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  1. ive been a long time pokemon fan for years. But, pokemon platinum came as a little bit disappointing. I got it and beat it the day i got it (With no hacks). just comes to show that you can't love every pokemon game. if i were to suggest this game to anyone, it's a 30%-70% chance that they would like it or not. i personally think that this game needs more potential. Well that is about it. I can't show you guys how disappointing this was for me. My Rating of Platinum: 5.0 out of 10.0 -Lord Was
  2. Pokemon order one: Pokemon order two: Pokemon order three: Pokemon order four: Pokemon order five: Pokemon order six:
  3. What's up? My name is James, but I go by JT. I call myself "That Pokemon Guy" for no reason at all. I was just thinking of random names when I registered. I play Platinum, and Diamond, which I'm going to start over on when I get my stuff back from my cousin. If ya has any questions, just ask.
  4. I'd like to know if it's possible to create roaming Pokemon with random stats (as if it were a real one generated by the game). Seeing as I have all 3 legendary cats/dogs via Wifi, and every other Trio is able to be caught on Platinum, I'd create the 3 dogs to roam my nephews Platinum version for them to have a chance at having them. When I tried creating them, I had to set the current HP, their IV, Nature, and couldn't activate 3 roaming codes at one time. When I left everything blank, the roaming stats were blank, 0 IV, 1 HP, w-e nature, etc...Too much trouble to just want 3 random generated roamers. If in the end it isn't possible to randomly generate what's needed, I'll take the time to do so when bored enough ~_~. Thanks in advance.
  5. Who has read it? A little thought, I think the anime should have look at what was going on in the manga, meaning, there are 4 err.. "volumes" one per generation,which leads to a different protagonist per manga (and game) but oh well... btw... who knows where to find it on teh internetz? :bidoof: erased my downloaded manga bad bidoof bad bidoof!... hey put that knife down!!
  6. Sorry in advance if this has been posted somewhere, I'm new here. Ok, I made a perfect copy of the pokemon I wanted, stats, move, IV, etc.... but the one thing I can't figure out is how do you change the met location, so that on the pokemon summary it will say "Arrived at" instead of "Apparently met at"; I have my secret ID on it too. This is in pokeSav for platinum btw and yes I did the hex numbers, whatever the Hoenn hex# under 46h and 47h. The Pokemon is Latios btw.
  7. Sorry for requesting so many at once, but I really want these four pokemon. Friend Code is 3566 7741 6296
  8. Pokemon order one: Pokemon order two: Pokemon order three: Pokemon order four: Pokemon order five: Pokemon order six: That is all for now. lol and thank you.
  9. gokufan


    Delete plz I posted this in wrong place lol
  10. Does Any Body Have A Copy Of Ciro's Pokemon Maker?
  11. I have a DS TT and loaded up my .sav file into Pokesav. Is there a way to get a save file that has all of the pokemon already loaded? Wouldn't it take FOREVER to put all ~486 pokemon on the save file? Please help :) EDIT: Also, whenever I try to save, I got a ERROR WRONG FILE TYPE Error. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!
  12. Gaming: Pokémon Remakes Heart Gold and Soul Silver Confirmed! Posted on May 5th, 2009 10:21 PM by fenzo666 Comment on this news here! Read This Article... Heart Gold and Soul Silver... here we come!
  13. first pokemon order: Second pokemon order: Those are my Pokemon Orders.
  14. Does anyone know when does pokemon sunday air? except at 7:30 am which was 2 hours ago to me because i found this program which lets me watch tv stations in tokyo and i want to watch pokemon sunday on it. NOTE: am i allowed to post how to watch it and not get an infraction? cuz you need to download this 1 program.
  15. Out of all 493 pokemon, which one is your favourite? Mine would have to be: [sprite]151[/sprite][shinysprite]151[/shinysprite][icon]151[/icon] Mew of course
  16. Pls make them...ASAP...Jason is Ot id is 06097...Max pp...Non SHiny...Pokeball....Boy Trainer.....Egg hatched in Solaceon....Zapdos is From Platinum...Route 209...Met all in March 29 09 ---------- Post added at 08:11 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:10 PM ---------- All pkm files
  17. after doing some research on the hatched pokemon's trashbyte in Diamond .. i figure out that hatched pokemon has its own trashbyte string ^^ yeah, it's true ^^ at first , when it is an egg .. the trashbyte is the same as any of the wild pokemon, but after it hatched, it had its own trashbyte ... and i also did some trashbyte research on "nickname rater" and here is the results : I hope this will help you all ^^
  18. Ok, I have a pokemon request to make. I couldn't find any place where the spoiler BBcode was mentioned so here are the 4 pokes for which I require a code. OT name = PSYCE OT number = 19321 1)Shiny Garchomp Nature: Jolly Ability : Sand Viel EV = 252 Atk/4 Def/252 Spd Stone Edge Dragon Claw Earthquake Fire Fang 2) Metagross Nature : Adamant Ability: Clear Body EV = 252 Atk/4 Sp.Def/252 Def Explosion Zen Headbutt Meteor Mash Brick Break 3)Shiny Spiritomb Nature : Modest Ability : Pressure Ev 252 Sp.Atk./4 HP/252 Sp.Def Dark Pulse Psychic Shadow Ball Shock Wave 4)Shiny Spiritomb Nature : Modest Ability : Wonderguard Ev 252 Sp.Atk./4 HP/252 Sp.Def Dark Pulse Psychic Shadow Ball Shock Wave
  19. Hi everyone I am looking for 3 event pokemon, they are the following Pikacafe Electivire Pikacafe Magmortar Pikacafe Tangrowth I would put up the pkm i'm offering but there is a quite a lot so if you have any of the above, message me or reply to this thread and tell me what you want Keep in mind that the pokemon you receive from me will probably be cloned, if you do not like this, don't trade with me Thanks Chris
  20. Do you have any tricks for catching pokemon in ruby, sapphire, or emerald versions? Like when you throw the pokeball you press or hold X. Something like that...I would like to know if there are any of them out there I think there is one for firered when you press a rapidly when you throw the ball. For sapphire I believe that you hold A at a certain point when the ball is bouncing up and down after you threw the ball. I'm not sure how to describe that point of the bounce and not sure if I have it pin pointed so it might be luck. I hope other people have some!
  21. HI Need some one to battle and trade with my game is platinum Name: Kyle FC: 1247-5270-6340 please need someone to beat...uh....i mean battle with and trade I am very good slight chance u can beat me and i do not use cheats to win battles with people over wifi so please give me your friend code oh and i have awsome pokemon to trade like some legendaries
  22. I know if you have read my 1st post about this than heres link that will prove it to you:http://pokedream.com/. I am trying to find a video so there you have it.
  23. HI Need some one to battle and trade with my game is platinum Name: Kyle FC: 1247-5270-6340 please need someone to beat...uh....i mean battle with I am very good slight chance u can beat me and i do not use cheats to win battles with people over wifi so please give me your friend code
  24. As you know you can get spirtbomb from the odd keystone but there is a glitch. You can get a level100 shaymin instead. How? You do this: have chimchar as your starter have chimchar or its evolutions hold a potion do what you do for spirtbomb except meet 50 people underground then when you go to the tower you will see shaymin
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