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  1. I will try to explain in the best way I could. If you don't understand, or you don't see what I mean, feel free to ask me clarifications. Before, look these images : https://nsa39.casimages.com/img/2018/06/10/180610013656406042.png https://nsa39.casimages.com/img/2018/06/10/180610013656539056.png https://nsa39.casimages.com/img/2018/06/10/180610013656806520.png Now, I guess lot of Shadow IDs are wrong, and exchanged with (redirecting to) others shadow Pokémons. I also battled a Natu (https://www.serebii.net/xd/pokemon.shtml #177 at Phenac), but it wasn't shadow at al
  2. PKHEX is setting Battle CDs in the scent bag, instead... scents. Could you fix it? Thanks!
  3. Version .


    Thanks to GlitchCity researches we discovered in Gold/Silver an unused map called DA00 in Kanto that generates wild Pokemon. Chances of corrupting your save with it are very high and Pokemon are over lv100. Apparently another like that exist also in Crystal but it was not documented.
  4. So today i went to go update PKHex to the latest update for US/UM and when i downloaded the newest updated file i keep getting the same error response upon opening the application. it reads "A Fatal non-us error has occurred in PKHex, and there was a problem displaying the details, please report this to the author". Does anyone have any solutions on how to fix it?
  5. Excuse me , When I changed the language, a bug about gender occurred in 20180417, I have a legal male Incineroar in chinese , when I change the pkhex language into japanese , the Incineroar changed into no gender . and I also get a male Nihilego
  6. When I run PKHeX on my Surface Pro 3, tapping a text field doesn't bring up the on-screen keyboard like my other applications do. I know it's a small bug, but it can be irritating if you don't have your keyboard connected. On an unrelated note, I would love to be able to batch-edit the DexNav encounter numbers in OR/AS. I know there is a button to set them all to 999 in the Pokedex menu, but I couldn't find the value in the batch editor. I'd like to be able to set them all to 50 or 100, but unfortunately I was unable to find a way to without doing it manually.
  7. Pokémon in Just This Egg Group Dex ID Icon Name Type 10   Caterpie 11   Metapod 12   Butterfree 13   Weedle 14   Kaku
  8. Pokémon in Just This Egg Group Dex ID Icon Name Type 10   Caterpie 11   Metapod 12   Butterfree 13   Weedle 14   Kaku
  9. when I used showdown->import set from clipboard , the pokemon always has strange marking , like this
  10. PKHeX doesn't have RS's offset for the mailbox so it reads garbage data instead of the actual mail data. It thinks that Emerald and RS have the same offsets. pokemon ruby.sav
  11. Just to inform about bug found on shedinja sword dancer. We know that is impossible to shedinja learn sword dance, except if use the glitch on emerald where we choose to lvl up nincada at 25 (when he nincada learn sword dance). So, basically shedinja only learn this way and smogon treat as legal. ( https://www.smogon.com/dex/xy/pokemon/shedinja/uu/ ) On previous version of PKhex my shedinja was treated as legal. Obs: I dont play competive and this bug will not affect me because I only play using my desmume and vbalink. Im here just to inform Anyway, thank you, I appreciate your rea
  12. So when i loaded my ruby sapphire into pkhex i went to check the roamer's stats but i got nothing instead as shown below in the attached photo. I've also tested with my sapphire save and got same results. (Roamers are active on both saves) pokemon ruby.sav
  13. Poking around in PKHeX with two PBR files, I clicked on Mail Box to find out what it does and this appeared: PbrSaveData 201-08 - UNOWN - 7DDB7394E875.bk4
  14. I'm working on a living pokedex for gen 1 and am using pkhex to organize my boxes efficiently and while doing this I caught an electrode in the power plant which shows up as illegal and got the error "Invalid: Ingame Trade OT has been altered." I assume it's just the program assuming all electrodes must be from the ingame trade but I figured it was worth letting you know
  15. Hello. I've been using pkhex for multiple games over the course of ~1,5 years, mainly Y, OR, Sun and US. However, what was always consistent is the fact that after I edited a Pokemon once, it started disobeying me, even though i've never changed anything. Basically, I can view the pokemon and immediately set it again and the next time I throw it out to battle it starts disobeying me / appears to be from a different trainer. In addition to that, if I enable early mega evolution in USUM, all of my pokemon start appears to be from a different OT. I believe I finally found the reas
  16. I put a Sylveon ( learned Hyper Voice , hatched in X ) in X save file , pkhex judged it illegal . I put it in OR save file , it judged illegal in main but legal in box . It is legal in gen7 save file . what cause this ,,, 700 - ニンフィア - 4286811363C7.pk6
  17. Attached is a 5th gen .pkm of a JP Poochyena that was given an inappropriate nickname, which was then uploaded to the 5th gen GTS on an EN game. This caused it to be censored, but it was given the EN trainer name and nickname, causing a nickname and language mismatch. 1985199.pkm
  18. newbell

    Can't Save

    I downloaded the latest version and I wanted to make my Abra level up some levels, but after I did that and I exported SAV, the changes are not saved. Windows 10, Pokemon Ultra Sun. STEPS: 1. Execute as administrator PKHex (latest version) 2. Open my SAV file 3. Click in Abra and click View. 4. Change the level of my Abra. 5. Go File->Export SAV->Export main and overwrite (I also tried as a new file) EXPECTED RESULTS: My new file should have the latests changes. RESULT: My new file is not modified. main
  19. Not sure if this has been reported already, but the RotomDex continues to refer to you by your original Trainer name rather than the new one after changing it. For every other case, the dialogue and signs reference the new one.
  20. Pokemon Dex ID Icon Name Type 10   Caterpie 11   Metapod 12   Butterfree 13   Weedle 14   Kakuna
  21. Project Pokémon Bot


    Pokemon Dex ID Icon Name Type 10   Caterpie 11   Metapod 12   Butterfree 13   Weedle 14   Kakuna
  22. I was using this code in some Pokemons and end with random Moves on same Pokemon or Relearn Moves with legal problems .OT_Friendship=255 .Move1_PPUps=3 .Move2_PPUps=3 .Move3_PPUps=3 .Move4_PPUps=3 .IV_HP=31 .IV_ATK=31 .IV_DEF=31 .IV_SPA=31 .IV_SPD=31 .IV_SPE=31 .PKRS_Strain=1 .PKRS_Days=3 .Moves=$suggest .RelearnMoves=$suggest .EncryptionConstant=$rand .PID=$rand
  23. I just noticed that transferred pokemon are not working properly from gen 2 vc games. Here is a scizor from generation 2 vc, the legality check says it is legal, but when I try and use it online, it says "there is a problem with one or more of your pokemon" even though it says it's legal. Legal! === Valid Move 1: Learned by Level-up. Valid Move 2: Learned by TM/HM. Valid Move 3: Learned by TM/HM. Valid Move 4: Learned by TM/HM in Generation 2. Valid Relearn Move 1: Valid. Valid Relearn Move 2: Valid. Valid Relearn Move 3: Valid. Valid Relearn Move 4: Valid. Valid:
  24. I recently replayed the game and used a Poliwag on my team that was transferred from VC Yellow. Since becoming champion, I noticed PKHeX marks my Poliwrath as illegal due to the Alola Champion Ribbon being "invalid".
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