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  1. I was breeding today in HGSS using fast hatch and Iv check to speed up the breeding. When I soft reset the fast hatch code just stopped working, but the iv check still works. Anyone know what the problem is, cause I didn't do anything just soft reset that I always do when I see that the Ivs is bad O__o
  2. My SoulSilver import copy arrived from Play-Asia today, so I've been wanting to write my 512KB R4 save to my actual cart (no more ROM freezes!) In the past (for D, P, and Pt), this has always worked perfectly via REIN. However, it doesn't seem to work with HGSS carts: When I go to RESTORE. it says TYPE=0 SIZE=8192 byte, then it spits out this error: TYPE=0 DS SAVE TYPE ERROR NG FAILED RESTORE. Does anyone know either how to get around this with REIN or another save-restore tool that is confirmed to be compatible with HGSS? Much thanks.
  3. Yeah, I am probably being a little ****head continuosly asked but I was wondering if a code to use the alternate formes on wifi has been made or is being made, as you can't use the formes on wifi against people even with platinum. Thanks.
  4. I'm not sure if this is the best place to ask this, but I've got nowhere else to go. So I've been attempting to get these AR codes working for my HGSS games on my Acekard 2i. I've taken all the steps to ready the use of AR codes with it and no matter which file type (.xml, cheats.dat, urscheats.dat) I try and use it claims that there is so cheats for this game located in the CheatDB File. Has anyone had a similar problem and overcome it? Or perhaps someone already knows how to fix this?
  5. I'm not sure if these are working yet or not. I wanted to switch around some of the pokeballs for a few of my pokemon in SS (to whatever suits them better, depending on ball design or the opening animation). But whenever I go back into game, they still look like normal pokeballs. Even though in Pokesav the edit is still there and it should have changed. I know nothing about hexs either, but could that maybe be the problem too?
  6. Well I caught them with Action Replay and when I put them through the Legality Checker, it comes up as "Hacked or Unknown Pokemon" Since all of their IV's are 30, their PIDs must be the case. I put Pikachu as an example in the attachment. Anyone know why the PID is like that? Red's Pikachu HGSS.pkm
  7. Hi guys. I used pokesav for HGSS on my HG rom to transfer my boxes from Platinum. The issue is, that I saved and when I got ingame, the trainer now have the name "????". Is there an AR to rename it or to get back to the old name? I'm using WinXP SP3, a DSTT 1.17a07 and the Pokesav compact v0.03a Thanks in advice.
  8. Hi! I discovered that 41h hex value in HGSS is the shining leaf adress! This is the list of values to set in 41h. The X is a "Shining Leaf". Kotone/Hibiki give you the crown of shining leaf when you show her/him a pokemon with 5 SL and she/he will give you a star for your trainer card. 00 = 00000 01 = X0000 02 = 0X000 03 = XX000 04 = 00X00 05 = X0X00 06 = 0XX00 07 = XXX00 08 = 000X0 09 = X00X0 0A = 0X0X0 0B = XX0X0 0C = 00XX0 0D = X0XX0 0E = 0XXX0 0F = XXXX0 10 = 0000X 11 = X000X 12 = 0X00X 13 = XX00X 14 = 00X0X 15 = X0X0X 16 = 0XX0X 17 = XXX0X 18 = 000XX 19 = X00XX 1A = 0X0XX 1B = XX0XX 1C = 00XXX 1D = X0XXX 1E = 0XXXX 1F = XXXXX 3F = CROWN / Wreath If you show her/him a pokemon with the crown she won't give you the star.
  9. I need help with this. I somehow managed to end up making the Rocket Grunt at Cerulean Gym disappear from the bridge without being battled, which means I'm stuck not having battled Misty. So I need to set the flag which says the Rocket has been battled, so that I can encounter Misty at the end of Route 25. If anyone can help me with this, I would greatly appreciate it! I don't have my save file on me right now, but when I get home I'll upload it, if you like. Thanks in advance!
  10. Well a load of pokemon now know that awesome move gravity. So I might make a new team, maybe make it's suspect this time. Heres are some ideas I have Deoxy-s My lead, this guy now knows gravity (I think). I was thinking around the lines of Spikes, Taunt, Superpower, Gravity Metagross My other possible lead, this dude knows gravity as well, he could also be a possible earthquaker. Dugtrio A possible trapper, I also comtemplating it being a focus sash lead because it now knows reversal! Garchomp If I'm running suspect this guy could be a good choice, earthquake, dragon rush? Fire Fang, Stone Edge Choice Scarfed Starmie It knows gravity too! And it goes pretty darn well with it as it nows.. blizzard, thunder and hydro pump. Shaymin-s 92% sleeper? A special earthquake? 100% Seed Flare!!!! Flinchhax airslash?, this will probably be a beast Heracross This dude as always been one of my fav pokemon. 100% Megahorn, earthquake, close combat, night slash/stone edge Blissey This has been the most solid gravity user and probably still is Porygon 2/z Bulky 2 or offensive z? Either way both know gravity Maybe an item to lenghen gravity came out? idk but that would be awesome I was thinking of adding both garchomp annnd shaymin-s but a shared 4X weakness isn't the best choice? Maybe a heatran could solve this?
  11. I just recently transferred a Pokémon from my SS file and I was going to look at it and see some similarities, when I found that 86h values are used by HGSS. I just posted it here for some added info... here's a .pkm. (it's a party pokemon btw) HGSS.pkm
  12. Hey everyone, I've been trying to figure out how to make a secret ID code and I did! If anyone is wondering how I did it, just send me a message and I'll explain the best I can. At any rate, here's the code: 94000130 fcff0000 62110dc0 00000000 b2110dc0 00000000 00000088 10000086 d2000000 00000000 Press L + R to activate ( PS: The first number may be a question mark, just disregard that TURN OFF YOUR DS and remember the number and you'll have your code ) Enjoy
  13. Use these codes to fix most if not all of those annoying freezes in HG/SS NO$GBA Fix 020DD9E4 E1A00000 Use ARDS RAW mode (normal mode might work though!) Use some other patch for the rest.... I am just to tired. PLEASE!!!!! If people still get freezes be sure to tell me where/when it happens!
  14. It dumps all the pkm files from HGSS. Enjoy! (unecrypted and unshuffled) http://www.csdgn.org/files/HGSSPkmDump.7z http://www.csdgn.org/files/HGSSPkmDump.zip EDIT: Changed so it only extracts latest pokemon.
  15. I just loaded up my red Gyarados in pokesav and it seems to not use any known PID Type. Its PID/IVs are PID: 3820976739 HP: 19 ATK: 5 DEF: 24 SDEF: 2 SATK: 13 SPD: 16 When I open PID/IV the pid it has is not shown in the entire list. Could it be using a new PID/IV type? Can it not have any at all? As in when the game sets the PId/iv it might do a check, if PID and Trainer ID's not equal shiny then regeneate pid. I hope we can figure out whats going on here.
  16. This nifty tool you can use to inject PKM files into your boxes in your HGSS save files. It is command line only (DEAL WITH IT! #_X). Based on research done by people who put stuff on the wiki, my own investigation, Grovyle91, Codemonkey, and JiggyNinja. -b# Box number -s# Slot in box -p$ String of pkm file Usage Example: HGSSPKMInject -b2 -s1 -p"Pokemon.pkm" "YourSave.sav" Get it here! http://www.csdgn.org/files/HGSSPkmInject.7z http://www.csdgn.org/files/HGSSPkmInject.zip
  17. Hi everybody, Someones here know I am a French translator of Pokesav DP and Platinum and I release my own translated versions. They can be found on this blog (the DL link are at left) I have started French translation based on original HG-SS 0.02 japanaise version from COM. My translation work is still in progress (as the original version, witch is very incomplete for now). I hope COM release shortly more finalyzed version for us all. Follow the "Version Française CO-AA" link in the left column if you want to give my work a try.. Anyone can take this work an use it as starting point for other translation, perhaps it will be more easy. Feel free to use and/or comment. Thank in advance if you give correct credit to reused work. (sorry for my english, I'm an old french men :kikkoman: )
  18. I'm not sure if you guys have this already or not but, i found POKEsav for HG&SS Download it from this website (official): http://pokesav.umimi.com/ Source : http://www.ds-scene.net/?s=viewtopic&nid=8357 you guys might want to translate this.
  19. Correct me if I'm wrong, During Diamond and Pearl, The sav file is compatible with the counterpart (Means you can save it in Diamond and play the same save on Pearl and Vice Versa) EDIT: I tested out, my Diamond sav was playable by Pearl But when I tried to do this (I saved in HeartGold, attempted to open in SoulSilver) It didn't work D: (The continue screen loaded, and even showed me my play status, But when continued, it just hangs at a black screen, And it isn't caused by the nintendo anti piracy thing, because no matter how I tried, it failed) Does this issue only happens to me, And what is the reason that it most likely happens? (basically this will conclude whether is it the problem with sav compatibilities or is it my problem alone)
  20. Just thought I'd let you guys know coz it was posted earlier today/yesterday.. It's still version 0.01, but I think it's still worth to be put on the main site coz the game's available as well.. Anyway I'll be looking forward the english translation soon ..
  21. Yesterday I found the Pokemon HG-SS roms (and they work!) so I want to make a program that allow to edit save files as Pokesav or PPSE. I will try, but I'm not good in Python or C# so I hope I'll have help. Since I haven't ever done things as these, please notice me if I need particular programs or files.
  22. Don't know if this is the right place or not but I just checked a pkmn I traded from SS to my platinum game and PokeSav lists it as a farawayplace.
  23. I played the demo for HeartGold and SoulSilver at the Pokemon Center in Tokyo yesterday. It's been there for a while now, but I had been out of the country so yesterday was the first chance I had to get down there and see it. There have already been videos of the demo posted elsewhere on the web, and between that and the screenshots, there wasn't any thing much that surprised me in the demo (other than the presence of Eusine). But I'll give you my impressions and we can use this thread to discuss what we think about the demo. If you don't know anything about the demo, the premise is that you have 5 minutes to go from Route 37 to Ecruteak City and deliver a package. Your character gender and name are random. My character was the girl and her name was Heart, just going to show you all that the gender does not determine the name Heart, Gold, Soul, whatever, it's the VERSION of the game that determines which name is suggested. Your party starts with three Pokemon (starter, Pikachu, and one other big pokemon), and you fight a set of twins and a psychic with Dunsparce along the way through Route 37. -The first thing that jumps out at me about HGSS is that the battle menus look a lot cleaner/shinier. I really like the new look that they have. -The new menu system outside of battle was VERY good, and I'm really glad that they've finally made the menu systems all at least somewhat similar. Using the stylus for everything will be very nice and easy. -My party was Chikorita, Pikachu and Snorlax. I hadn't seen a Snorlax in the videos yet, so that was a small surprise. -You may have noticed, but the Pokemon that follows you around simply slides onto the screen during battle instead of coming out of a Pokeball (for obvious reasons). -The Running Shoes button is indeed a toggle, so that's great. -One thing I forgot to do was to check the Pokemon menu to see if I could get any info on how to change whether or not your Pokemon follows you around. If I go back down there later this week, I'll definitely try to check that out.
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