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  1. i looked around and couldnt find this... exactly. so i fugured this would be a good place to ask... ...is there a way i can play through a leaf green rom and trade pokemon to a diamond rom if i were playing them on my pc?
  2. tool to use? I use that tool to change the evolution of the pokemon in PLATINUM?
  3. For a few days now I've been trying to replace sprites in Platinum Version, however I keep getting met with something about an 8bpp error and that the sprite wouldn't work properly, and after writing it to the narc the sprite looks corrupted. I tried following the video tutorial but it still didn't help, that or I'm doing something wrong - but even then, I have no clue what. I'll go over my steps I'm taking. Step 1: Extract sprite from GBA Rom Hack (Using APSE) and extract Bulbasaur from Platinum's narc file with PokeDSPicPlatinum Step 2: Open both in gimp Step 3: Set the coloring on the extracted GBA Sprite to indexed Step 4: Extract the first sprite of the GBA Sprite (Since that's the normal sprite) and copy it into a new gimp window Step 5: Resize the GBA Sprite without interpolation to 80x80 Step 6: Expand the canvas to 160x80, then copy the sprite to fill both frames Step 7: Set the Bulbasaur sprite in gimp to use the GBA sprite's color table Step 8: Copy over the GBA sprite to overwrite the Bulbasaur sprite entirely Step 9: Save as a .png Step 10: Import into pl_pokegra.narc with PokeDSPicPlatinum And that's where I get the 8bpp error. Unfortunately, right now I'm unable to, but later I can revise this post with videos and screenshots if it'll help. But going off the above, would anyone know what I'm doing wrong, and how I can fix it?
  4. Hello, Is there a way to extract all the animated gifs from ORAS and XY using Cybergadget, pkhex or some other program?? Many people online are looking for them and the sprites are not easily found especially the shiny and different form sprites of pokemon. Any help would be appreciated. thanks
  5. I've been having problems with changing the player trainer sprite in Diamond recently. My problem is when I replace new sprites, the animation is messed up. Walking right works fine, but left is missing the last frame (the second standing one). And the animation for walking up is using the wrong sprite for it's third frame, and it's missing it's fourth frame. And walking down doesn't have any sprites at all. I haven't tried running yet but I think there might be a problem there too. What I've been doing is using Nitroexplorer and BTX editor to turn the .btx files of the trainer into .pngs, I've tried other programs but I don't think that's the problem. I think my problem is how I'm repacking the narc or reinserting the narc. I've been repacking it with either PokeDSPic DP or alphanarc. I don't think I'm having problems with converting the .png to a .btx file, because I've also tried looking at the modified narc with Overworld Sprite editor DS. I've only been editing some of the .btx files, in diamond, they're the movement sprites (file 91), the watering sprites (158), and the saving sprites (366). Mostly because I want to get it working before I edit all of the sprites. The sprites all have 16 colors, including the transparency color, but I did replace one of the colors, but I doubt it's the palette, because the pallet is the same for every sprite, and only some of the sprites are working. Another thing that might be affecting the sprites is an error I've been getting with the watering and saving sprites. It tells me the height of the sprite sheet is wrong or something. Once I get the error again I'll edit this post and say exactly what it says. But like I said, this doesn't happen with the movement animations, just the other two I've been working with, so that might not be it. I've also been googling everything I can think of, but with no luck. So hopefully someone who might have had this problem before can help. So what am I doing wrong that's causing this to happen?
  6. A-Tack does not work for me on Windows 8 or on Vista, so looking for a good attack editor, wanting to change a lot of moves for my mod, Pokémon Excelsior
  7. I want to increase the chance to encounter a shiny pokemon in the wild for my custom pokemon black rom. Is there a way to do this?
  8. Does anyone know how to replace the flying overworlds for the male trainer i found where it is located in tinke but i can't find out how to import my images does anyone know? Thanks.
  9. Hi. I'm adventure1174, and I've been thinking about Add new City and Route in Pokemon Black/White. such as Aspertia City, Route 19, Floccesy Town, ETC. But I wonder it can be real... any advice would be helpful to me.
  10. Can you tell me the "path" to change background
  11. Hi, I've noticed that other people have changed TM moves in BW2 to different ones but I haven't found anything on how to do it. Where is the data stored and how do I extract it/edit it? Can anyone provide a tutorial? Thanks!
  12. Black 2 and White 2 are now out in Japan, a lot of people are poking at the games in every possible way, but one thing interested me given that I'm a little tired of the lack of difficulty in Black and White - Challenge Mode! Challenge Mode gives gym leaders and the Elite Four new rosters and different movesets and generally adds a little bit of much-needed difficulty. (There's also an Assist Mode which makes the game easier, but come on, the game isn't easy enough already?!) Now, Gamefreak being Gamefreak they couldn't just add this and allow the users to rejoice, so it had to be tied to pointless timewasting and someone screaming the word FRIENDSHIP until they turned blue... so you can only access the difficulty setting (y'know, the thing which affects the difficulty of the WHOLE GAME) after you finish the game, which difficulty you can even access depends on which game you have (White 2 players get Assist Mode, Black 2 players get Challenge Mode) and you have to trade the key (via infrared, not local wireless or wi-fi) to allow someone else to unlock that feature of the game. So here's what I want to know - is it possible to edit the BW2 ROM into a distribution cart for Assist/Challenge Mode keys? I don't know anyone else who plays Pokémon (last I heard of my friend next door he'd gone to China for some reason or another) and I don't particularly want to play through the game in easy mode to send myself a Challenge Mode key so I can play through the game for real. I know there was a leaked distribution cart for the Victini event which accompanied the launch of BW, and that's the kind of thing I'm thinking of.
  13. Okay i downloaded the PPRE for linux and need help installing it. I am running Crunchbang Linux and have already asked for help on Crunchbang forums and they referred me here.
  14. Okay I'm kind of stuck on this I already know level up moves are in a/0/1/8 and how to edit them and such, but how would one go about adding a new string to a Pokémon's level up set without breaking the others? Say for example, the string: FF FF FF FF A1 01 01 00 8F 01 01 00 5F 00 01 00 FA 01 01 00 D9 01 01 00 FF FF FF FF 2F 00 01 00 6F 00 05 00 ... FF FF FF FF The four FF are what border each Pokémon's level up set, with the first bit being Ninetales' level up set and the bit after being Jigglypuff. At the moment, both are bordered, and their absolute positions are in place. Say I wanted this: FF FF FF FF A1 01 01 00 8F 01 01 00 5F 00 01 00 FA 01 01 00 D9 01 01 00 DA 01 01 00 FF FF FF FF 2F 00 01 00 6F 00 05 00 ... FF FF FF FF Adding a new move without replacing means everything ahead has now shifted four bytes. However, the absolute positions haven't changed, so it screws up every single level up set after Ninetales. I'm sure there's a simple way to do it, but it's not something I know how to do yet. --- tl;dr - How do I add NEW level up moves rather than REPLACING level up moves and still have it working?
  15. Hi, I am planning on editing parts of Pokemon White to make the game a bit more difficult. However, one of the things I wanted to do was to change the pokeon you recieve as starters and the levels at which you recieve them. I was just wondering if there were any programs out there already that are capable of doing this. I have looked and can't seem to find any for Black or White. Thanks.
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