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  1. I just wanted to know what everyone thinks about their favorite games. Which one it is and why. Mine would have to be Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Time and Darkness. I love it because you can be a pokemon, and there are so many upgrades from the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red and Blue. Its got more of a plot, more pokemon, more everything! Don't get me wrong, the original trainer battles are nice but it was such a breakthrough into pokemon gaming when you could actually become a pokemon! So, what about you?
  2. By the way, my blissey had 131 HP as of lv 19!
  3. I'd usually do this myself, but thanks to the magic that is the DSi, my AR is now rendered incompatible... I need the perfect contest pokemon to boost my card up to Gold status. I've nearly completed the Pokedex so I'd be one step away from Black. Pokemon: Glaceon Held Item: Blue Scarf Trainer ID: 4740 Secret ID: 64829 Level: 43 EXP: 82341 Happiness: 255 PID: 2760186869 (Rash Class 2 Male) IVs: 22 / 7 / 26 / 31 / 31 / 29 (HP / ATT / DEF / SPE / SPA / SDEF) EVs: 252 SPA / 252 SPE / 6 HP Contest stats: 255 Beauty / 255 Sheen Name: GLACEON OT: Adam (Male) Ball Caught With: Poke Ball Ability: Snow Cloak Moves: Ice beam / Zen Headbutt / Ice Shard / Icy Wind (MAX PP UPs) Met at level: 1 Met at place: 25 (Route 210) Date met : 2009 / 04 / 10 Egg Hatched at: 2000 (Day Care Couple) Date Egg Received: 2009 / 04 / 10 Hometown: 10 (Sinnoh, Diamond) Language: ENG Ribbons: Effort Ribbon That's everything as I have it typed on Pokesav. If somebody could copy this out and trade it to me I'd be very grateful. Also, if it's not too much, could you also trade me the Kyogre from the project pokemon .PKM file list? Now I have the DSi I can't port over my Kyogre from Sap, so I'd really like that one there. If you do that, could you attach a dawn stone to the Kyogre? I really need one and have no other way of getting it... Thanks. Unfortunately I have nothing to offer to someone who has Pokesav, except my gratitude. If you could get back to me with what you can and can't do, that'd be fantastic. Thank you in advance. If you could make this for me and then trade it to me via wi-fi that'd be excellent... Unfortunately there's no way for me to put AR codes onto the game right now... I'm not using an R4 either, I'm using the game itself. Ah almost forgot... FC: 3652 6652 5634
  4. Dont tell me its impossible to find out......and i need a pkm file i need legit 100% legit.....
  5. What Pokeball did you use to catch Giratina in the Distortion (Torn) World? For me, it was a Timer Ball. I forgot to stock up on pokeballs before I went under, so I literally had 2 pokeballs, 4 greatballs, 4 ultraballs, 1 luxury/net/timer/dusk/masterball. My first attempt, I used everything but the Master. Reset. Second attempt, killed the Giratina. Reset. Third attempt, used up the greatballs and the pokeballs, used the timer. Caught. Good stuff. ^__^ Secondary question here: At what time did you first beat the E4?
  6. I've edited some pokemon (created from pokemon files) for example: Charmander Pikachu I've matched the all the pokemon's id and secret id with my own id +OT's name is my name Only Charmander works and the OT name in the pokemon>start>pokemon>summary is blue but Pikachu's OT name is in red... the pokemon won't listen to me cause it's level 31, and i need at least another badge to make it obey me how can I make Pikachu to obey me? and why the OT name is still in red? Thanks Jer_and_bow
  7. I suck at pokesav; I admit it. :bidoof: I need someone to explain how to create a hacked pokemon look as legit as possible. BUT PLEASE EXPLAIN GOOD. Either explain it good, or dont post at all. ***Also i have the most trouble giving the pokemon its stats, ev's, and iv's, so please explain that mostly.*** Ps: dont say "go to youtube, they will explain it to you", because they just do the basics (and theyre not good at making a legit pokemon). I just want to know how to create a hack pokemon as legit as possiblle. Just tell me what i need to know and how to create a legit pokemon.
  8. is there any one out there who knows any rebattle codes for jp platinum and dp ones for action replay?
  9. FC: 1761 9260 9483 Pokemon: Gyarados Nickname: None ID: 11991 Secret ID: Don't know(Would like a legit one thnx) OT: Nicole Level: 100 Ability: Intimidate Held Item: Life Orb Move Set: Dragon Dance, Waterfall, Ice Fang, Earthquake PP Usage For Move Set: Legally Maxed Nature: Adamant Egg: Yes Shiny: Yes Pokerus Infected: Cured Ball Caught In: Pokeball Battle Stats: Whatever it is at lvl 100 EV Stats: 4 HP, 252 Atk, 252 Speed IV Stats: 30 HP, 31 Atk, 15 Defense, 31 Speed, 25 Sp.Atk, 30 Sp.Def Ribbons: None Contest Stats: None Location Met: Egg hatched in Solaceon Town Where: Trade Request: Wi-Fi Trade Which Game: Pearl Please and Thnx! =D If there is more info you need on the pokemon pm me. If you can make it as legit as possible that would be great! Thnx
  10. What number of Ev's and Iv's should i give a pokemon at level 20 using pokesav to make it look legit and for it to have good normal stats so i wont suck in battling? Please list it: EX: Defense: 34 Attack: 45 ^ Thats what i mean by list it. Please i really need help with that!
  11. LVL 100 Iv's: Attack: 24 Defence: 25 Speed - 26 Sp attack: 15 Sp defense: 14 Hp: 27 Ev's: Attack: 85 Defence: 85 Speed - 85 Sp attack: 85 Sp defense: 85 Hp: 85 If not, what should i do to make it seem/look legit? Aslo, based on these Iv's, Ev's, and its LVL, is this pokemon weak, strong, or too strong? - If not strong, what number's should i change my Ev's and Iv's to to make it strong? - (not weak or too strong, just strong).
  12. Alright so to get a pokemon i enter the code in the ar. Then to get it i have to press L+R to get the pokemon code to work. Well i have a problem. I want so many pokemon but i cant get multiple pokemon at a time without turning my ds off and selecting the other pokemon code. Well my question is(il make an example): I want a lucario, kyogre, and groundon. I make a groundon on pokesav. I get the code. I put it on my ar. I put a check. I press L+R = Groundon. Now if i want the other ones i have to turn it off and do those steps again for the others; and if i keep turning my ds lite on and off, it will get damaged. So is there anyother way of getting multiple pokemon at the same time other that turn it off and on every time?
  13. This seems to have been a problem lately, so I'll say it here. This forum is for general gaming topics not specifically related to Pokémon. This forum is supposed to include stuff like other game franchises, talk about consoles, PC games, game development, etc. If you have a thread specifically about Pokémon (and not about any other games or franchises in particular), please post it in a forum in the Pokémon Games section: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=7 Furthermore, if you need help with Pokémon editing or research, please post the thread in the appropriate location as well. Thanks for keeping our forums organized and clean! We really appreciate it. :grog: The Staff
  14. tell me a list of hacked pokemon that have been made. tell me their name, and what it does, in this format: name-what it does. example: wondertomb-spiritomb with wonder guard. the list so far: wondertomb-spiritomb with wonder guard ability. (from k41) aquatile- shiny sceptile with arceus's ability, aqua plate, and azumarill's moveset and stats.(from k41) levijolt-jolteon with levitate ability, it replaces its ground weakness with ground immunity.(from K41) instant kill weaville-weaville with no guard and all the auto 1-hit KO moves. (from k41) I will edit this post to add other submissions, lets do this!
  15. can someone make me a japanese jigglypuff, heres what i need..make it a code for diamond put it in box 10 slot 10 caught with timer ball nicknamed プリン gender: male date met april 14 2009 make it level 40 SHINY contest stats maxed OT: MIKAL met at twinleaf town met at lv 5 region johto trainer id 11111 infected with pokerus and give it is default move set so i can play online wit it THANKS!!!!!:kikkoman:
  16. hi, i'm new to the pokesav thing and have some problems when using it, i recently put the oaks letter and members card on so i can catch shaymin and darkrai but they don't work. i can't enter the lodge still and shaymin isn't at the end of route 224. Also, when i added gba event pokemon to my game, their pokedex entries are still blank. 151 on the dex is still empty instead of there being a mew there. help please!!! thanks =)
  17. hi, i'm new to the pokesav thing and have some problems when using it, i recently put the oaks letter and members card on so i can catch shaymin and darkrai but they don't work. i can't enter the lodge still and shaymin isn't at the end of route 224. Also, when i added gba event pokemon to my game, their pokedex entries are still blank. 151 on the dex is still empty instead of there being a mew there. help please!!! thanks =)
  18. I hacked a couple Pokemon ages ago, but I also bred and then stopped playing my Diamond cart all together. Now with the advent of Platinum, I don't know which ones are the ones I bred or the ones I hacked! I want to only trade over my breed pokemon, so could someone just check a few of my pokemon for me?
  19. Here's the situation: I accidentally screwed up my Pearl save file and don't have access to an R4 or flashcart. I have a few Pokemon from that save file on a different cart which works. If someone could use Pokesav to figured out the SID from my Pearl cart, I could use My Pokemon Ranch to recover all of the Pokemon on that cart. Please help, I have almost one of EVERY Pokemon, legitimately, on that cart! :'(
  20. OK this was quite a hot topic on the last forum with a few people coming up with some great ideas. So lets keep it going, what pokemon are you hoping for in future gens? More types perhaps or more type combinations, more evolutions or anything. Im personally waiting for a dark/psychic type and all type eeveelutions.
  21. If a file is corrupted, the game reverts to an earlier save. Is there any way to access this earlier save? Is there a save history? I have a game that got messed up and erased some of my pokemon. Id like to try and get them back, so if there is anyway of accessing a history of saves or a history of owned pokemon if such a thing exists, please let me know.
  22. Ok, now I figured, writing is great but not just facts lets have fiction! So I figured we are creative right so lets have a thread for it I don't see why not. Plus I really wanted to post a story too so I made this thread. Hope to read all your stories and I hoped you liked mine! Chapter 2: coming soon Hope you liked it! Please comment or post your own story!
  23. Alright. Well, I have an Action Reply, But I tried to make the team myself, and my game didn't want to work. So, I tried My Friend's Pearl. And That didn't work either. So I need A Code For Platinum With the Following Team. All Pokemon Have the Following ID Number and OT OT: Alex (Male) ID Number: 22004 Empoleon- Modest- Lv. 100 Ability: Torrent Ev Spread: 12hp/252At/12SpD/232 Spe Ivs: All 31 Stats: Hp:372, Atk: 271, Def: 275, SpA: 353, SpD: 301, Spe: 219 Attacks: Agility, Substitute, Ice Beam, Surf. Flygon- Naughty- Lv. 100 Ability: Levitate Ev Spread: 252At/88SpA/176Spe Ivs: All 31 Stats: Hp: 364, Atk: 328, Def: 233, SpA: 259, SpD: 259, Spe: 299 Attacks: Earthquake, U-Turn, Outrage, Fireblast Gengar- Hasty- Lv. 100 Ability: Levitate (Shiny) Ev Spread: 100Atk, 156SpA, 252 Spe Ivs: All 31 Stats: Hp: 324, Atk: 206, Def: 219, SpA: 394, SpD: 249, Spe: 350 Attacks: ShadowBall, FocusPunch, Subsitute, Explosion Registeel- Impish- Lv.100 Ability: Clear Body Ev Spread: 252Hp, 168Atk, 88Def. Ivs: All 31 Stats: Hp:364, Atk: 249, Def: 438, SpA: 249, SpD: 438, Spe: 199 Magmortar- Modest-Lv100 Ability: FlameBody Ev Spread: 252SpA, 4SpD, 252Spe Ivs: Hp:25, Atk: 22, Def: 26, SpA: 31, SpD: 31, Spe: 31 Stats: Hp:285, Atk: 195, Def: 165: SpA: 383, SpD: 227: Spe: 265 Attacks: FireBlast, FocusBlast, ThunderBolt, Hiddenpower. (ice) Roserade- Timid- Lv100 Ability: Natural Cure (Shiny) Ev Spread: 6Hp/252SpA/252Spe Ivs: Hp:26, Atk: 18, Def: 31, SpA: 26, SpD: 23, Spe:14 Stats: Hp: 257, Atk 146, Def: 148, SpA: 344, SpD: 238, Spe: 288 Attacks: SleepPowder, ToxicSpikes, GrassKnot, HiddenPower (Fire) Thanks In Advance to anyone willing to do this for me. I Need it done ASAP though.
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