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  1. Ok, now I figured, writing is great but not just facts lets have fiction! So I figured we are creative right so lets have a thread for it I don't see why not. Plus I really wanted to post a story too so I made this thread. Hope to read all your stories and I hoped you liked mine! Chapter 2: coming soon Hope you liked it! Please comment or post your own story!
  2. Alright. Well, I have an Action Reply, But I tried to make the team myself, and my game didn't want to work. So, I tried My Friend's Pearl. And That didn't work either. So I need A Code For Platinum With the Following Team. All Pokemon Have the Following ID Number and OT OT: Alex (Male) ID Number: 22004 Empoleon- Modest- Lv. 100 Ability: Torrent Ev Spread: 12hp/252At/12SpD/232 Spe Ivs: All 31 Stats: Hp:372, Atk: 271, Def: 275, SpA: 353, SpD: 301, Spe: 219 Attacks: Agility, Substitute, Ice Beam, Surf. Flygon- Naughty- Lv. 100 Ability: Levitate Ev Spread: 252At/88SpA/176Spe Ivs: All 31 Stats: Hp: 364, Atk: 328, Def: 233, SpA: 259, SpD: 259, Spe: 299 Attacks: Earthquake, U-Turn, Outrage, Fireblast Gengar- Hasty- Lv. 100 Ability: Levitate (Shiny) Ev Spread: 100Atk, 156SpA, 252 Spe Ivs: All 31 Stats: Hp: 324, Atk: 206, Def: 219, SpA: 394, SpD: 249, Spe: 350 Attacks: ShadowBall, FocusPunch, Subsitute, Explosion Registeel- Impish- Lv.100 Ability: Clear Body Ev Spread: 252Hp, 168Atk, 88Def. Ivs: All 31 Stats: Hp:364, Atk: 249, Def: 438, SpA: 249, SpD: 438, Spe: 199 Magmortar- Modest-Lv100 Ability: FlameBody Ev Spread: 252SpA, 4SpD, 252Spe Ivs: Hp:25, Atk: 22, Def: 26, SpA: 31, SpD: 31, Spe: 31 Stats: Hp:285, Atk: 195, Def: 165: SpA: 383, SpD: 227: Spe: 265 Attacks: FireBlast, FocusBlast, ThunderBolt, Hiddenpower. (ice) Roserade- Timid- Lv100 Ability: Natural Cure (Shiny) Ev Spread: 6Hp/252SpA/252Spe Ivs: Hp:26, Atk: 18, Def: 31, SpA: 26, SpD: 23, Spe:14 Stats: Hp: 257, Atk 146, Def: 148, SpA: 344, SpD: 238, Spe: 288 Attacks: SleepPowder, ToxicSpikes, GrassKnot, HiddenPower (Fire) Thanks In Advance to anyone willing to do this for me. I Need it done ASAP though.
  3. Yes there is a way to get the pokemon you want without using the ever wonderful !!Pokesav!! and breeding pays a big part in this. Also other things like EVs and IVs play a huge part in getting the pokemon you want. I hope that this guide helped and you all could understand it. Remember don't give me EV questions because that is not my strong point. The reason IVs didn't show up in the guide is because I don't know much about them. So maybe you could get someone else to help on that. Anyway I did the best I could here so please comment or add to what I missed or left out because I am deprived of information in that section. It would be appreciated! Just in case you dont know click on the actual spoiler button to show the guide. If you want to use a spoiler just go like this ["spoiler] text text text content content text ["/spoiler"] just minus the quotation marks and the text text content stuff, that is supposed to stand for the stuff you show in the middle. Hope it helped! *comment please!*
  4. Did anyone else HATE this game? I for one did. It was a lame excuse for Pokemon meets Racing. If they wanted to make a good racing game, they should have just made Pokemon Kart
  5. This is about the hometown and you asked why do i not know where is at, I think you didn't understand my question or I was unclear. I am sorry but like for example for Lugia or Articuno the previous legendary from the GBA, do I still put the hometown Sinnoh (Platinum) or put what the region it is from like johto ??? Thanks
  6. (i didn't see a firered forum so i posted it here) move at your own desire staff. I need a gameshark code for Pkmn Firered to make Suicuine stop moving and teleporting to diffrent locations in Kanto. Thanks!`
  7. i am sorry if someone already asked for this or if i am asking for this in the wrong place but can some hacker or anyone please make this code for me a speed modifier that mods how fast your main character runs. like multiply it by these #s 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 i really want a code/codes that do that please someone help me. so i want a code that makes the main character run crazy fast(or make his speed multiplied by 2,4,6,8 and 10)
  8. Alright instead of just an intro in one post and then the rest in several others I'm going to try and get it all into this one post. Pokemon Eggs: Hatching Well hatching eggs is simple really however depending on the pokemon inside the egg it could take some time. Each pokemon while in the egg takes a different amount of steps to hatch. I feel so lame saying this but I actually didn't know that hatching an egg took steps so flying around doesn't count! Now if you have a lot of eggs you can only hold 5 in your party because you have to have a pokemon to battle just in case. So now that you have 5 eggs or less in your party you can go begin the hatching. Wait, no you can speed it up you just have to have the right pokemon. You see if the pokemon in your party has the ability flame body or magma armor the number of steps it takes to hatch an egg is cut in half. Pretty useful. Now, find a long stretch of uninterupted road, or cycling path, and then run or bike up and down the road to gain the steps. Riding on the bike in cycling road is the fastest way I know and you should have a bike by the time you get an egg. So that is the most efficient way I know to hatch eggs. If you want to know around the exact number of steps your particular egg will take to hatch then go to this link... http://pokemon.marriland.com/diamond_pearl/pokedex/list And search on the pokemon you know is inside the egg. The pokemon in the egg is always the female's or non ditto's species. If you receive it from a friend or in game then you might not know. FYI that link is for a diamond and pearl pokedex here is one for platinum: http://pokemon.marriland.com/platinum/pokedex I hope this has been helpful! Please post feed back and use the poll! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Pokemon Eggs: Bad eggs Bad eggs are terrible things and one should not ever try to obtain them. Bad eggs are the result of a code gone wrong or to many codes used. At least that is what I have read. So maybe if you were trying to get a pokemon from your AR and you misentered the code well then the pokemon would probably result in a bad egg. Can they hatch? Yes I do believe they will but they will turn up as a question mark and everything will be question marks either that or they never hatch. I do believe that they take 30,000 steps to hatch which is good because you never want to hatch them. They could crash your game. These eggs should be put in a pc immediately and never messed with if you cherish your game data. Why do they exist exactly? I have read through my internet research that it is somewhat of a vengeance. The vengeance of Missingno. or something like. This (identity) created something that to many codes resulted in a bad egg. (atleast with 3rd generation games for sure) Or maybe a code gone wrong or incorrectly inputted. They can crash your game which is part of the vengeance. Plus when they hatch they turn into question marks and that is all the pokemon you will ever see if it doesn't crash your game. Question marks. Codes gone wrong? These are incorrectly put in codes this could result in a bad egg. Plus I do believe that bad eggs can appear in double battles if you are using the one hit KO cheat. This, after the foe is defeated, could result in a bad egg appearing, although it is invisible it will use the moves of the previous pokemon and if wild it can be caught but don't catch it! BAD EGGS ARE JUST LIKE THEIR NAME BAD! DON'T EVER HATCH ONE OR ACCEPT ONE IN A TRADE, REALLY JUST STICK IT IN THE PC AND LEAVE IT ALONE! THEY ARE A CREATION OF PURE DEVIOUSNESS. BE CAREFUL WHEN DEALING WITH THESE EGGS THEY ARE NOT NORMAL AND CAN BE LETHAL TO YOUR GAME! I CANT STRESS THE FACT ENOUGH THAT THOSE THINGS ARE BAD AND DANGEROUS TO YOUR GAME! DON'T HATCH THEM OR IT COULD BE THE LAST EGG YOU EVER HATCHED!
  9. Hi to all!!! I'm Pokémon trainer Jon from Digos City, Philippines... I'm an excellent fanatic of Pokémon. I'm looking forward to meet new friends to share with my interests. Just wanna drop by and say thank you for accepting me in your forum. Hehehe... Thanks guyz!!!
  10. I'm not sure what is going on, I've remade them 2 times and they both are still bad eggs in PBR. This only happened with Kingdra and Salamence, all the other 40 or so Pokemon I made work fine. I've made sure to get the 85h right (They both are set to hatch from eggs so its 00, and yes, they are in Poke Balls), date met and date received are the same day, no nickname... the EVs on both are 252/232/24... What's wrong? EDIT: They also both have legal movesets. Standard Smogon movesets and item choice. EDIT 2: Kingdra suddenly worked... no idea what to do about Salamence, though. EDIT 3: Salamence finally worked. Not sure what happened.
  11. Species: DARKRAI Held Item: Reaper Cloth Trainer ID: 72945 OT: Hades Level: 100 Nature: Modest Gender: None Shiny: No IVs: All 31 EVs: All 255 Nickname: Thanathos Ability: Bad Dreams Moveset: Dark Void, Dream Eater, Dark Pulse, Magma Storm This is possible to receive through Wi-Fi, right? I'd like to get this via Wi-Fi. Timezone is EST for me, and I'm pretty much free most of the time, lol Friend Code: 1031 8190 9377 Thanks in advanced.
  12. I have created 3 parties of Pokemon, on the correct Pokesav version, and gotten the ARDS output code. When I put it in my AR, start up the game with it, and then use it, I go to look at my party and all I can see is a black screen. Frozen. Can someone help me on this? :confused:
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