-GHI 21-JKL 22-MNO 23-PQR 24-STU 25-VWX 26-YZ 27-43 - Types Each file contains a listing of pokemon that are of the given type; dual-type pokemon are listed in the file for each type. Within each file the order goes by national dex number. The type associated with each file is as follows: 27-normal 28-fight 29-flying 30-poison 31-ground 32-rock 33-bug 34-ghost 35-steel 36-fire 37-water 38-grass 39-electric 40-psychic 41-ice 42-dragon 43-dark 44-57 - Body Styles Each file contains a listing of pokemon that are of the given body style. Within each file the order goes by national dex number. Body style information is used exclusively in the pokedex and to the best of my knowledge these list are the only thing that makes a pokemon one style or another. The body style associated with each file is as follows (names for the different styles are never provided, so I'm using the actual graphics for clarity): 44- 45- 46- 47- 48- 49- 50- 51- 52- 53- 54- 55- 56- 57-
  18. im in need of some hacked pokemon that are legit, sure they are bad pokemon but i need someone to hack them for me to make them amazing with their stats and stuff because i cant do it myself (dont hav the right tools). Here are the pokemon im requesting: Magikarp Delibird Munchlax Ditto Friend Code For WiFi Trading: 3952-3668-0219
  19. I have a request for 5 Pokemon Please run the pokemon over the legality checker Please make each Pokemon in a separate codes, 5 codes, since I have to enter it by hand it makes it easier to check this way & I need this within a few days. I will appreciate you for it 1 Swampert 2.Sceptile 3.Blaziken 4.Rayquaza 5.Blastoise Thank you if possible
  20. Deciphering data/fielddata/mapmatrix/map_matrix.narc in Diamond/Pearl's contents. I would appreciate it if anyone that has looked into it before provide their insight. And if you figured out the structure of the contents, I'd appreciate it if you could post it here. I do know the structure of a NARC file, I'm looking into the contents of the map_matrix.narc file. If Alpha reads this, SCV said that you might know more about map_matrix.narc's contents. Shoutout.
  21. I got that map_matrix stuff done. The extractor is here (exports to MediaWikicode.). Yes, the coding is horrendous, I didn't put much effort to it, it works. /* By AngelSL, remove credits, whatever, as long as it complies with the below */ /* This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details. You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program. If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>. */ /* DISCLAIMER: THIS FILE IS FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY, blah blah blah */ using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.IO; using System.Linq; using System.Text; namespace MapMatrix2Table { class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { if(args != null && args[0] == "/all") { args = Directory.GetFiles(Environment.CurrentDirectory, "map_matrix_???"); } foreach (string s in args) { if(!s.EndsWith(".bin") && !s.EndsWith(".hex") && s.Contains(".")) {Console.WriteLine("Skipping " + s);continue;} FileStream fs = File.OpenRead(s); BinaryReader br = new BinaryReader(fs); byte columns = br.ReadByte(); byte rows = br.ReadByte(); int entries = rows*columns; ushort[,] matrix = new ushort[columns,rows]; br.ReadInt16(); string prefx = new string(br.ReadChars(br.ReadByte())); int row = 0; int column = 0; for(int x = 0; x < entries; x++) { if(column == columns) { column = 0; ++row; } matrix[column,row] = br.ReadUInt16(); ++column; } File.WriteAllLines(s + ".txt", ProcessAndDestroyMatrix(matrix, columns, rows, prefx)); } } static string[] ProcessAndDestroyMatrix(ushort[,] matrix, byte columns, byte rows, string prfx) { List<String> ret = new List<string>(); ret.Add("{| class=\"wikitable\" style=\"text-align:center; width:auto; height:auto;\" border=\"1\" "); // Table headers { StringBuilder headers = new StringBuilder(); headers.Append("! x"); for (byte x = 0; x < columns; x++) { headers.Append(" !! "); headers.Append(x); } ret.Add(headers.ToString()); } for(int row = 0; row < rows; row++) { ret.Add("|-"); ret.Add("! " + row); for(int column = 0; column < columns; column++) { StringBuilder line = new StringBuilder(); line.Append(matrix[column, row] != 0 ? "| style=\"background-color:yellow;\" | " : "| "); line.Append(prfx); line.Append(column.ToString("00")); line.Append("_"); line.Append(row.ToString("00")); line.Append("c"); line.Append("<br />"); line.Append(matrix[column, row]); ret.Add(line.ToString()); } } ret.Add("|}"); return ret.ToArray(); } } } If anyone would like to make their own parser, then look in the wiki for the article regarding the format. However! I'm not certain whether the file is supposed to be read by column or row, try both. Or derive it from my source ^ Anyway, we can see that the game uses their own internal name. An example is map03_27c which is Twinleaf town. If you extract land_data_release.narc and use "grep map03_27c *" to grep files containing that, you would see that only 1 file contains that aka the file containing Twinleaf's data. What we need to do now is to find where the game stores the map ID/intername/etc to real displayed name stringtable. The game could identify this by map ID, intername, or even index of the entry in land_data_release, or something else.
  22. So, if you want to fix the freezing problems, there is an ActionReplay DS code and a Codebreaker DS code that allows you to play without freeze. The ARDS code is 020DD9E4 E1A00000 (You have to tick the "RAW" box on NO$GBA) The CBDS code is 220DD9E4 E1A00000 (You don't need to tick the "RAW" box) I found the ARDS code on the internet, then converted it to CBDS using a code converter, tested it and it worked. Now, if you have a flashcart that supports full ARDS (Including raw) or supports CBDS, you're good to go. Please note that I only tested these on NO$GBA, so it might only work on this. If you want to help me, you can tell me if R4DS supports either raw ARDS codes or CBDS. I know if supports ARDS, but I don't know about CBDS and raw ARDS codes.
  23. I don't have access to two DSes, so could someone help me do this: 1. Set the date to September 1, 2007. 2. In my Diamond save, create a group and name it "Cadaeic". 3. Mix records with my Pearl save. 4. Make both Diamond and Pearl be in the group "Cadaeic" with Zowayix (Diamond) as the leader. Alternatively, if someone could tell me about a DS emulator that can do link functions, that would also work. However, I'm not sure if one exists. Thanks. 1015 - Pokémon Diamond (U).sav 1016 - Pokémon Pearl (U).sav
  24. Can anybody make a code that make your all party pokemon shiny permanently please ? I dont want the short code that only makes your pokemon shiny for a short time . Thank you
  25. Can someone convert this code and trade me the pokemon? Should be a Gliscor in box 17.
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