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  1. ~~Pokémon Nightmare Black 2~~ Hack of: Pokemon Black 2(Pokemon Bliss White 2 will be coming out when V1.0 of Nightmare B2 comes out) Current Version: Beta 2.0(Public Beta 1, although I am actualy nearly at full version 1 in actual editing but in terms of uploading I havn't updated the download link in a while) Last Updated: May 25th, 2013 ~~What is this hack/Welcome~~ Pokemon Nightmare Black 2 is a hack where instead of making every pokemon available, I make a patch of amazing pokemon available every route, although not overpowered. And the main thing about this game is how it delivers its difficulty(which is quite high) in different ways at the same time, mainly gym leaders for example; have AIs at starting with 165 for Gym 1 DAYUM! and combined that they have the top quality pokemon like standard sets for some pokes and annoying sets for others or just powerful sets for some, combine that with the fact that they don't just have for example "water/flying then water/ground" for Gym 1, he has the newly made into Water/Dragon Dratini with dragon dance and a good attacking set! Combine that with the fact that the levels are no joke and this hack will be a trip to hell yet a glorious glimpse at heaven after you beat a gym without losing a pokemon. ~~Features/Progress~~ Beta as a whole(only goes up to your first Colress Battle) Trainers(up to Colress)(including gyms and their sprite changes)-92%(Missed one trainer in the begining battling(route 20) route and the castelia sewers runts) Wild Edited Pokemon-85%(Missed the castelia outside and sewers) Editing of the pokemon- 95%(missed route 4) Editing pokemon movesets- 25%(only got starters and route 1) ~~Screenshots~~ ~~Credits~~ KazoWar- His tools changed this hack so much especially in terms of spriting and trainer editing The Creators of PRC(I will find their names/usernames later)- Their rom editor changed this romhack so much , 75% of this hack wouldn't have been able to work without PRCs help, especialy with move edits like Lunar Dance. Drayano60- For giving me inspiration and giving me an example to look at(BB2 VW 2) you sir(@ DRAYANO) are a BOSS, I hope you see this, if not , ok. Kaphotics-The inspiration I had to make it in Gen 5 with him to look up to as a fellow Rom hacker and his hacks to see to see that if he can do huge scripting events like the Chargestone Cave HACKED vid then I can make a small editing hack(although very different in skill as he far surpasses me) And Last but not least Nintendo, it's pretty obvious why LOL. ~~Closure and Notes~~ Well I hope you enjoy this beta and future installments of this hack and possibly other upcoming hacks from me after this if I end up enjoying this, also there is no documentation for this beta since I want people to make new discoveries on their own. Also the gym leaders names will be changed to fit with the new list of leaders for this game next update and the protagonists sprites will look different; different design too obviously . Anyway I hope you enjoy this hack that is all from Oiawesome for today unless I can get the next update done under 1 hour and 11 minutes which would be impossible lol.Anyway I hope you enjoy~~ Patch Link:https://www.dropbox.com/s/jm085vuj7eyejfk/Pokemon%20Nightmare%20Black%202%28Beta%202%29.rar ~~Help could be useful~~ Hey guys I have one more thing to add: Help could be useful; as I need a little help with making non animating trainer sprites and editing scripts like for instance Cheren giving you work up; I did pretty much all of the hacking so far with no help from anything exept the tools so yeha it is not going to be the fastest thing; Things that you can help with or volunteer help if you want: - Script Editing like Gym leaders giving you an item - Editing/finding where in the damn PPTXT I could find the list of Gym leader names for battle/trainer names for battle so I can edit gym names for this hack - Making non animating Trainer sprites/making sprites not animate
  2. I've managed to make a patch for the Battle Subway for BW & BW2. The list with changes made by me are at this link: http://www.mediafire.com/view/?jcp91l58n9pyrz7 Here's what the patch does: -Increase number of Pokemon in database to 1612 -All trainers in Normal line have a huge Pokemon roster -Few Super Line Pokemon were edited in terms of moveset, items and EV spread -Partner Pokemon roster is 464 (310 in Attack and 154 in Defense) NOTE: If you already have a patched rom, such as BlazeBlack2... don't worry. Use the NitroExplorer to extract the narcs from the clean rom that's been patched for the Battle Subway and reinsert them in the rom you're currently playing. Leave feedback and any suggestions of who should I fix in the Super Line and enjoy fighting in the ultimate Battle Subway. Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/io1214wdgsufxad/BattleSubwayPatch.zip
  3. The first post will be the patch and instructions and the second will be a look into how I managed to do this. Using this will be a little bit complex for now until the new version of Kazo's trainer editor shows up. I don't know if he'll be doing it or if I'll be doing it, but it will be available at some point soon-ish. Until then, there are basic instructions in the text file and obviously you can ask questions in here. So what we've got here is the first implementable hack for 5th gen Rom hacks. For now it will just be for B2W2, but will eventually be for BW as well. As the title states, it lets you pick the nature for opposing trainers' pokes. http://hack.thundaga.com/trainer_nature.7z Also, here's a pic of what I was talking about in the text file: The red square is byte 0x4B, the one you're supposed to edit.
  4. Hello~ I am YourFavorite and I am completely new to rom hacking and to this community. Even though Gen 5 has been out for several years, I feel that news of Gen 6 is coming a bit too soon. Black 2 and White 2 were just recently released, and (more importantly) I feel that Gamefreak hasn't really given us a chance to explore triple and rotation battle mechanics. In 3rd and 4th gens, Genius Sonority was hired to make spin-offs, which explored double battles in 3rd gen, and more in-depth mechanics (like trick room) in 4th gen. These introduced me to double battles, were a lot of fun, and gave me a pretty big appreciation for both double battles and pokemon battling in general. For 5th gen, triple and rotation battles haven't recieved the same treatment. Sure, in B2/W2 there are a few trainers that will surprise you with triple or rotation battles, but you can never see them coming, and they feel very out-of-place. I feel that both have some potential, but there haven't been a lot of opportunities to explore them outside of multiplayer, (where a first-time player is likely to get wrecked). So, to get to the point: I am planning on making a Black or Black2 hack that features primarily triple and rotation battles. I want it to be its own game in its own right (eg. different region, different gym leaders, different evil team), but all of the core gameplay mechanics will probably stay the same. I may use this for progress or recruitment later (If you're interested in helping, that's awesome, but since we are still in concept/planning stages I don't even know what help we will need), HOWEVER right now I mainly want to discuss the idea and the logistics. GAMEPLAY/story-wise, here are my ideas: -Evil team plays dirty, will wait to ambush you two or three at a time. -An order of monks that values team synergy and the ebb and flow of battle, who will train you in rotation battles. -Start the player off on single battles (first gym), then introduce doubles (second gym), then have the remaining gyms split between triple or rotation battles. This is so the player can get used to the game, then slowly get used to other playstyles. -Triple-battling gyms will likely use a lot of spread moves, but I want to incorporate some other common strategies from the metagame as well (eg. fake-out, follow me/rage powder, maybe even anger point and/or justified) -Perhaps have one elite-four member for each battle style (singles, doubles, triples, and rotation). However, this brings up the question of which style does the Champion use? Perhaps the player gets to pick? -Perhaps centering the story on the three legendary birds, because there is very little lore about them and therefore plenty of room to make stuff up. My gameplay/story concerns: -I want triple battles and rotation battles to make sense in context. -I'm worried about putting triple battles in too many places, since giving commands to three pokemon makes them take longer. But I'm also worried about not including them enough, and making them feel like a misplaced gimmick. -I'm also worried about the synergy between triple battles and rotation battles. They are pretty different styles of battle, with different viable strategies for each. While this may encourage team flexibility, it may also discourage having more support-focused pokemon and/or restrict what strategies the players can use. My technical concerns: -I plan on changing the types that the gym leaders use, but have heard that it's difficult to edit the gyms. Worst-case-scenario, I would be fine with leaving the gyms as they are, but changing the trainers and leader. -The FAQ seems dubious about editing maps in roms, but I have seen a tutorial on editing the maps in B/W. How practical is editing maps in gen 5? -I am not quite sure whether or not to use Black or Black2. Pros and cons: Black: +Gyms and elite 4 seem easier to edit? +Probably better documented than Black2? -Fewer maps than Black 2 -Complicated ending, with a champion battle, a legendary battle, and another battle, plus a castle rising out of the ground. Seems pretty hard to edit (but also could be edited to become a pretty epic ending). Black2: +More maps than Black? +Features a desert-like section (Lentimas Town area); I would really like to use some of those assets and make a larger desert-like section of the region. +Ice sliding mechanics; could make some fun puzzles with those +I'm a fan of pokestar studios, and like the idea of making my own "battle puzzles" +Has both white forest and black city? (If I feel a need to use those for something) -Gyms and elite four seem more difficult to edit -Hasn't been around as long as Black, probably less documented -Do I really want to take the time to mess around with pokestar studios, when it would delay finishing the hack? So, I would very much appreciate if anyone would like to discuss my ideas and concerns, and help me hammer things out. I'd especially like help choosing whether I should start with Black or Black2. I'm still doing research on the whole process, and have a lot to read, but would appreciate any feedback that would help guide my research. Thanks for reading! <3
  5. Pokémon Gray, a remake of Pokémon Black, White, Black 2 and White 2. Introduction: Hi all, I'm thinking of doing a history hackrom collecting Pokémon Unova Pokémon Black and White and Black and White 2 called Pokémon Gray/Grey. The story would be Hilbert and Hilda starring in his journey through Unova mixing history of this region of the anime and manga as main story and the remaining after the Pokémon League. For example: start the standard story of Pokémon Black and White battling the gym leaders that appear in the anime with the manga events after the league will follow the story that appears in Pokémon Black and White starring Nate and Rosa. Main characters: Hilda and Hilbert are young coaches who live in Nuvema Town located in Unova. Professor Juniper sends home a gift with the three starter Pokémon so they enlist to start your Pokémon adventure. During your trip, you will find all kinds of Pokémon and trainers Unova region. Also will face Team Plasma to thwart their plans. Hugh will be your opponent in the entire game. Professor: Juniper is the proffessor Pokémon Unova region. She is responsible for delivering the starter Pokémon in that region, she is the first teacher of the main series Pokémon game and specializes in the study of the origin of the Pokémon. History: The adventure is located in the new region, Unova and begins in Nuvema Town, where you will receive the starter Pokémon: Snivy, Oshawott or Tepig. Professor Juniper and Colress will find recurring characters throughout the adventure on several occasions, as well as your good friend (Nate if you are Hilda or Rosa if you are Hilbert). The villains of Team Plasma have the task of freeing the Pokémon coaches, they believe that the Pokémon are free beings and their relationship with the legendary Reshiram and Zekrom. Will also Natural (N), which will have a say in this story. Your mission is to become champion of the Unova region, after that two years have passed since you left to start your adventure Unova's image has changed: the works have been completed and on Route 4 buildings have been built. In addition, the Driftveil City's lighthouse is gone resulting craters and founded new cities, as Aspertia City southwest of Unova. Project: This hack is conducted through Pokémon Black & White 2 and need the tools collected links at the moment for these games to pull it off, I have little experience so if one wants to do this project have permission. A greeting and thank you all.
  6. so i have this idea that i've been kicking around in my head probably since right after b2w2 came out in japan. i think this will be a set of games that is hacked for a good long time to come. this is quite likely the last set of main series releases on the ds. anyway, what if we could actually program for the games? i don't mean in assembly, but in C or C++. i know what i would have to do and exactly what i would have to write to create a nice, robust library for low-level manipulation of the game. for example, say you wanted to decrypt a party pokemon do something with one of its fields: (let's say the level for pkm party slot 3) u32 slot3_lv = getPkmStat(getPartyPkmAddress(&PkmBlk, 3), PKM_LV, NULL); you could do that instead of writing some assembler and compiling it with the gcc assembler from devkitarm, arm-none-eabi-as, and hoping you got the syntax right, all the pointers right, etc etc. some of the things you could do: -create your own set of overlays and load them like gamefreak using their overlay handler -not just write your own scripts, but write your own code and create your own script commands to use in your scripts -create your own data files and load them into memory to manipulate them with your own code -add your own code to the engine -add new fields and data to pkm files -add new data to the save game -add your own events and save them, add new swarms and other events -add new stuff to happen at midnight -tweak damage calculations, stat calculations, a lot of stuff without needing an AR -hell, rewrite the graphics renderer if you're feeling really enterprising my list of script commands is very nicely filled out and quite thorough- all from analyzed code, all completely correct. i've done everything on this list(barring a lame attempt at the last one). what i'm offering is a way to do it more easily through a library and higher-level code instead of assembly. something like this would be much more accessible. i have an IDA database absolutely packed with info that would be so useful to this along with quite a few pages in a notepad of stuff and even more kind of bouncing around in my head that i've never mentioned to anyone. i have a script compiler partially done, a script decompiler partially done, and the source files for libPKM prepped, but not started. this has the potential to be a full devkit for bw2. the reason i'm doing this and not just starting work directly is that i'm wondering how many people would actually use it. i can think of less than a half dozen people that even could use it. so.. would anyone out there use this? it would take hacking this game to a whole other level, but it's not worth doing if i'm going to spend a ton of time on it and no one is going to use it. i'd love it if people could get behind this a little bit because it has huge potential, but like i said i don't really know how many people can use it. thoughts?
  7. OrrominGnome here, I have an idea for a Pokemon B2W2 mod. I don't have a lot of ROM modifying experience, but that's where you come in. Good luck. Expected Features: Pokemon -All 649 should be available in some way. -Some Pokémon will be of a different type than officially. -Pokemon will have Version Exclusive Abilities, making up to 5 abilities per Pokémon. Hidden abilities should not be edited. -Since Trading is not possible on an emulator, all trade evolutions must go. Misc -You should start out with the National Dex (i.e. get it from Bianca). -Gym Leaders and the Elite Four will have Version Exclusive Rosters. -Gym Leaders will have 5 Pokémon in Normal Mode, but 6 Pokemon in Challenge Mode. Cheren is an exception to this rule, with only 4 Pokémon in Normal Mode, with no version differences. -Elite Four members all have 6 Pokémon in both Normal and Challenge Mode. -TMs and HMs are the same, but we should find a way to edit move tutors to add more of them. 88 Moves should be available via Move Tutor (4 move tutors, 22 moves each). Google hates me! For information, look here at your own risk. More aspects coming soon. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ap5pc87LRol6dHhIY0g1N3lFU0xJQm1oTVg1T1JTTXc https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rfH9QQ5-4q8INR25mgf3qVz3NkmMROVlJge15MkR4Iw/edit https://docs.google.com/document/d/15_dXZIqT3FxQJR2821IJh5xDiUPoP66aN1wSh_cyxsw/edit https://docs.google.com/document/d/120-vGdOar6HNLHLqw1N4mQNwrdTeBRmfXn67irs1YoA/edit You can submit your miscellaneous ideas for Pokemon Blitz Black 2 and Pokemon Lava White 2 on this document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1se1Mz_ug9YhZMriF4gRL8MAEhy2wyPxYLTrVG7RQcHY/edit Since this stupid attachments manager is refusing to upload the patch, and Google Drive hates me, you NEED to download it here: http://www66.zippyshare.com/v/99670/file.html Sorry if I haven't been working here for a while, but I am planning on a catchathon project coming this May. Just leave some ideas by my doorstep (via PM)
  8. Hey, all! My name's Aninymouse and I've been dabbling in Pokemon ROM hacking for quite some time. Though I've edited all the way from Gen 2 to the present, I've never yet seen a project come to completion and release. However, this time I plan on finishing what I've started. I don't have any fancy graphics to show you yet, or even any YouTube videos, but I'm going to show you my vision for my version of Pokemon Black 2 & Pokemon White 2. The goal of True White 2 & Ideal Black 2 is to simply offer a more robust experience overall, while retaining the basic gameplay of Black 2 & White 2 that we all enjoy. Think about prominent projects of the past, like "Perfect Platinum"; this project will have a similar scope. Below, I'll outline my initial desires for this hack. Things might get added on later if I learn more tricks or get some help! CHANGES >Pokemon >>Availability - My goal is to have the only version exclusives to be Black or White Kyurem. All 649 Pokemon should be here. >>Types & Stats - Some Pokemon will be of different types. Base stats will most likely stay the same unless I have a good reason to change them. >>Abilities - Many Pokemon will have different abilities, some will more easily be found with better ones. >>Moves - Each Pokemon family will have at least one new attack to use. Some moves will be improved or altered. >>Hidden Hollow & Dream World - Expect these Pokemon to sometimes be very surprising. >>Evolutions - All Pokemon can evolve without trading. You won't be left out in the cold if you have trouble finding other players! >>Wild Held Items - Many rare items will be at your disposal. >>Miscellaneous - Some gender ratios and other information will be altered. >Towns & Maps - Many shops will carry a wider variety of items to use. >Storyline - While the bulk of the story will remain unchanged for now, some dialogue will be changed. >>Trainers - Trainers will generally have more Pokemon, and of higher levels and higher difficulty. >>Gym Leaders - The Leaders will definitely be much more rewarding. Far too easy on Normal Mode in B2W2. >>Pokemon World Tournament - Most teams here will recieve tweaks to keep things interesting. Regional divisions will remain reasonably easy to allow for BP grinding, while the World Leaders, Champion League, and Type Masters divisions will all be fairly challenging! >Other Changes >>Items - TMs and other items might change location to ease pokemon raising, or what have you. >>TM & HM - Several relatively useless TMs may change; for instance: Ally Switch, Incinerate, etc. >>Types - I think two to five changes to the "Type Chart" will vastly improve competitive balance and spice things up! >>Challenge & Assist - I'm wanting to research ways that Challenge & Assist Mode Keys can be allowed from the start without infrared. If RAM editing & AR codes are the only way, well, so be it. This is just my starting list. Feel free to suggest changes! I love hearing other people's ideas! If you'd like to partner up and get involved in a growing project, just contact me on the forums or email me at aninymouse@hotmail.com. Obviously, I'd like to use the USA version of the game for this, but until October there are a lot of things that can be done on the Japanese version in the meantime!
  9. Well, I don't know if it's possible, but this crossed through my mind after a joke thread involving a fanart made by a pixiv artist named cosmo (hence the name). The point of this request is to take any of the BW2 games and change the starter Pokemons (Snivy, Tepig and Oshawott) for Lv1 Tangela, Grimer and Magikarp respectively, mainly to use it for nuzlocke challenges. Here a little screencap I edited in PS: And the fanart made by cosmo:
  10. Hi I am really bored by Pokemon games difficulties and since i have noone to play with online, i want to pump up the games challenge mode (whose existance actually gave me this idea), makeing alle the gyms and post game encounters and the elite 4 a much of a challenge as I can (becuase lets face it the actual challenge mode is only slightly more of a challenge) So what i need are a few pointers to what tools to use and how to compile a proper patch, and how i might find the adresses of the trainers pokemon stats for the challenge mode key (because i would like to keep the on and off option to make it a bit more professional), doesnt need to be too indepht, im thankful for everything you can give me, so dont mind posting as few as you know, its still better than nothing. Im sure many would like this, but even if not id apreciate the infos. Thanks and greetings, john
  11. NARC file order (CLICK THIS FOR HUGE LIST OF NARC LOCATIONS): Notable files for ROM Hacks: /a/0/0/3 - Story Text /a/0/0/8 - Maps /a/0/1/1 - battle backgrounds /a/0/1/2 - ZoneData /a/0/1/6 - personal.narc (pokemon editing) /a/0/1/8 - level up moves /a/0/1/9 - evolutions /a/0/2/1 - Move data (type, bp, etc) /a/0/2/6 - title screen /a/0/3/0 - Start Menu Sprite /a/0/5/6 - Ingame Scripts /a/0/6/5 - Move Animations /a/0/7/1 - Animated Trainer Sprites (front, vs) /a/0/7/2 - Animated Trainer Sprites (back, send out) /a/0/9/1 - Trainer Data /a/0/9/2 - Trainer Pokemon /a/1/2/4 - Egg Moves /a/1/2/6 - Overworlds /a/1/2/7 - Encounter Tables /a/1/6/3 - In Game Trades /a/2/6/7 - Trainer Mugshots /a/2/7/3 - Hidden Hollow Encounter Table /a/2/8/2 - PokeMart Data /a/2/9/1 - PWT Board Trainer Sprites /a/2/9/6 - Pokedex Ingame Locations /a/0/1/6 indices and structure (personal.narc): Encounter Table: Now has 135 locations. Here's their entry->ingame location: Poké Mart Locations: Credits & Thanks To: personal.narc identification and structure: Codr and magical Location Map of encounter slots: xfr File identification: Kaphotics, magical, Bond697, Codr, veekun, Sanky, Jerry, Andibad
  12. Author's Webpage: http://www.geocities.jp/bt_vermeille/remodel/pokemon_bw/ | (B2W2) Japanese Program. .NET 2.0 Required. Edits the ROM, not narcs. Features: Species Editor Evolution Editor Encounter Slot Editor Move Editor Download *TRANSLATED* Pokemon ROM Changer: B2W2 - English ROMs (by Kaphotics) B2W2 - JP Translation (by Kaphotics and Andibad) BW Translation (by Andibad) For ROM Hacks: PRC for BBVW2 Complete 1.1 PRC for BBVW2 Vanilla 1.1 PRC for BBVW2 Complete 1.00 PRC for BBVW2 Vanilla 1.00 Bond697 has graciously provided decompiled code (via .NET Reflector). It's not the original code, but it compiles into the same program. Original prc_bw2 (B2W2) Original prc_bw (BW) --Source for prc_bw2 translation (English) --Source for prc_bw2's translation (JP)
  13. It's been a couple of weeks since BW has been out in English, so it's time to release the new Project Pokemon ROM Editor. This version includes a heavy amount of Pokemon and Move editing as well as Trainer editing. In addition, Map editing has been improved with overworlds incorporated and a full 3D editor. Sprites can be edited too. Example of the map edit screen: Download link: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2030539/ppre/V/ppre-v_b04.exe
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