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  1. I found one bug on the last release , My inventory Editor shows nothing and i got exception if i click on Items,Key Items Box... Can you fix this? Thank you I send one pic for this. http://imgur.com/329EXnX
  2. To clarify, I've tried this with both my Party and Battle Box and had the same result. Every time I try to export a Pokemon with a nickname and then import it with Showdown's Team Builder, it isn't recognized due to the lack of brackets around the Pokemon's name. Included below is an image as to what I mean (Showdown not recognizing the imported text on the left, and what PKHeX exported on the right). Image: http://i.imgur.com/yQUftNt.png All that's needed to fix this is adding brackets around the Pokemon's name if it does have a nickname.
  3. Commit 2839075, when turning a .wc6 file into a .pk6 file the friendship with the Event OT is always set to 0. This isn't always the case as using the Steven's Beldum Wi-Fi event as an example both OT and not OT's friendship is set to 35.
  4. In the latest commit(7469150), PKHeX's Illegal mode can not be accessed as opening PKHaX.exe causes the program to not start and crash instead. Also while compiling this warning came up: "Misc\WC6.cs(8,29): warning CS0649: Field 'PKHeX.WC6.Size' is never assigned to, and will always have its default value 0" Not sure if this is a bug or not but thought I'd mention it anyway.
  5. Heres another bug report, in the latest commit (6cba50b), in the Trainer Data Editor window your BP amount won't save if edited and will just revert to what you had. Also in the Trainer Data Editor window the Hours, Minutes, and Seconds of in game time show up as 0 no matter how much in game time you actually have. I'm not sure if anything else is broken but I'll keep an eye out for more bugs.
  6. In the latest commit, specifically commit number 0df9e35, when answering Yes to the Save to PKHeX's database prompt it in addition to the Pokemon in your P.C. boxes it will for some reason also add some blank .pk6 files to the db folder. -snip- Seeing as I have already made this thread I may as well ask here. Speaking of the PK6 Database, as a feature request would it be possible to add a search filter to choose between the Pokemon in your P.C. boxes and the Pokemon in the PK6 Database?
  7. Something very minor that I noticed: the 'Electrizer' is listed as 'Electirizer' in the drop-down list(s) of Items. Side-note: this typo is also in pk3DS if you want to update that too.
  8. Hello and apologies for being a total noob, but I can not figure this out. I created and hatched a bagon with pokegen, and gave it rage and earthquake as attacks. It now has learned bite through leveling. The problem I am having is that every action I use does a little recoil damage to bagon, which is odd because he has the ability Rock Head which should prevent ALL recoil damage. Not to mention the moves Bite and Earthquake aren't suppoed be doing recoil damage to any pokemon. If someone smart could clear this up for me I'd be very grateful. :cool:
  9. After editing my save numerous times with no apparent issues I recently started noticing some Pokémon I edited displaying as shiny in the Pokédex even though I didn't edit them to be shiny. When I opened up the forms page I found that the first entry for each affected Pokémon had been replaced by a "phantom" entry for the shiny male form (even for female-only Pokémon; genderless Pokémon appeared shiny but were properly labeled) which didn't affect the counter for "shiny forms seen" and reverted to non-shiny if another form was viewed. But since female-only and genderless Pokémon don't have other forms I had to turn to PKHeX to solve my problem. I opened up the Pokédex Editor and sure enough, every affected Pokémon had the checkbox marked "Shiny Male" under the "Encountered" label checked. So I figured I'd just uncheck the box and everything would be fine. But then I hit another snag: female-only Pokémon have the box grayed out so you can't check or uncheck it. Luckily I found that clicking the "Check All" box checks every legal box but unchecks the illegal ones, so problem solved, right? Well unfortunately I only knew what flag was causing the problem, but not why that flag was being set in the first place, so I would have to keep fixing the problem every time it occurred. I also couldn't understand why checking the box for encountering a shiny male somehow replaced the non-shiny male entry and why it disappeared when I viewed another form. After looking over several other Pokémon I began to notice something strange. For every single Pokémon, only one form was marked as encountered, even when I'd seen both forms. And some Pokémon were marked as having both genders owned, even though I only owned one. It was then that I realized what was causing the Pokédex entries' odd behavior: the labels in PKHeX's Pokédex editor are incorrect! The first four checkboxes under "Owned" (male, female, shiny male, and shiny female) are actually the flags for ENCOUNTERED forms. There are no flags for OWNED forms, since the Pokédex doesn't register whether you've owned an individual form or not, only if you own at least one of the species and whether it's Kalos native or not (and apparently whether you own it by trading, but that doesn't seem to affect anything in-game). But what about the checkboxes under "Encountered" then? Those are actually for the default form displayed in the Pokédex. When the game is told to default to a form you haven't encountered yet, it overwrites the first form you have encountered until another form is viewed. Now I'm no programmer, so I don't know exactly why setting a Pokémon also sets the flag for displaying the shiny male form in the Pokédex (and why it only happens for some Pokémon and not others), but I think I do know how to stop it from causing problems in-game if it can't be fixed outright while also addressing the issue of incorrect labeling. First, the checkboxes should be reorganized as follows (everything's in the same order, just regrouped, relabeled, and renamed for the sake of clarity): Encountered ☐ Male ☐ Female ☐ Shiny Male ☐ Shiny Female Owned ☐ Via Trade ☐ Gen VI Native ☐ Previous Gen Native Displayed Form ☐ Male ☐ Female ☐ Shiny Male ☐ Shiny Female Next, make it so that only one displayed form can be checked at a time, and when a displayed form is checked, the corresponding encountered form is also checked automatically. This way even if the displayed form is changed by mistake (like PKHeX seems to be doing now for some reason) it will display normally in-game instead of replacing the default form and creating the aforementioned glitch. Lastly, and this part is optional as I imagine it will take quite some time to implement, the Pokédex editor should also have checkboxes for all possible forms of Pokémon with alternate forms like Vivillon, as well as correctly labeling genderless Pokémon's forms as "Non-Shiny" and "Shiny" instead of "Male" and "Shiny Male" while hiding the corresponding female forms. The box for Spinda's pattern should also only appear when Spinda is selected instead of appearing for every Pokémon. I realize there's not a lot of space there to work with so maybe you could add scrollbars for Pokémon with more than four forms? I'm assuming that PKHeX already correctly sets the flags for alternate forms when the Pokémon is set, but having them all actually display with correct labels and be directly selectable in the editor would be nice. EDIT: It seems PKHeX is also randomly setting the "Via Trade" flag for certain Pokémon, and these are ones I haven't edited at all. At first I thought this was another case of the checkbox being incorrectly labeled and assumed it was for Pokémon you saw in a trainer battle rather than in the wild, but it's set for Zapdos and I have Articuno in my game, so I don't know what the flag is actually for or why it's selected. >_>
  10. I don't know what is wrong, but with the latest source, I can't compil it, as you can see (6 errors) : http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2015/41/1444029340-bug2.png
  11. Hi. I built PKHeX from the source for have the latest build, but there is a problem with languages. I always using the tips in the name (PKHeX fr.exe) for load PKHeX in french, but it's not working anymore, even if the language say French, all is in english. As you can see: http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2015/40/1443973261-bugpkhex.png
  12. I don't know if someone have noticed it but when I open the Event Flag Editor and attempt to edit and save an edited value for Volcanic Ash the value reset to it original one.
  13. I'm trying to open my save data from Alpha Sapphire (1.4), JPN eShop version (English language option). I extracted the 'main' file on 9.9 through Tubehax using both svdt/save manager. However I get an error message stating "Attempted to load an unsupported file type/size. File Loaded D:\main File Size: 00075FE9" I'm at a loss for what could be wrong. I've attached my save file in case it helps. main.rar
  14. I was looking through my boxes and noticed that the Hidden Power type on my Latios (Fire) was showing up as Ground in PKHeX, when the IV spread shown in the Stats tab does in fact give the Pokemon a Hidden Power type being Fire. EDIT: Turns out that all types except for Dark, Dragon, Fighting, and Ice weren't displaying properly. All of the mix-ups are listed here: - Bug (31/30/30/31/30/31) displaying as Electric - Electric (31/31/31/30/31/31) displaying as Steel - Fire (31/30/31/30/31/30) displaying as Ground - Flying (30/30/30/30/30/31) displaying as Ground - Ghost (31/30/31/31/30/31) displaying as Psychic - Grass (31/30/31/30/31/31) displaying as Ghost - Ground (31/31/31/30/30/31) displaying as Bug - Poison (31/31/30/30/30/31) displaying as Rock - Psychic (31/30/31/31/31/30) displaying as Grass - Rock (31/31/30/31/30/30) displaying as Fire - Steel (31/31/31/31/30/31) displaying as Ice - Water (31/30/30/30/31/31) displaying as Bug
  15. Hey folks. Not sure if this is an import bug or if need to edit something before importing. Also, I apologize if this is the wrong place to post this. Currently, I cannot import anything with a special character in its name. for example: Mr. Mime (Not sure if it's the . or the space in the name that causes this.) Mr. Mime @ Life Orb Ability: Soundproof EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Timid Nature - Psychic - Thunderbolt - Energy Ball - Protect This is the error i get. and these are the error details. Also cannot seem to get the move King's Shield to populate when trying to add it to Aegislash, it just remains blank.
  16. I have an issue with the code generator for Platinum, the codes work perfectly for PC Box Pokémon. So I have 263 codes in my Action Replay right now, I activate the first code for Abomasnow and it works. It shows up in the first slot of Box 1 on the PC after pressing the "Select" button on my DS. I save the game and activate the second code for Absol, the code works but Absol replaces Abomasnow in the second slot of Box 1. Why is it doing that, do I need to change the buttons for each Pokémon or is there a way to prevent the Pokémon from replacing one another?
  17. I was on PKHeX Today and I noticed Something. When I went on Trainer Info > Stats, I went to change one of them for eg. Battle Wins to 999,999: It would come up with the message: "Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. If you click Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. If you click Quit, the application will close immediately." "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." This is on the most recent update 24th March (I believe) With the Copy and Paste From Showdown/Smogon sets and then Ctrl and clicking species, and Also the QR For Wonder cards Update. This does not work at all with any Stats in the Trainer Info. The Update before this (03-1-15) Works perfectly fine with the Trainer Info> Stats. So I believe this is a Bug of some sort.
  18. http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2015/32/1438803386-sans-titre.png ?
  19. PKhex seems to display characteristics incorrectly. For example, I set my pokemon's IV as 31-31-31-31-31-0 (HP,atk,def,spa,spd,spe), but the characteristics is displayed as alert to sound. I think the program mistakenly treat SPA and SPE.
  20. Title pretty much says it all. This only happens for XY and I can only test this on ramsav's but I would assume it happens on all forms of dumped saves. Example image:
  21. Hi! When copying QR Code to Tabs (ALT + Clicking "QR!"), the ribbon isn't copied to the pokemon. The ribbon stays the same just like the previous one loaded on the Tabs. So for example, if I just open up PKHex (the Tab is still blank), then copy QR Code to Tabs, the other pokemon info will show up. But when I check the ribbon, it's all empty. I also tested adding one or two ribbons (different from the ones on QR code) to the tabs, then copy the QR Code (ALT+Click) after that. The ribbons from the QR codes don't show up. The existing added two ribbons are still there. Sorry if my explanation is hard to understand. English isn't my first language. Thanks!
  22. Title says it all. I imported my AS save file into OR and saved my game...it crashed and turned the 3DS off. What happened.
  23. As the title says. When clicking the "fill pokedex" it crashes pkhex. Didnt use to do it on older versions. but now I dont have older versions.
  24. http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2015/19/1430763463-pkhex.jpg How is generated this number ? What is A17C ? Because when i export a lot of same pokémon, some are missing. I have really 721 in my save, and only 667 pokemon are exported.
  25. Since the previous time I reported a bug I used video footage to show what it was about and that, for me, turned out being much easier than reporting it with written words I thought to myself "well.. why not record it again". Thus here I am once more reporting a small bug I have noticed. This time it is a text recognition bug in the showdown importer. From what I gather pkhex currently has a sort of "must have" on an item. Cheers :grog: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R14OW_9d8fQ
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