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  1. hehrerh

    Help? Bug?

    What's up? Can someone help me figure out all these problems with my Exeggutors? When normal Exeggutor is released via Pokemon Bank, will these issues self-correct? See pic. Thank you!
  2. So, I've been having this problem for a while now, and from various searches online, I have either concluded that a) I am horrible at troubleshooting, b) I screwed up my pc somehow, or c) this problem isn't very common. I use emulators to play some of the earlier pokemon games- anything before gen 6 I only play on Desmume or VBA, and sometimes I use pokegen whenever I want to train a pokemon, like riolu, which I either don't get in the game, or don't obtain until later on, or if I want to play fanmade games like pokemon Storm Silver. Now, whenever I load up a gen 4 game- be it the gen 2 r
  3. Edit: For those that might find this post in the future experiencing the same problem the solution is this: Simply battle wild pokemon until you are able to initiate Pokemon Refresh from within the end-battle screens. The Refresh UI will not show at first - just touch the screen. From now on accessing Refresh from the menu will no longer crash the game. Newly Homebrewed my DS since browserhax and menuhax was patched to use PKHEX for the first time ever. I exported the save with JK, added a team of 6 pokemon to empty box spaces. All passed legality checks. I also added 100 full r
  4. Odaxis

    Custap Berry

    PKHeX currently sees a Custap Berry as legal when it is not. Currently only available through old events and B2W2 rewards
  5. Hi ! Because of starting a huge personnal database (from Gen 1 to 7), i've decided today to withdraw pokemon from my Pokemon Ranch AND Pokemon Box (but in fact this, it's not important). But the problem is i lost the cartridge which I used for putting all my Pokemon on Pokemon Ranch. So I dumped my new save (pokemon pearl) and edited only Trainer + TID + SID. I injected the game, launched the game, and after the journal, black screen. I know it's in early stage, and you focus on the Gen VII, but i thought that this problem was important. I can provide the base save + save edited wi
  6. Hi, i'm getting a notification regarding legality (Pics below) when using the latest version of PKHeX with my OR/AS save file. I'm pretty sure it's a bug since i'm 99.99% certain that i bred these Pokemon legally within the game [ATTACH=CONFIG]13897[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]13898[/ATTACH] Additionally, i can't seem to make the USA event Volcanion legal. However i may have screwed up somewhere since this is a hacked mon i created. Pokemon: Volcanion (No nickname) Shiny: No Gender: N/A Nature: Timid Ability: Water Absorb Level: 70 Meeting Location: AS | a lovely place | 70 IV's: 31/31
  7. Previously, just by copying the img url, I could alt click the QR portrait to inject a Pokemon QR. I cannot do that an longer. Has this been changed?
  8. Odaxis

    bug Legality Bug

    Found this bug with the legality checker It happens when checking gens 3, 4 and 5 bred starter evolutions. Gens 1, 2 and 6 check fine
  9. I have the pkhex for gen 7 and i tried to load a pc data file (not a save data), but when i did, it showed me this error message: [ATTACH=CONFIG]13850[/ATTACH] but when im trying to load it with the normal pkhex (update 9/18/16) it doesn't seem to be the case, the file loads up normally
  10. I legit found a CT100 in-game, but PKHeX using the last build keeps deleting it. Another glitch, on Mimikyu alternate's sprite: And impossile to make an hatched egg (Not a valid encounter): I know it's an very hourly build, but well, why not report them anyways.
  11. Most/all Gen 6 events toss this legality error with the latest few builds. Not sure if bug or intended due to incoming Gen 7 support.
  12. I imported the Celebi, Shiny Raikou and Shiny Entei PCD wonder cards into my SoulSilver save to transfer to Black with the Relocator, but there was no delivery man at the Poké Mart. When I checked the card album there was only one wonder card which was full of question marks, said it had been received before and had a recieved date of September 4th 2020. Also, dragging the PCD file from Windows Explorer to the PCD slot results in a question mark icon in the slot but using the Import button to load the PCD file, selecting the slot and setting the wonder card shows the correct pokémon and item
  13. Everytime I drag and drop a wc6 file of a legendary Pokémon into PKHeX (directly into the box, or on the left side of the program) the HP Stat has always 31 IVs. Maybe this is a bug during the creation of the Pokémon? Ingame it is not normal that wondercard legendarys have always 31 IVs at HP.
  14. So I finally got my hands on my savefile for Alpha Sapphire, wanted to see about adding wondercards etc to my game and any future prospects since GPL is closing and I've only just started playing for the first time. So I wanted to test how safe PKHeX is to my savefile, and right now it's a fail. All I simply did was change my Torchic from male to female, yet it seems to change quite a few bits of data. What is PKHeX changing? (The last changed block is actually only a few bytes but Hex Workshop gets a little greedy with comparing) EDIT1: So simply opening the save, viewing the party-pokem
  15. In the latest commit (8154710), saying no to the clone Pokemon from editing tabs to box doesn't bring up the delete a box prompt as it should. Not sure if its the same error as last time though. I'll keep an eye out for more bugs in case any come up.
  16. [ATTACH]13828[/ATTACH] File attached is the one I tried to import.
  17. 1>------ Build started: Project: PKHeX, Configuration: Debug x86 ------ 1>C:\Users\Odaxis\Desktop\PKHeX-master\PKHeX\Saves\SAV7.cs(465,13,465,15): warning CS0162: Unreachable code detected 1>C:\Users\Odaxis\Desktop\PKHeX-master\PKHeX\Saves\SAV4BR.cs(55,30,55,39): warning CS0649: Field 'SAV4BR.SaveCount' is never assigned to, and will always have its default value 0 1> PKHeX -> C:\Users\Odaxis\Desktop\PKHeX-master\PKHeX\bin\Debug\PKHeX.exe ========== Build: 1 succeeded, 0 failed, 0 up-to-date, 0 skipped ==========
  18. I looked at my Pokemon's HoF stats in the editor and some of my Pokemon that have 12 character long nicknames only display/allow 11, and also foreign Pokemon names need to be nicknamed after (un)checking the nickname box in which they shouldn't need to. I'm using the latest PKHeX and a US AS save. Sidenote: the offset 1F5FA is the number of PP Ups used which isn't included under "Stats" in the Trainer Info tab.
  19. In the Met tab, there should be an extra "Encounter:" field for Gen. IV Pokémon. I'm not sure if that worked right in older versions of PKHeX because I can't seem to get them anymore, but right now, if you load a Pokémon caught from Platinum, that "Encounter:" field doesn't show up. For Pokémon from D/P and HG/SS, this works correctly. Applies to all Pokémon from Platinum, as far as I can see. What's odd is that if you go in the Origin Game dropdown menu on a Pokémon from Platinum, and you select Platinum again (even though it's already set to Platinum), the "Encounter:" field appears, exce
  20. [ATTACH=CONFIG]13814[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]13815[/ATTACH] The issue here is that Mime Jr. is able to learn Healing Wish as an egg move, but Mr. Mime cannot have the move without being triggered on the legality check.
  21. well... i tried to change the location on Trainer Editor from U.S.A. to Chile and when i import my save the location is changed back to U.S.A. .... i tested this with the latest version 09-18-16 and when i see my profile on PSS i see "U.S.A."
  22. I've tried and tried to get the edits to save with my Soul Silver save and none of them actually change in-game even though the changes ARE reflected in the save. When I load the EXACT same save in PokeGen the edits do not appear, however if I make them again with PokeGen, they show up in game. I started noticing when trying to inject Gen 4 WonderCards with PKHeX which doesn't trigger the delivery man no matter how many times I tried (I triple checked to make sure I hit "save" in the WonderCard screen and the cards were not listed as "received"). So again I tried to use PokeGen with success a
  23. Hi ! Since a few weeks, i've decided to re-do ALL the Pokemon Games, and use (if possible) a universal storage for each game. (that's why i made the suggestion for a different Pkmn database) i've discovered a little bug that is not so important, but anyway, it's always better to report it. For any pokemon from gen 1 to 5, PKHeX thinks the Pokemon have a nickname. Even if it's not the case. I'm playing Pokemon Pearl right now, and I have a Haunter. I wanted to evolve it via PKHeX (don't have all my DS right now so), and when editing to Gengar it's keeping the "SPECTRUM" (french's Haunter) nam
  24. Hello there. Hoping I can get some help. Ok so I have downloaded the latest pkhex (which I think is brilliant by the way) and loaded up my save from the VC release of yellow on there. Now the issue I'm having is, I can edit pokedex entries, items and the like but when I inject the save back into my game any changes I made to my pokemon aren't saved. For example, I changed the pikachu I got from Prof Oak to have thunderbolt instead of thundershock and when I injected back into the game it still had thundershock. I tried this from both my party and in one of my boxes but still nothing changed.
  25. I increased the number of Rare Candies I was holding from 2 to 500 in PKHeX, but when I reloaded it showed I still had only 2. When I load the PKHeX-edited save in PokéGen, it shows only 2 as well. Here's the hex comparison of what was changed: Comparing files heartgold.sav and HEARTGOLD_PKHEX.SAV 00021700: 03 00 00021A0E: 84 49 00021A0F: 0B 11 00040B92: 02 F4 00040B93: 00 01 0004F626: 66 2C 0004F627: DF F8
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