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  1. I Have the new 3ds xl capture carded for my youtube channel. However my old 3ds is on version 9.0 and I use it to inject boxes of pokemon. Is there any way to edit the values that correspond with the vs recorder background? It may have nothing to do with values and correspondence. But you know what I mean.
  2. This title said all. I want to know if a Randomizer for the GC games can be possible, and if I can do that other pokémon be shadow instead the original, or the "shadowed" pokémon have a different texture that make him dark. Thanks ^^
  3. How on earth do you edit the encounter tables? I see soooooo many people doing this, and i have no clue how to do it. Please tell me.
  4. I'm editing a script with give item. I want tell me Grandpa and Grandma also, but Grandma says nothing. Script: 2E 00 A6 00 47 05 74 00 09 00 00 80 09 00 01 80 2A 00 00 80 03 00 2A 00 01 80 01 00 1C 00 F5 0A 0A 00 01 80 0A 00 00 80 3D 00 00 04 00 00 00 00 00 00 32 00 3F 00 A6 00 47 05 74 00 4C 00 00 90 02 01 10 00 61 09 08 00 01 00 11 00 01 00 1F 00 FF 1A 00 00 00 A6 00 47 05 74 00 3D 00 00 04 00 01 00 00 00 00 32 00 3E 00 1E 00 14 00 00 00 30 00 2F 00 02 00 ----------------------------------------------------------------- LockAll (0x002E) PlaySound Clink FacePlayer StoreVar 0x8000 StoreVar 0x8001 give item amount CallStd 'give item' ClearVar 0x8000 ClearVar 0x8000 Message2, current text file, text line 0xA, default settings WaitKeypress CloseMessage2 PlaySound (0x00A6) id=0x547 FacePlayer Readflag (0x0010) Num_2401 Logic08 (0x0008) Num_1 Logic11 (0x0011) Num_1 IfThenGoTo (0x001F) 0xFF jump=0x0000001A PlaySound (0x00A6) id=0x547 FacePlayer Message2 (0x003D) 0x0 0x4 mid=Num_3 view=0 type=0 WaitKeyPress (0x0032) CloseMessage (0x003E) GoTo (0x001E) jump=0x00000014 WaitMoment (0x0030) UnlockAll (0x002F) End (0x0002)
  5. Can someone generate me xorpads for pokemon OR? I don't have the 4.5 version and i want to edit the Pokemon OR.
  6. How do you edit those small pokemon sprites that appear when looking at a PC box or in a menu? I think the raw files are in a/0/9/1, but I'm having a problem converting them into images that make sense. Has anyone else done this? Thanks.
  7. i have seen various people do oras randomizers. How do people do this, do you need a gateway to inject the rom???? or can you use it with just a 3ds and a sdcard.
  8. Hi! Is there any list where you can see all the GARC List? I mean... there are a lot of folders but I don't know what things there are in each one. THANKS
  9. Hi Somebody know where I can find Pokemon B2W2 Overworld sprites list? I am using NPC editor tool but I cant find EMOLGA's sprite :C I need to write some numbers to have a sprite that I want but sometimes is too difficult to find sprite that I want :C for example: sprite for Skitty is under these numbers - 4429 sprite for Klang is under these numbers - 4700 sprite for Emolga ??? Can't find it It will be nice to know all codes for sprites.
  10. Hey guys, could u give me a site or titles of complete hacks pokemon black 2/white 2 ? I already know blaze and volt ones and I really enjoyed it. It would be cool if u guys can send me evolution editor for these hacks too so I can have fav pokemons at beginning of journey. I'll really appreciate help
  11. Hello, I'm trying to find a way to remove the trainer animations that appear when you enter a battle, and they only appear in BW2. I'm trying to remove them because I can't edit the front trainer sprites through BWSE without the animation getting in the way. I've seen other people do this but I don't have the slightest idea how you do it. As for the Flying sprites, I know where they are located but I don't know how to import them. I'm using Tinke v0.9.0.0. When I show textures on file 58 in narc 1/1/6 I can find the male flying sprites and am able to export the but I don't know how to import them. If you know how do these things it would be a huge help to me.
  12. I want to hack Pokemon Fire Red to Make a rom that a friend and I can play. I looked EVERYWHERE on the forums for tools I can use. I can't find anything. Can You guys please tell me the name of the program and description of it without a download link? I'll Find the download myself. Thanks.
  13. Do these work properly on AI trainers? Do they have happiness values for Pokemon? Or is their happiness based off of a Pokemon's base happiness?
  14. Is there any B2W2 Trainer Editor like the one there is for BW?
  15. Hi there, i'm new to the forum and to all the room hacking stuff. I'd like to now how do I add new overworld pokémons, like the legendaries already are in Pokémon BW Version 2. For example: When you fight Reshiram, you just talk to Reshiram's overworld sprite. I'd like to add more pokémons like this in other maps, lika an Lugia somewhere, and a Mewtwo somewhere. And if anyone now someway to hex editing or any tool to edit the pokémon's evolution, I'm really nedding it. Thanks a lot.
  16. also ruby sapphire and emerald? for example using diamond/pearl/platinum as the base rom (chosen for the game corner) and basically inserting all the content from the gba games, or remaking it from scratch? I personally would like to be able to play all of the games on ds but question whether or not remakes may be made for those 5 games any thoughts ideas suggestions would be helpful thanks
  17. Hey there, Project Pokemon forums! I've just started dabbling in a bit of Pokemon hacking (I'm primarily a Fire Emblem ROM hacker). I want to mod HGSS to be less...ridiculous with level progression, trainers, and Pokemon variety. All the mods around here are 493 hacks or insane difficulty, though, so I figure I'll have to make what I want myself. Anyways, to the question. I started using PPRE and editing wild pokemon just destroyed in-game events. If a character has to move, the game just stops progressing because apparently the ability to force movement for NPCs is broken by PPRE. Is there a fix to this lingering around somewhere, or another (less destructive way) to edit wild pokemon? I searched for an answer but couldn't find one, so hopefully someone here will be able to point me in the right direction!
  18. Hey there, Has anybody found the narc location or the means to modify wild pokemon that you find waiting around for you in the overworld? The catchable Zekrom/Reshiram, the lvl 70 Volcarona, the Dream World Musharna, etc. I'm only looking to change their levels; nothing else too fancy. Any clues?
  19. Hi I am new here, I just wanna know which file in the nds rom do I extract for trainer data editing.
  20. hi iam looking for help on how and what tools needed to move a the mewtwo battle in fire red to emerald if possable can some one tell me how and what tools needed?
  21. How do you edit those i wanna have the Logos that kazowar has for his translation for the English Release of HG SS and ill make my own Plat/D/P to replace Plz Help
  22. As in D/P/P or in the HG/SS change information about Pokemon? Which are written in the pokedex. If Bulbasaur, then pokedex wrote: For some time after its birth, it grows by gaining nourishment from the seed on its back. How does it change? P.S. If that is not so, sorry.
  23. Hello im here to post this because i am having some difficulties with editing scripts using PPRE on Pokemon Platinum what i am trying to do is edit the palkia/dialga script so that i can rebattle them again because i have lost them both and i really dont want to start a new game here i will post the script to see if anyone that has experience can help thankyou all that will try to help Thanks ===scr_1 Goto func_0 End ===scr_0 PlaySound 0x5dc Lockall If 0x40c5 0x1 COMPARELASTRESULT 0x4 func_1 Checkflag 0xd1 COMPARELASTRESULT 0x1 func_1 Message 0x0 Yesnobox 0x800c If 0x800c 0x1 COMPARELASTRESULT 0x1 func_2 Cryfr 0x1e4 0x0 Message 0x1 Waitcry Closemsgonkeypress Wildbattle2 0x1e4 0x46 0xec 0x800c If 0x800c 0x0 COMPARELASTRESULT 0x1 func_3 Setvar 0x40c5 0x1 CheckWildBattle2 0x800c If 0x800c 0x0 COMPARELASTRESULT1 0x1 func_4 Releaseall End ==func_0 0166 0x4000 If 0x4000 0x0 COMPARELASTRESULT 0x1 func_5 022D 0x2 0x4000 If 0x4000 0x0 COMPARELASTRESULT 0x1 func_5 Checkitem 0x1c7 0x1 0x4000 If 0x4000 0x0 COMPARELASTRESULT 0x1 func_5 028B 0x2 0x4000 If 0x4000 0x0 COMPARELASTRESULT 0x1 func_5 Checkflag 0x11e COMPARELASTRESULT 0x1 func_5 Setvar 0x4118 0x1 Jump func_5 ==func_5 Killscript ==func_3 LostGoPc Releaseall End ==func_4 Clearflag 0xd1 Killscript ==func_1 Message 0x2 Waitbutton Jump func_2 ==func_2 Closemsgonkeypress Releaseall End
  24. Is there one? I want to evolve my Kadabra on No$GBA..
  25. Has anyone been able to crack it yet for the ability to edit a gifts profile so it is compatible with HG and SS like how Play needed a minor edit for it to be seen in say an event injector?
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