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  1. hi i am searching a along time for it and i cant find the code for it, so can somebody please give or make a action replay code for this movie arceus for the japanese pokemon platinum version??????????thank you
  2. Hi Can somenone please make a action replay code for the movie arceus for the japanese pokemon platinum version????????????
  3. Hey there, I'm new here so be gentle. I just want your guys's opinion on this. I read the website here and this is all perfect for my plan to get those event pokemon that I cant get for obvious reasons. I just want to know if I am doing this right. I am planning on buying an Action Replay DS and then downloading Pokesav in order to get the event pokemon for my retail version of platinum. Now as a noob to this process is there any helpful info or other insights that you people of a higher intellect can bestow upon me? Anything would be helpful at this point.
  4. Hello^^ I'm looking for the Arceus, which can be downloaded on projectpokémon. Unfortunately I can't download it by myself so I'm asking here if someone could download it for me and then trade it to me. I can offer several IV Pokémon as well as a Shiny Shinx, Shiny Kricketune and Shiny Umbreon.
  5. Hi guys vould you all please help me could u make me a level 100 legit look like Movie 12 Arceus I am asking you all this because i dont have a AR. So the date has to be July 18th 09 and has to say Pokemon Movie 09 it has to have the event moves and ribbon has to say A ribbon that proclaims love for Pokemon. Please help me :'( Thank You Guys
  6. Somebody lend me a hand! A finger? I just can't, for the life of me, get the Arceus event to work for me. I suck at MG edits, don't have a clue what to do there, and the menu's look really goofy. I don't have the right equipment, this computer is janked (please, PLEASE, don't make me go into the specs :tongue:) Can someone save me a lot of time and spoon-feed me an action replay code for the Japanese Arceus event? I'll love you forever. And wash your dog. By the by, if you're curious, my one attempt at making the Arceus code ended with me receiving a Bad Egg from, not the green Pokemart guy
  7. Hello, i'm searching Arceus Eigakan from the pre-movie (right word?) july 5. I have some events (and i think some of them aren't on the site) and shiny's. My CF 0045 0032 7602 --- Events (that don't are on the site) --- POKEMON BOX Zigzagoon lvl 5 Legit : common GBA Event Skitty lvl 5 Legit : common GBA Event Swablu lvl 5 Legit : common GBA Event JAPAN Blissey Daisuke Club lvl 30 Milotic Daisuke Club lvl 28 Heracross Daisuke Club lvl 38 Regigigas Movie 8 Legit : Mystery gift Regirock Hadou Legit : unknow GBA type (?) Regice Hadou Legit : unknow GBA type (?) Registeel Hadou Legit
  8. Hey please could you give me a code 4 platinum to get arceus, but i dont have pokesav(if there is no way could you send me a link to download pokesav and how to do it? i would realy apreiate it!!!) btw i have action replay
  9. Someone can help me trading me a real 12 movie arceus? my platinum fc is 1333 5366 5806
  10. i am looking for the legit event arceus given out during the 12th movie preview. cheers to whoever can get it for me
  11. Hi i usely have my dslite but right now(of all times.) i dont have it it is in another state and i was wondering if some one can trade a legal movie 12th arceus to me? i offer most ds event some gba events and iam also the creater of the first in game curse or ???? type arceus that you can get with out rom editing i cn make one for you or send you one of the ones i already have in my game if i make you one it will be posted here .. as i can not put anything in my offical game card yet. i can only do this trade during this hour texas time 11:17
  12. Thats right guys! I have the Eigakan Arceus and will post some screenshots here. I will add more from time to time. This will be released on July 18th! Wondercard and OT/ID/Location. Moves. Some details:
  13. I thought I'd mention that what is unlocked in Platinum by having the Movie 12 Arceus in your party(see here:http://www.serebii.net/platinum/arceus.shtml) can also be unlocked using the Arceus from the Hall of Origin, which you can, of course, get by using ARDS to get the Azure Flute. I kniow this is right because I just did this myself a few minutes ago. Mods: If this happens to be in the wrong place, I appologize. Feel free to move this if needed.
  14. Hi Guys, Does anybody have ar codes for legit movie 12 arceus and pikachu colored pichu which i can pick them up in the pokemart.I have english version platinum.I want both pokemon japanese.Thanks in advance
  15. Can someone make me a Japanese Arceus? OT: Vance ID: 61147 Moves: Spacial Rend, Judgment, Recover, Shadow Force Ability: Multi-type Item: Dread Plate Ribbons: All Ribbons Contest Condition: Max Condition IVs: All 31 EVs: All 255 Ball Caught: Cherish Ball Date Met: 2009yr 4mo 15day Place Met: Pokemon Event Thanks in advance for making this
  16. Hi, Is there any way that the current version of the Pokemon Platinum pokesav can be used to create an Movie 12 Arceus that'll activate the special event in Platinum involving the Hiker in Oreburgh mine? Or do we have to wait until the movie comes out to get that code?
  17. If you guys want the US Version of the movie Arceus now,READ THIS!This works and I made it out of pokesav,It replaces the 1st Pokemon in Box 10. Its this: Pokemon Diamond 94000130 FCFF0000 B21C4D28 00000000 B0000004 00000000 E00152E0 00000088 5EE6D599 10F20000 11E79363 6439A427 EE7561DE 3A75BDBC B4E6B786 3E2C4E75 ED7593C5 4FEEBCFC 55B29049 A1541BD8 1F81611C 1F2ADB9C 0DB41B53 99825B84 057319DD 9001CC19 967709C1 CD188381 BB51F20E 327A1FEB B985BCB7 04962DAE 50F9ADD7 2061AA5B 94381BEE 1E941E3B 1A0F4C3B 99C4C4C2 694A18C6 6D40C28C 960A0D81 4D7823CB D2000000 00000000 Pokemon
  18. I used Poksav to add the special items required to trigger the event for the aforementioned pokemon and it works. I sure you have to do things prior to getting the events to happen, but if anyone wants to know how, let me know.
  19. So the movie looks pretty awesome from the few previews that have been released. My question is do you think it'll be the best Pokémon movie so far? What are you thoughts about the movie?
  20. Hey people! I have an Arceus or two obtained with the Azure Flute to trade. Also, a Japanese Lv. 48 Dialga and Japanese Lv. 20 Shieldon, and an English Lv. 42 Venusaur. Lv. 1 just hatched Manaphy too. Level 47 Palkia. All are legit, if you count the Arceus as legit. Looking for: Typhlosion, any level, preferably 50 and up though. Lugia, any level. Shaymin, any level. Surfing PBR Pikachu, although if you want to keep it it's OK. And that's about it... If you want to make a GOOD offer, PM me or post here.
  21. Hi,for some reason i can't download pokesav.So i would like an arceus.I will give out friend code once i find a good offer.(*Note i will not trade back very rare pokemon,Rotom is the rarest pokemon i will offer.)
  22. There's only one problem.Isn't VBulletin 13 and up? Becase if today is arceus dude's 11th birthday then... Or did I misread? *is confused*
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