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  1. When editing my pokemon diamond save; I went to edit items, and got an "unrecognized item Item ID 65535 Item is after hm06" dialog box about six times (pressing ok each time caused another to draw) when trying to save the changes get an error Save Attached
  2. Was just playing around, and changing to my box 10 prompted this message: What my box 10 looks like in Pkhex (I compiled the latest one from your github) VS on emulator: My box 10 actually contains 2 normal eggs, 1 shiny gyarados, and 4 Eggs named "gyarados", that were actually a shiny gyarados that was transformed into Eggs via Arbitrary code execution ( )so at this point, the 4 eggs are probably species: Egg, so that I can then change their species to whatever I want and hatch whatever shiny I want (species ID is 0xFD, obtained from http://glitchcity.info/biglist.htm) While techni
  3. Not really a problem, just a minor inconvenience. I don't nickname my Pokémon so after editing a Pokémon in a box with the nickname box unchecked, when I click "View" I see that the nickname box sometimes becomes checked. The "nickname" is the same as the original name. This seems to be somewhat random, except for Farfetch'd whose nickname box always becomes checked after I click "View" with the apostrophe in its name disappearing. This bug does not seem to apply to Pokémon in the main party, only those in boxes. I haven't ran into it yet in that area. After unchecking the box and setting th
  4. when loading an emerald save rayquaza displays tangled feet as ability 1 and 2
  5. In the pokemon infos, if I go to see a legit event pokemon received in HGSS (If it is in a Cherish ball or in any other ball it doesn't change anything), I can't see the capture ball of him, but the ball is in the list anyway. If I save the pk4 file and open it in the Pokegen (or in the pokehex again), the ball isn't here so pokehex has modified the pokemon and it becomes cheat. Another thing: Is it normal that in the 6 gen event pokemon from 4 gen have "None" as Encounter?
  6. I was making some tests and I noticed an error. It happens clicking on "Give All" on 3 gen (Emerald) Here you can see the "Log"
  7. Hi, I've just found a bug in the 1st gen interface. When you edit one of your Pokemon (doesn't matter if it's in the party or in the box) and then open another menu like trainer info or items, pressing the save button in the other menu will completely reset any changes you've made to your party and boxes.
  8. Blaw

    bug o-power max

    Hello. I searched on the forum and several people seem to have reported the bug (?) of the power-max with Pokemon X/Y so I was wondering if a fix is planned soon or later? I just tested the last PKHeX version and it add them to the game but the buttons to active them (either on your character or on a friend) are missing. Only the "cancel" button is here. I'm, of course, open to do several tests if required. Thanks a lot.
  9. 1.Loaded a HGSS save, sees a "?" behind the Spiky Ear Pichu sprite. (it's a HGSS-variant/Second forme of Pichu that only existed in HGSS) (I'm assuming that it's existence was merely overlooked; changing the forme Id of other Pokemon triggers this visual as well) 2. Japanese Mew Event loaded, but when Viewed no ball can be seen. (also attached) 3. Ignoring the fact that I wanted to clone glitched Pokemon; I'm able to delete glitched slot, which is represented by the big red box. The change however, is only reflected after changing boxes, so it initially gives the impression that deleting d
  10. I edited my Platinum save in PKHeX for more Master Balls for all those irritating roaming legendaries and my Rock Climb HM was corrupted. It became "TM 2 -" in-game and ??? in PKHeX. I tried to add it back and HM08 wasn't on the list. I had to use PokéGen to fix it.
  11. This is annoying. There's an error triangle icon next to the first move in a Pokemon's moveset in my Yellow save and when I select a move, the PP of all the Pokemon's moves reset to 0.
  12. So the GitHub commits say that Gen II support is now included, but even after updating PKHeX to the latest commit with MonoDevelop it STILL says "unsupported file type" when I try to open my Crystal save file in it. Maybe I rushed it and Gen II support isn't complete yet, but the commit says "Full Gen II save editing" so I assumed it was ready.
  13. Destinyy

    bug Batch Editor

    Hi, i maybe found a bug using batch editor. - .PID=$rand sets all' PID as 0 - .PID=$shiny doesn't work I'm using the latest version from github and those situation didn't happen always
  14. Some species seem to have the wrong ability slot labels when opening my White save in PKHeX (latest posted version). From the ones I have: - Intimidate (1) Herdier w/ Scrappy (H); A Pickup (2) Lillipup is fine - Healer (1) Audino w/ Klutz (H) - (?) Venipede w/ Quick Feet (H) All caught in-game, first time extracting this unmodified save with three badges. Also while testing some .pkm files, I noticed Regenerator Ho-Oh shows Pressure instead and Sheer Force Landorus shows Sand Force [intimidate (1) when opened on a downloaded White 2 save]. These are the PPorg OT ones from here. Purely aest
  15. So I was enjoying to see how is my save made using Pokehex (I never use this, just to look), and I saw that Pokehex says my shiny event gengar is cheat, when it obviously isn't. Here the errors: Invalid relearn move 1: Expected no Relearn moves Invalid relearn move 2: Expected no Relearn moves Invalid: Not a valid Wondercard gift. Relearn moves are: Sladge wave, Astonish. Another thing I can say, is that pokehex don't have an Eon ticket sprite and I see a Missigno sprite instead. It looks bad.
  16. As the title implies, when all 24 Wonder Card slots are full, they can't be swapped, also, deleting a Wonder Card leaves an empty slot which, AFAIK, could cause problems when such empty slot is located between two occupied slots
  17. When ever I try to inject a wondercard into PKHeX i get this error. This occurs when I Drag and Drop the Wondercard onto the Main tab to generate the PK6 data. This is from the Latest commit 9d9294c
  18. This new update has somehow not allowed PKHeX to work on wine. Whenever I open the .exe file, I get an alert that the program has unexpectedly failed. Has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone have any suggestions? Is this the wrong place to put this type of request?
  19. It is possible to have a legal Hoopa with Hyperspace Fury as when you move an unbound Hoopa to the box, it changes back to its normal form. Hoopa unbound can learn Hyperspace Fury throught the Move reminder. However in the PKHeX it is marked as invalid move: [ATTACH=CONFIG]13597[/ATTACH] Also the PKHeX sais Invalid: Not a valid wonder card gift: [ATTACH=CONFIG]13598[/ATTACH] However if you have Hyperspace Hole instead of Hypespace Fury with the same hoopa, both problems disappear: [ATTACH=CONFIG]13596[/ATTACH]
  20. Hello,Kaphotics and everyone, thanks for your great works and update in pkhex, this software makes me feel really free in this game. My game environment is GW card, PMOR 3ds rom, Japanese version new 3ds 9.1 with virtual 11. I have found three bugs with pkhex editing my PMOR save recently, pls help me :tongue: 1. After I click Pokedex editor, modify(the middle button) - complete Dex, modify(the right button)- seen all, then export the main file and import back to my GW 3ds PMOR rom,if I click pokedex in game and view any pokemon's "more appearence" with A button, then this jumps out everytim
  21. Not as bad as the previous ones, but all bugs must be hunted down. I edited a Pokémon in Gen 4 but when I viewed its profile it said it was caught in a Master Ball and was received as an egg from the Day-Care Couple. I explicitly did not set this. Editing a Pokémon in Gen 3 fortunately does not do this. BTW: I read on your GitHub page that you were planning to include Gen I-II support in a few months' time, once all the current bugs are squashed. I'm looking forward to that.
  22. 1. When I try to open a main file pkhex doesn't navigate to my SDcard. However it does when I try exporting 2. I can't drag and drop files onto pkhex to load them anymore. I have to open them up manually... 3. opening .bin files take a long time to load. It used to take a few seconds on an older version of pkhex. Minor bugs but please try to fix this.
  23. Captain Gengar

    bug ignore

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