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  1. I've had a problem regarding this code, and everywhere I look, people haven't had the kind of troubles I do with it. The Pokémon appears correctly and the level is correct as well. It works well with the Shiny Encounters code, too. But the thing is, when I enter a certain nature, the captured Pokémon bestows a Nature completely at random and unrelated each time, not once nearing the choice Nature I set it to be. Is this some sort of error in code? Would it possibly be my fault? I'm performing the exact functions needed for it to work (L Button after entering the National Dex number, R Button after entering the desired level, Select Button after entering the Nature), and I double check my actions every time. In closure, I hope it's nothing idiotic that I forgot to check. And I hope I get a helpful, nice answer soon. Thank you for your time.
  2. First off I aint to sure where to post this so I hope this is ok here. I want to breed a Cubone to learn both Perish Song and Screech. If I breed 1 to learn Perish Song, then have that breed to learn Screech will the Cubone know both of them.
  3. Would a hacked pokemon be able to be used in a wifi battle without any compications? I know that they can sometimes be barred from battles in the wfc on the bottom floor of the pokemon center but is there any problems with using them in battles on the top floor?
  4. Hi I just wondered if the event pokemon you can download are 100% legit? If anyone knows then that would be helpful Any help appreciated
  5. (Greencat vs. NeoDraven) Shoddy Warstory Also, the first Warstory of ProjectPokemon.org and Shoddy Battle! Rules: Sleep Clause, Species Clause Pokemon: (In order of appearance) Greencat (w/ no item) NeoDraven (w/ a quickly put together team)
  6. when ever i make a pokemon egg code the date on the egg are wrong and where is says the egg came from help?
  7. I'd like to know how to use all the other Event Pokemon downloads, when I go to Mystery Gift Edit and Gift Type, it pops up a message not allowing me to upload a non Wonder Card Pokemon. Is there a specific way to get the non Wonder Card Event Pokemon?
  8. Hi, i need a couple of codes for some Pokemon, because my Pokesav isn't working right. #1: Slowking from Leafgreen, got in Pal Park, lvl 25. #2: Bulbasaur from Leafgreen, got in Pal Park, lvl 5. #3: Charmander from Firered, got in Pal Park, lvl 5. Thanks! ---------- Post added at 05:02 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:00 PM ---------- Oh and I need them to be in Box 8 slots 1,2, and 3 for Diamond.
  9. Quick question. I was curious if the PID/IV algorithm mumbo jumbo applies to Pokemon who have been hatched. Every time I run them through the legality checker it just says "Hatched" so I assume everything's fine when I use the Generate button instead.
  10. Hi! I've just traded my Medicham for a haunter in Snowpoint City and I checked it with your Legal program and it appeard to be..... hacked. The same goes with german Magikarp Foppa. Can Legal.exe distinct in-game traded pokemon as fully legal?
  11. So I don't know what your experience is, but I was around when Pokemon first came to the US. I was actually growing up. The anime was even my first exposure to Pokemon, because I never owned a Pokemon game until Fire Red (about a month or so before D/P came out in the US), and had only rented Red from blockbuster years back. So about a year ago, I waxed nostalgic on the anime and viewed the older episodes. Wow, what a load of crap. Like many other shows I've re-visited, it didn't hold up. Shoddy animation, pretty poor voice acting, extremely repetitive. I know Pokemon, the franchise as a whole, has a certian amoung of formulaic crap, but man...Kanto and Orange and Johto are BAD. But then I tuned into Diamond and Pearl, and what is currently Battle Dimension. Instead of a bunch of characters that show up and are never heard from again, they keep coming back. Sometimes for just 1-3 episodes in the near future. Or other times they show up throughout the whole saga. The voice acting is greatly improved (many will disagree). The animation too. Stuff actually happens. Pokemon have personalities, and it's like I care about the characters. It's still a kids' show. But for a kids' show, it's doing a pretty good job with the hand it's been dealt with. What's your experience with the anime? I'd talk about the movies, but to me, they've universally all sucked.
  12. Just so I know once and for all, can hatched Pokemon legally have 31 in all IVs?
  13. Shaymin's TRU PKM File So I was wondering if the IV/Natures for the Toys R Us pokemon were static, or were they dynamic. It's 14/30/24/7/23/11 and Mild Could it be x/x/x/x/31/30 and Timid? If they were dynamic, will the IV generator work, or was there a special algorithm for generating PID's?
  14. My son has caught one shiny Pokemon in his hundreds of hours of playing Diamond and now Platinum games. The good news is that shiny was the first evolution of his favorite Pokemon -- Gengar. So before we discovered flashcarts, Pokesav, Rudolph's Tools and EZ-Flash 3-in-1's, he trained that shiny Gastly, evolved it into a shiny Haunter and eventually his prized shiny Gengar. What I want to know, is it possible to take the PKM for the shiny Gengar and edit it in a way that exactly duplicates the original shiny Gastly? I'd like to give it a try... thanks, strider
  15. Is there a way to make legit and legal Pokemon using the tools on this site? If so, what are the guidelines to making them legit (pass the legal.exe test)? Thanks!
  16. Hey folks, Just dropping in to say hello. I began playing the Pokemon games a long time ago and was one of the first to map out the save files for edditing with a game shark. Of course that was before the encrypted codes of today. I still don't get those things. Anyways, with the release of possibly the final game in the series, and over 500 Pokemon if you count the varying forms, I'm going to make an honest effort to contribute to the community again. My first project is a location database for all Pokemon. It includes where to find every legitimate Pokemon in every GBA and DS game. It also marks the rarity of the Pokemon, and weather you'll need to jump through hoops to get it. A side project that is also in the works is a comparative database of the games. Essentially you input what games you have, and it spits back what Pokemon you'll either need to hack into one of your games, trade for, or otherwise go without. Incidentally, you'll need to have every game and at least a second copy of fire red or leaf green (for starters, etc) to be able to trade every Pokemon over to a single game and have all of them legitimately. Also... people keep saying that you cannot use the "My Pokemon Ranch" to transfer Pokemon between Diamond and Pearl, etc. You can... you just have to change your trainer name, gender, ID and SID to be the same on all your games... somethign I do whenever I start a new game in each series. This way your existing Pokemon will all show up as "traded" and level faster (though there will be contradictions in meeting places and such) Depending on how legit you want your Pokemon to appear, do it at the beginning of a savegame and then trade your Pokemon back to you on the new game when you get through enough to control them. At any rate, I'll be fiddling with the games alot more now that I have the obligatory "Mega" game from the D/P series. I'll post the excel databases when they are done... likely in a few weeks. Tootles.:kikkoman:
  17. hey everyone, i know that i am new to the site and the forums but i have been working on a project for a little while here and there and was wondering if it would be something that anyone else would be interested in. im working on a massive breeding project involving the incorporation of egg moves, good IV's and proper natures for the given poke. They are then EV trained, evolved to their final stage and placed in storage. i know that this site is big into the use of AR and pokesav and i don't aregue that it is a very good program. But for this project i am using no extenal devices. i have about 1/3 of all the Bug type pokes done and i will be slowly increasing the work on the project in the next few weeks. If anyone is interested in helping to get these pokes onto the site, if they are even wanted, as i don't have the ability to generate the files due to the lack of a flash cart. One of the key points of the progect is to generate pokemon that can "hold their own" in compettive battle, and not be a "copy" of the standard competitive pokes that eveyone uses. Just let me know if anyone is interested in contribution or the end results of the project. Feel free to shoot me down if you think it is a waste of time or server space. Thanx for reading the rant
  18. Hey Guys, i've been doing more research and I need more pokemon for trade hey are Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Cyndaquil, Totodile, Chikorita, Treecko, Mudkip, Torchic, Shaymin, Darkrai, Feebas, Giratina, Rotom, Vulpix, Meowth, Ditto, Lapras, Dratini, Mew, & Mewtwo I need rotom and giratina because I want 1 in each forme I am offering the following pokemon Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos, Mesprit, Azelf, Uxie, Dialga, & Palkia There are plenty others but those are my featured ones
  19. I am going to be battleing in the Regional pokemon fights and I wish to train and develop a party that will do well. I wont say which fight I am attending but I will ask you to follow the rules! http://www.pokemonvgc.com/en/ A link to the whole site. http://www.pokemonvgc.com/en/rules/rrg.html Rules of the tourn. If you wish to help or at least train yourself then message or reply here and lets get this shindig goin!
  20. Hey does anyone know any real good 6 pokemon teams to use on PBR on the colosseums? Also if someone happens to have specific stats on each of the pokemon so I can make them on pokesav that would be awesome. (They can have hacked moves however I don't beleive they can have hacked stats.) Anyways I'm just not a very good team builder, on all the main series games I always get the starter pokemon and just add the first few I catch to my team until I get the legendarys lol, but I'm trying to help my little brother beat his game fast to get the surfing pikachu for him Anyways any advice could help!
  21. 1 question i do have, how come the New York PC Pokemon haven't been put on the GBA section in the events download?
  22. Okay I think this is one of the most confusing parts of creating a pokemon in pokesav. I haven't really gotten good at doing this so mostly I just edit pokemon that I've bred in real games, but I'd like to know: When creating a pokemon on pokesav and you want it to be completely legal and look exactly like any other hatched pokemon, what parts of the pokemon edit box do you fill out? What parts don't you fill out? Thanks.
  23. Here, you are to discuss what you don't like about Pokemon Ranger 1+2 Even though I like it: (1): -I often draw enough loops to have 1 left, then lift, having to start over again. (2): -The attacks the boss pokemon make last too long.
  24. Hi everyone, I need some pokemon for certain matters They are the following Smeargle, Eevee, Shaymin, Wobbuffet or wynaut, Piplup, & Chimchar I want Piplup and chimchar in their 1st forms for the pokedex Pokemon i'm offering: Giratina (Either forme), Rotom (any forme), Torterra, mesprit, azelf, uxie If there are any others you want, let me know and i'll see if I have it If your interested, reply on here or send me a message
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