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  1. Editing the ash amount in the Event Flags resets all the game's cutscenes, though somewhat bugged. Characters and text boxes sometimes don't appear, but you can still progress through them by hitting A. Flying to Littleroot even starts the whole moving in scene and getting your starter. Am I missing some additional value I have to edit when editing the ash value in the Events Flags or is it bugged?
  2. Hi Kaphotics. In third gen editor, Met Levels of some Pokemon aren't correct. For example my legendary pokemon encountered at level 70 are swown with 6 as met level.
  3. Hey, I've just built PKHeX from the newest source on Github and when I try editing my Pokemon in Omega Ruby, setting a Pokemon into my party clears it completely. Would be great if this could be solved, thanks.
  4. Another pesky bug! Or, at least I think it's a bug. This time I am unable to change a Pokémon's nature in SAV4 files. I seem to be able to edit other things, but not its nature. I can't even change the nature of a Pokémon I'm newly creating.
  5. When I try to Convert a Pk from a Generation to the previous I obviously get an error, but if I try to move some pokemon in the cell used for the failed conversion, the PK will be corrupted and his original cell became like the first bad cell in a sort of corruption cycle Just switch box after drag &drop to see the corrupted cell. I don't know if I've been clear but it's not very easy to explain. I'm using the latest commit from github.
  6. Game: Black 2 This is a bug i have seen at first time. Before when i create a pokemon, that's not any problem. But now, when i add charmander, bulbasaur, squirtle, pikachu, they turns its back to me in game pokedex. So I download pkm files for these pokemons, thats same prombelm again. What should i do?
  7. In the latest commit (016a0e3), the Trainer ID and Secret ID of a Pokemon do not display properly and will show the last ID/SID entered for all Pokemon such as the default numbers of 12345 and 54321.
  8. Environment : PKHeX Program (OT/Misc Tab) Device : PC Windows 10 Steps to Reproduce : Open PKHeX and go to the OT/Misc Tab Change the Original Trainer Name to something other than the default name (i.e. PKHeX) Set the default Pokemon in any of the Pokemon Box Slots Right Click and View the Pokemon that was just set Observe the Latest Handler input field Expected Results : The Latest Handler should be blank since the user did not input a name for the Pokemon's latest handler. Actual Results : The Latest Handler gets filled in with "PKHeX" when the user sets a new Pokemon
  9. Because a video is better than words: https://youtu.be/yR4ES3F_Koo When I put a pokemon in my team, the team got corrupted, as you can see. I used a compiled version directly from the source.
  10. So, while I was setting up my New Game + run, I noticed that my Aegislash, Shield Butt, was flagged as being hacked. Having raised her myself, I was naturally quite confused; so I clicked the little indicator and it said that move number four, Wide Guard, was invalid. It's not invalid, it's an egg move from Probopass. Mutually exclusive with Destiny Bond, yes - but Shield Butt doesn't have Destiny Bond. Well, you got me to register with this bug in the legality checker. But it did also help me spot a fishy Hoopa that I overlooked, and I deleted that one. So, thanks.
  11. In the latest commit (795e0e0), holding Control + Alt and left clicking a slot in the box interface will bring up the dialog prompt to clone the Pokemon from the Editing Tabs to all slots in the box like it is meant to but saying no to the cloning prompt does not bring up the Delete all Pokemon in the box prompt like it is suppose to.
  12. Some Pokemon hidden abilities are not registering properly: *Articuno's hidden ability shows as Pressure instead of Snow Cloak *Mewtwo's hidden ability shows as Pressure instead of Unnerve
  13. Bugs suck, and it's our duty to inform Kaphotics of any such things, but this one is strange. When I start a Platinum save file, I can access the Trainer Info in PKHeX perfectly fine, but I think after I receive my first Pokémon, when I try to access the Trainer Info it comes up with this error about the Value not being valid. Here's a screenshot: [ATTACH=CONFIG]13482[/ATTACH] And here's what it says when I click on Details: See the end of this message for details on invoking just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box. ************** Exception Text ************** System.Ar
  14. Hi. I have my Rayquaza from AS' story. It is legal, so no soucis. But if I turn it shiny, PKHeX say "Invalid Encounter" and not something like the pokémon is shiny locked. The encounter was good.
  15. Going through my half-hatched living dex, I've noticed some discrepancies in the legality checker. Namely, breeding dream and safari balls down flags the pre-evolutions as not possible for the species, whereas it's correctly marked as legal after evolving. This is also an issue with some species and apricorn balls. This is just a list from my game, so I'm sure it's not complete, but just as examples: Dream ball: caterpie, metapod, weedle, kakuna, budew, wynaut, roggenrola, timburr, venipede, sandile, krokorok, dwebble, solosis, vanillite, joltik Safari ball: slakoth, barboach Apricorn ball
  16. As the title says, whenever you try to gen a Gen V / IV / III pokemon as if it was hatched, once you close pkhex and reopen the egg receive date is deleted and the "as egg" checkbox isn't checked aswell.
  17. Okay, here's the story: I open my newly started SoulSilver save file in PokeGen (3.1.13), and I go to edit my Totodile. I notice that when I go to the final tab, in the Trainer Information section my In-game Name (Ben...) is not displayed correctly. What isn't displaying correctly you might ask? PokeGen says the "...", or the Ellipsis character rather, is invalid [ATTACH=CONFIG]13273[/ATTACH] After doing some research, the "Invalid Character" can be imputed as "/246C" in PokeGen's character map. However, once I have loaded mentioned SoulSilver save file (as well as any other 4th Gen. sa
  18. I often use PKHeX, and downloaded the latest version today. The Legality Checker is a great tool, it helps a lot. Flabébé & Pumpkaboo In XY, I caught a Level 14 Orange Flabébé on Route 7. According to Encounter Tables, Orange Flabébé can only be found at Level 13, but other forms can be found at Level 14. But using a leading Pokémon with the ability Pressure (Hustle and Vital Spirit also work), when encoutering a specific species, there is a 50% chance of having the maximum level of the said species (different forms are treated as same species). This is how it is possible to meet an Oran
  19. Using MS Visual Studio Error on build Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State Error CS1513 } expected PKHeX C:\Users\Odaxis\Desktop\PKHeX-master\PKX\f1-Main.cs 1838 Active
  20. I think that the developers of PKHeX (namely the legality checker maker) forgot to include Egg Moves and Event-exclusive moves for a Pokemon's legal moveset. I was making files for sets, and I noticed that, while Breloom can legitimately learn this move, PKHeX does not register Bullet Seed for Breloom as legal, even though Shroomish can use it as an Egg Move and keep it when it evolves into Breloom. This is also the case with a Raichu with Surf, which is an event-exclusive move Pikachu can obtain and keep when it evolves into Raichu. The program also doesn't register Volt Tackle as legal for t
  21. Hello again! Today I got a lvl 1 Feebas through GTS trade with the item "Prism Scale" so the lvl 1 Feebas evolved into Milotic. If I go to PKHeX to edit all my crappy pokémons, it shows the following when I check my new Milotic: But if you check in Bulbapedia you can see that everything is correct. I don't know if this is implemented in your recently updates, I just wanted to notice you. Cheers and thank you for your job!
  22. In the latest version of PkHeX, when I delete the WonderCard, as well as the ID in the "received" list, the game still tells me I have already received this gift. It worked normally with this months Jirachi, but it keeps the "Harry Hoopa" flagged even when I clear the entire WonderCard data box in both PkHeX and in game. Anyone else have this problem? EDIT: I had to start a new game to get another one. Tried deleting that WC in game, going to PkHeX and deleting the data there as well as the received list (Cleared EVERYTHING) and it still says the same thing.
  23. Hello, first of all my apologies if is not a bug, I just want to notice you out about a little mistake in the legality checker. I had a legit Numel, so using PKHeX I made it shiny and evolved into a Camerupt. The legality checker says that the "encounter" is not valid. So I checked the location and it was ok. Seems like the problem was the lvl (it was lvl 16) so I think, it would be less confusing if that advertisement is switched to "Not a valid level" or something else. Thank you for your awesome tool, and sorry for my crappy English! Here is a proof:
  24. This is my legit Latias from As' story, so not from the eon ticket. It's normal? Edit: Oh. I guess it's because I edited the ball... Sorry ~ Anyway, in this case, add a new check "Not a valid ball for a given pokémon" ?
  25. Hi, I don't know if this is a bug, something intended or just because I don't have a save file loaded but pre megas (I've only tried Charizard) come up as legal [ATTACH=CONFIG]13130[/ATTACH]
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