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  1. So, it keeps saying that PK3DS will function properly when game junk files are cleared and all that stuff, but it won't open the file itself? Anyone know a solution to this? When I open the romfs.bin file in PK3DS it won't load anything. I'll post a picture if anyone can tell me how to do so. (New to being on forums so I don't know much) Edit: I noticed people haven't been responding so I decided to make it a little more descriptive.
  2. So I'm trying to make a rom hack with custom mega Pokemon implemented into the game. I tried messing around in PK3ds and learned that I can't use a custom model unless the Pokemon itself had a separate form all together. I've seen YouTube videos in the past with custom megas. So how did they do it? Do I have to replace models, textures, and animations of a pokemon with multiple forms and then put give it a mega in PK3ds? Or is there some easier way to actually give that Pokemon a mega?
  3. Hello! As the title reads, I am working on editing a Pokemon Soul Silver Version, and I am having a couple of issues editing the main trainer's back sprites (male and female). I have the designs ready (png files) and ensured they are each 16 colors only; I used KazoWAR's method of swapping out sprites just in the other data folder (a/0/0/6). Using the unscrambled images in Tile Molester, I even pasted the entire 64x800 image one bmp at a time while scrolling down (about 7 total) to match the original sprite image. After going through Kaz's method over and over, I should have done everything correctly (replaced the 6_000.rgcn, 6_001.rlcn, 6_075.rgcn, and 6_076.rlcn files), but when I narc it and remake the rom, I notice some unexpected issues. First off, when battling a wild Pokemon, the in-battle trainer sprite has some wonky inversed colors at the beginning (correct palette, wrong placement) until the animation begins, then everything looks perfect. I assume this has to do with the other file in the set of 5 (6_004.rgcn and 6_079.rgcn respectively) as when I bring this file up in DS/Pic with my palette, these colors do the same thing. I attempted to save a direct from my correct png with DS/Pic, but it gets a weird error and creates a file of 0 KB. I was wondering if anybody knew a way around this? Maybe a program which successfully can replace this file? Secondly, as soon as I start a battle with a trainer, the rom freezes. I tried replacing only files 6_000 and 6_001, then only 6_075 and 6_076, and in both cases it freezes. I am not really sure why though as, not only does the original rom I added to work perfectly fine, but I'm really only replacing two files at a time in this case. And one's a palette! What confuses me more is that I notice my changes work in wild Pokemon battles, so I have no idea why I can't enter a trainer battle. Any help on this would be truly appreciated as I've been pulling my hair for days trying to figure this out. Thanks for reading!
  4. Hi, I'm currently in the making of my own little rom hack, Nothing big just changing some trainer sprites, specifically Lucas and Dawn. I have currently changed both Lucas and Dawn's overworld sprites to Riley and Cheryl. Since I'm very new and inexperienced with rom editing (It took me several hours to figure out how to change the overworld sprite) I would really appreciate it if anyone would do a detailed tutorial (or preferably do it for me) on how to change the back sprite and front sprite of Lucas and Dawn in Pokémon Platinum. I have linked some images and files below that may be useful if you are so kind to help me. :smile: Front and back sprites [ATTACH=CONFIG]13450[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]13451[/ATTACH] Rom download link: Pokémon Platinum Rom
  5. Hi, I have a few questions about restrictions that were present in the GBA games, and if they are the same for the DS games. 1. If you add Pokémon to a trainer, will this replace other data? For example if in Fire Red you didn't create a new offset, some data would be overwritten and likely screw up another trainer. 2. Same with moves. If for example Bulbasaur has 10 moves in his level up moveset and you added two more, would this overwrite other data? If so, could you make room by removing two moves from a different Pokémon first? 3. Same with scripts. When you add to a script, does it require further steps like creating a new offset? Thanks.
  6. Im trying to replace lance's front sprite animation with a static animation, but I have no idea how to do it. Ive tried replacing the RNAN and RECN with ones that are assigned to a trainer who's front sprite doesn't have an animation, but that didn't seem to do anything. If anyone knows how to do this, please let me know.
  7. I assumed you could just use Tinke but apparently that's not the case. I have to use PokeDSPic Platinum. Whenever i goto import my image, i get an error saying "PNG has to be 8bpp indexed! This image will probably not work.", And then the image appears corrupted. I don't know what im doing wrong. The image I am using is 13 colors plus transparency color, and the dimension is 160x80. If anybody could help me fix this problem, or better yet, tell me another program that is easier to use, please tell me. Thanks
  8. Hey there! So, I've been searching for a sprite editor for HG/SS for a long time and I finally found Pokepic DS. But here comes the problem (that everyone is getting I think?): image is not 8bpp indexed. The image IS indexed in 8bpp 16 colors, but it always shows me that error! So, I tried to find the sprites via tilemolester, since I am already used to it, but couldnt find the images there. Does anyone have the adress for the images, mode and stuff? If Pokepic DS doesnt work I can easily use Tilemolester, just need to know where and how to find the location of the pics. Thanks in advance.
  9. I want edit the wild pokemon of HGSS safari zone, is possible do it?
  10. Hi everyone! Last week I managed to insert new Pokémon in HeartGold, but I have still to fix some things, like the Pokédex and the following overworlds. I've also managed to make the game to register the new Pokémon in the Pokédex (the game didn't allow to register Pokémon beyond the 493). There is a region in the RAM (around the address 022C0AB0) where there is a table of the registered Pokémon in the Pokédex. The first part is a list of the viewed/catched Pokémon, the second one, the proper table (4 bytes for each entry of the Pokédex). Format is PP PP TT 00, where PP PP is the index number of the Pokémon (2 bytes) and TT is the type of register of the Pokémon (00 = none, 01 = only seen, 02 = catched). But I have a problem, because if I see any Pokémon beyond Arceus, the table overruns other stuff in the RAM, making the game crash. The best solution is repointing the table (maybe to some free space from the Overlay 18 region), but there is also another problem. The table is stored in a different offset in the RAM every time I start the game. How could I find "something" to repoint the table to other region of the RAM?
  11. I created a hack based on Pokémon Omega Ruby and its 1.4 update - thanks to which, the hack allows me to go online. This got me thinking - what can and can't be done with this? If I tried to trade a Pokémon with hacked moves, stats, typing, Ability or anything of the above, would I be able to do so? Would Wonder Trading, GTS trading or local trading all be possible? And if so, would any of those elements return to normal on the receiving game? If I wanted to play a match with modified type chart, moves or Pokémon (types, stats, Abilities etc), would it be possible? Would local and online both work? If so, what would be the requirements? Would both games participating in the match have to be the hack or do I only need one to act as a "host" of sorts? Would both players' Pokémon be affected by the changes? Could challenging a passerby on PSS throw them into a surprise messed-up match? Would playing on Battle Spot also be possible? Or would it get me banned in a second? I'm particularly interested in the battling aspect - I've created a hack that attempts to balance out the type effectiveness and would love to try battling, either online or locally, to test how the meta would change.
  12. I've seen YouTuber's like Sleepy Jirachi randomize the text that is in the game. I don't actually know how to do this. I know how to obtain the text files using PK3ds. Do you manually have to randomize it with a list randomizer? Or do you just go through every text file in the text document? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  13. I am pretty new to all this and I've been googling and checking this forum along with many other sites and was wondering a few things. 1. Are there any more updated/intuitive ROM hacking tools available out there? I know these games are a bit old now, but it just seems like everything got to about 2009 and stopped. The tools available are... well not very intuitive. 2. If there are not, does anyone know where in the vast narc library I can find simple things to get me started in this large pet project like, where are the graphics for the intro/title sequence/professor introduction/larger and more detailed sprites you see when you first start (the professor, the boy and girl trainers, etc.)? 3. Sprite editors, anything even slightly better than PokeDS/Pic? Having to use photoshop, change the color table manually, and save everything one by one is doable and all, but so tedious, NSE for the GBA games is slightly better, though still mighty tedious. Just curious. I'm sure a lot of this stuff has already been posted, and I apologize for that, I just figured I would attempt to get a more updated post, considering the age of most of the stuff I find. I would like to attempt to make a fully fleshed out ROM hack, and it's started to look like not only a mighty undertaking, but an impossible one. Any help at all is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  14. I'm attempting to edit the wild encounter table for Route 2 in Pokemon X and I'm getting an error from PK3DS everytime I attempt to save my changes. "UNhandled exception has occurred in you application. If you click Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. If you click Quit, the application will close immediately. Value was either too large or too small for a UInt16." I get the same error no matter what I try to edit into the Wild Encounter tables.
  15. Hey there,new to the ROM editing scene! So I'm trying to edit a Black 2 ROM (specifically the Pokemon base stats and level-up-moves). I've extracted the right .narc files but I have no idea what to do with them after that! Do I need another program that extracts the files from the .narc or what? Thanks in advance!
  16. So I had the idea to make a Pokemon FR hack, so I downloaded advance map, text etc... But I came across a problem. I was about halfway done on editing the wild pokemon data, overworld etc... and I decided to save it and run it on VBA. It started out fine, with prof. Oak explaining his stuff but when the game started and my character shrunk down, I found myself in the Celadon battle/trading place... And I couldn't leave. Every time I try running it it just does the same thing. I'm not sure if it's because I haven't patched it yet, or if I made a mistake in AM or anything, but I can't fix it. Help?? Sent from my HTC One M8s using Tapatalk
  17. Hello. I am trying to change the trainer Vs. plates in X/Y but they are all in Japanese (a/0/3/5) [ATTACH=CONFIG]13626[/ATTACH] So my question is, where are the English ones located? Edit: Fixed
  18. Hi just as the title says I need kazoWar trainer editor with the nature hack so that I may hack black 2, but unfortunately the link leads to a deleted thread, https://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?14752-Kazo-s-B-W-Tools so I was hoping if someone can give me a download to it. I am aware of the regular BWTE v1.1a but I dont want that one since BWTE v2.1 has everything I need.
  19. Hi everyone, Anybody tell me an mac OS X Apps that can change my folder icon image, please. Thanks so much!
  20. Hayo, I'm trying to figure out what do i use to replace a color entirely with a new color on Gimp? and does the palette have to be 255? For the OW textures? thanks!
  21. Hello guys, I was wondering if I could do something in order to trade Pokemon between my smartphone's emulator and my D's (my phone supports IR as I can control my TV and a projector via IR)
  22. Alright, so i recently signed up for an account here just for this question, I know its riveting. But I've been looking around on both his site and other sites and frankly I haven't been able to find any Dungeon editing tools, as in like being able to add in Dungeons, or fully remove some already existing ones. If any tools exist for this then please tell me. Cuz m9 i gutta hack dis game bud
  23. Hi, I'm new to ROM hacking, and I'd like to know how to change the music on a Black 2 ROM. For example, things like battle music or trainer encounter music. I've searched online, but I can't find an answer, or at least one that I can understand. There's also other things that I'd like to know, like how to change the Xtransceiver sprites, item sprites, and battle backgrounds. I don't know anything complicated, and I'm mostly using KazoWAR's B/W Tools. If anyone can help me with anything I just listed above, it would be greatly appreciated. (Edit: I know where the files are located, but I don't know how to edit most of them.)(I realized I posted in the wrong forum after I posted.)
  24. Can't find any good move set editor try to use twisted moveset editor but i don't know how to use it :cool::cool:
  25. I keep getting this error. I didn't start getting it until now.[ATTACH=CONFIG]12822[/ATTACH]
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