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  1. So I'm trying to increase the rate in a HGSS rom (or rather Drayano's Storm Silver). I know there's an AR code for 100% shiny encounters, but that's not what I'm looking for. I've seen a similar topic on here but I don't know anything about editing roms so I didn't understand it. I'm not interested in learning to edit roms on a large scale; I just want to change the shiny rate. Can anyone explain this process step by step? I get lost when it comes to getting the arm9 file back into the rom. Here's the link to the original thread: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?43277
  2. I'm a Korean Pokemon 3DS Player, and I want to insert Custom Mega Evoluations&Mega Stones(including Primal Groudon/Kyogre) to Pokemon X and Y. What should I edit to file in RomFS 'a' Folder in order that insert the Custom Mega Evoluations&Mega Stones to Pokemon X and Y?
  3. Hi, I'm searching a way to receive the 10ANNIV events in another cartridges than US/ENG, there's a language check in the ROM that I don't find, thinking about the Colosseum region check for E-reader or most probable the PalPark language check, I also tried to dissassemble the ROM but I still not find it for the moment. Any idea?
  4. Hi! I'm trying to edit Moon's text and I would like to know how can I edit these texts in other languages Is pk3DS enough for it? or do I need another tool? NVM i'm just stupid, got it already. just changed the language
  5. I want restore 3 items missing in the remake: BERSERK GENE, RAGE CANDY BAR and SLOWPOKé TAIL, rage candy and slowpoké tail are present but key items, they must be regular items, Slowpoké's Tail have a price of 9800$, Rage candy of 300$ and the rage candy bar must be a medicine that recover 20 HP (it's the copy of the POTION) and both cannot be held, like Kurt's balls. This 2 items after must be present into the mart of Maoghany town (RAGE CANDY is selled by the granny, SLOWPOKé TAIL by the fake seller of the Team rocket, it's the same market but are different the set), I don't know how hack the mart! BERSERK GENE it's an held item that have the same effect of the move SWAGGER (raise the attack of the pokémon that held it of two stage and confuse it) and once used disappear the price is of 200$. Only the Berserk gene should be held and if the player save the game should return in the bag for avoid compatibility problems with other games, the griseus orb back to the bag if you save before the link, but not if you save normally, but is better if the berserk gene back into the bag with every save, because with the pokéwalker link on Viridian City is possible fight with the linked friend and also you can view the item held by the first pokémon of the party and if it held the berserk gene not is right, otherwise a way to block the pokéwalker link if your first pokémon held the berserk gene. For a last thing it's better also hat in every link room the Berserk Gene become an hide item like the Griseus orb to avoid of assign it, Griseus orb disappear only if you are linked with Diamond and Pearl and if you are into the common union room, Berserk gene have to be hide into the bag in every link room to avoid problems with the other games. Perhaps the Berserk gene is too hard but I think will be possible fix RAGE CANDY and SLOWPOKé TAIL, can you help me please?
  6. It is posible to hack a pokemon game without a 3ds console? and if it´s possible how to do it?
  7. Okay so my request is (theoretically) simple. I'm trying to edit the player char sprites in Soul Silver. I know there is an action replay code to use the female protag from Platinum, and I wanted to make it a patch with it as a permanent change if possible. Thanks in advance for any advice. I got PokeTex, PokeDSPic, and PPRE but I'm not sure what I'm doing... EDIT So I've gone through bunch of tutorials and stuff. I've now got BTX Editor, PokeDSPic, PokeTex, PPRE, and Tinke. I tried simply swapping Lyra and Dawn's walking animations, and recompiled, but when I started the game it crashed so obviously I did something wrong but not sure what. I found a tutorial for Tinke but it's outdated or something because it tells me to do things that don't seem to be options on my Tinke. Please can someone help me out? This is driving me crazy. I thought it'd be simple to play as Dawn in SS since there is a AR code for it but all I've managed to do is give myself a headache. (Plus looking at sprites and stuff I realize I could replace Lyra completely with Dawn (as in backsprites, intro sprites, etc. Everything!) but if I can't even get the overworld sprite to work then it's not happening :< Thanks in advance for any advice!)
  8. hello guys goodnight, I wonder how I can edit the attacks such as power, type and either physical or special attack, I'm new to this forum and do not know if I'm in the right forum. Also explain to me about that program Hex and how i can do it. :creep:
  9. Hi, I'm new. I've been here for a while, just never had a voice. Anyway, I'm making a hack of Platinum, you know basic stuff, 493,difficulty and maybe fairy-type, still looking into that. But point of this topic is about adding new moves. I figured I would just add the text for the move, Like the Name and the " (pokemon) used (move)!" Text. Then I edited the aspects of the move. Its: Water Type Special BP:110 PP:10 Hits both pokemon in battle. Oh by the by, I'm trying to add Origin Pulse. And everything works, The game recognizes the move as a move, but the problem is that whenever the move is used in battle, it shows the animation for "Hitting Yourself In Confusion" and does EXACTLY 1 HP to the pokemon that uses it. I think it may be because the move has no description, but I have no clue. I have replaced moves such as sheer cold, with Moonblast, with the ??? type and it still did damage. Has anyone added moves to any gen 4 game before or might know why the move doesn't work properly? Any help is appreciated, Thank you.
  10. So normally in SDSME to start editing a map file, I'll locate it first by going to Matrix Editor -> Map Files, then double click on the area I want to edit. Then it'll open it up in the Map Editor, but it'll either default to No Texture in 1.8.1b or default to Texture 15 in 1.8.1 and 1.8.0 in every single map. Is it supposed to function this way and I might just be missing something or is there another way I can find out the correct texture for a map?
  11. Hi. In my current HG/SS hacking progress, I found the modified files, are ARM9.bin, and other 5 files in the subfolder of the Data\A folder. Could exists a way to use these files with the original games, maybe via a GBA rom that can overwrite temporarily these files in the NDS ram when the original game and the special GBA rom are inserted? Then a patch for an original game?
  12. Gen 5 has PRC and twistedfatal's tools and they're really good, gen 3 has YAPE and many other tools. Gen 4 has old and unreliable PPRE, thats it. Does no one play gen 4 or what. I'm not whining, this is a question
  13. So I was wondering what I would need to edit the 2 things I named the thread Mugshot Trainer Card sprite if someone could take my through step by step or have some type of tutorial please message me on skype. StormVentus Thank you for your time~
  14. Hi! I need help with something. I want to replace Rada trainer from the battle tree for Faba. So far I was sucessful replacing the models, name and animation. What is missing it's her pokemon. I want to replace her pokemon for Faba choice of pokemon like Hypno and Slowbro. I can replace the models just fine but not their moves. Hypno using rock moves is weird. Does anyone have any idea how to change the moves? Thanks!
  15. anyone got PPRE 2.2.0 (or if there's anything newer) link? ProjectPokemon lost the link I think. if not, any recommendations for Gen 4 pokemon editor, preferably narc editing
  16. Hi, everyone. Thanks for your time. I'm trying to randomize a Pokémon Platinum ROM using the Universal Pokémon Randomizer 1.7.2, with a specific premade seed/config string sent to me from another person. However, when I fill the settings manually and try to save my new ROM, I get the following message: "There was an unhandled exception trying to save your ROM to disk" and an error log. I thought it could be a randomizer version/ROM incompatibility, but even when I produce a new seed from my own ROM, I get the same error when setting manually. Curious fact: when I used my 'rndp' file (from a new seed I created), instead of filling the seed/config string manually, it worked! Here are the settings I'm trying to use: Seed: 182339442737970 Config String: 172GQMRCgiCAYUBiAEylF0eAh4CCgAACgA9CRcOAAAAAAAACAAyFFBva2Vtb24gUGxhdGludW0gKFUpOopn5uPDOIo= Now, here's my request: I'm not having success contacting the person who provided the settings, so, is there anyone who can provide me a rndp file, that have the specific seed/config string above, to use with the Randomizer 1.7.2? For anyone interested, here's the randomizer error log: Randomizer Version: 1720 ROM: Pokemon Platinum (U) Code: CPUE Reported Support Level: Complete java.lang.NullPointerException at com.dabomstew.pkrandom.romhandlers.AbstractRomHandler.randomizeTrainerClassNames(AbstractRomHandler.java:2411) at com.dabomstew.pkrandom.Randomizer.randomize(Randomizer.java:316) at com.dabomstew.pkrandom.gui.RandomizerGUI$3.run(RandomizerGUI.java:1957) Thanks everyone for your attention!
  17. I'd like to preface this by assuring everybody that I have looked high and low, Googled, searched here and looked through all the big NARC lists for Black and White 2 pokemon cry locations. It may be that I just don't know the proper lingo to search for, but I've come up completely empty handed. Does anybody know where pokemon cries are stored in B2W2? While it would be nice to be able to change them directly, or even replace them with my own, I'd settle for being able to redirect them as pointers or somesuch, (e.g. make Snivy make Bulbasaur's cry) I appreciate any and all help!
  18. Hi! I really, really, really want to get into ROM hacking! But I have minimal experience, which isn't helping. I've already learned how to edit sprites from the pinned topics, but I'd appreciate ANYONE showing me the way to some helpful programs or links. Thanks!
  19. Hi there. I've been working on creating shiny versions of Pokémon box icons, as well as collecting all other icons from the game in one place, for the purpose of making one big sprite sheet for projects to use. Lately I've been working on an update for new Alola Pokémon, and I'm almost done (thanks to the PKHeX icons), but I'm still missing the item icons. Also, I would like to have all the icons dumped directly from the game (not merged together with old icons from previous games) so that I can run a script to compare them to the old ones and update any icons that changed. (For example, I think the Pikachu icon has changed with SuMo compared to the ORAS version, because the new cap forms have some minor changes too.) Does anyone know where I can find a complete dump of the SuMo icons (Pokémon box icons, item icons, anything), in separate files rather than one merged image? I'd really appreciate it! Edit: received two zip files with all the dumps from Kaphotics and Gocario on IRC, so consider this request fulfilled.
  20. Would someone care to compile the lastest version of PK3DS for me? I've tried but no luck.
  21. I've been doing some text editing with SDSME's text editor and I've noticed some strange glitches in my ROM which make the game sorta unplayable. All I've done is use SDSME to edit text, nothing else. The text I've changed is in some cases larger than what I've replaced but as far as I am aware this should cause no issue. Does anybody know what could have caused these problems? It may have been that the ROM I was editing was bugged in the first place, or this is because I'm using Soul Silver instead of Heart Gold. Regardless I'm probably going to restart on a different ROM anyway, but I want to make sure I don't make the same mistakes again. [ATTACH=CONFIG]13884[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]13885[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]13886[/ATTACH] These were the most common errors. Entire segments of the overworld would outright disappear, and most warps would break when this happened. The menu graphics are also bugged in some cases. [ATTACH=CONFIG]13887[/ATTACH] Occasionally the game would freeze at this point in battles with the Pokeballs spinning indefinitely. I've also had the game freeze at the event with the Kimono Girl in Violet City, but I didn't get a screenshot of that. The menu graphics were bugged there too. None of the areas where this happened were areas where I had edited the text, and they did not happen consistently, although they happened far too often for the ROM to be playable.
  22. Okay, so, I need help here. I've looked around the forums and I can't seem to find a thread here about where Nate and Rosa's flying sprites are. I know that they cannot be accessed though BWOE (I've tried before and failed) so I'm guessing they can only be replaced through Tinke. I also would like to know where the Hero's sprite location for the PWT screen is, because with a custom character in the OW and Nate on the screen it just seems wrong. I'd really like to know where these are. Thank you for your time. EDIT: PWT screens has been solved. I also know the location of the flying textures now, I'm still looking into ho to replace them though.
  23. Hello everyone! I really want to make a pokemon ORAS mod. I've been used PK3DS to change evolutions, stats, trainer pokemon,... and i extracted files with Asia89 Hacking Toolkit. But when i rebuilt a .3ds file, i couldn't open it with Citra 3DS Emulator (I used Citra because my 3ds had been corrupted and I'm having it repaired). My 3DS will be repaired next week, and i want use Citra to try playing the mod. I'm just a beginner so i don't know how to make the mod rom worked with Citra Can anybody help me? I will donate if someone help me to solve the problem You can help me via email too. Thanks for your attention.
  24. What is generally considered to be the best text editor for Heart Gold and Soul Silver? Mostly I just want to edit overworld and NPC text, but being able to edit other things like the intro text and the text of the Pokemon that follows you too. I'm already aware of DS Text Editor but I'm just wondering if there's anything else. Also, which narc files contain the game's text? So far all I know of is a/0/2/7. Okay, so I've found that I can use SDSME (only 1.7.0 as 1.8.0 doesn't start for me) although it is incredibly slow and having to get text to fit within the dialogue box is a pain.
  25. I'm trying to open the a/0/0/8 folder from ORAS romfs dump but it say's invalid file name so could someone please help
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