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  1. A long time ago a friend let me borrow their GBA and a copy of Pokemon Emerald for two weeks I played those games for hours on end until it was time to give them back. Fast forward to the present day. My friend had moved away some time ago but we still kept in touch and recently the topic of the 3rd gen games came up after awhile he paused and said "do you still live at the same address?" I said yes and asked why he said "Nah just wondering" and then said he had to go. A week later I get an sd card in the mail with my Emerald save on it. So now I'll get to the question I own a copy of Pokemon soul silver and saw it was possible (via emulator) to transfer Pokemon from gen 3 game saves to gen 4 game saves (since i don't own a ds or ds lite) so Is there a way to dump my soul silver Cartridges save and then after transferring via the emulator inject the save back into the retail cart? Equipment I have Soul silver cart New 3dsXL and 2ds TL;DR I want to be able to backup my retail copy of soul silver pal park transfer from a gba save and then inject it back onto said cartridge
  2. Hi there! Does Spiky's Map Editor support editing the learnsets of Pokemon (what level do Pokemon learn which moves) in HGSS? If so, I can't figure out how in that program. If not, is there a different program that would let me do so? Please help. Thanks!
  3. Heart Gold and Soul Silver are finally out in English. Discuss your major events while playing either game. If you need any help post it in our HGSS Help Thread. randomspot555 edit: ]For those that don't know what "Recent Happenings" are, this is the place to post literally what you're doing or planning to do in your copy of HG/SS. If you start discussing it, think about starting a thread.
  4. Hi everyone, i already figured out how to get the mystety gift events. This is some codes: UPDATE: NOW CODE FOR USA VERSION JAPANESE VERSION USA VERSION Bye
  5. Japanese version! Press Start+Select to enable the code, then reload the zone, this can be done by going in and out of a building/cave, going from route to route, or up and down a ladder. SUICUNE ZAPDOS ARTICUNO, MOLTRES, and MEWTWO HO-OH LUGIA GROUDON(SS Only) and KYOGRE(HG Only) RAYQUAZA LATIOS(SS Only) and LATIAS(HG Only) DIALGA, PALKIA and GIRATINA ENTEI and RAIKOU
  6. Just downloaded pokesav for HGSS and require basic assistance on how to save a specific pkmn with specific nature ivs evs moveset and gender/shiny for competive battling (savings legal in our tourney as long as movesets and abilities match) Help please I have an AR DSi but its not currently working Please help thanks:bidoof:
  7. Okay, so first off, Hello! I'm new, hope I didn't do this wrong. On my game (SoulSilver, rom, Acekard2), I enabled the "Walk Anywhere" cheat. I went to Azalea Town, and went north towards Route 34 (avoiding Ilex Forest). On the very edge of the Azalea area (Northwest corner), the Rival is facing North. He can't be interacted with, but he is there. If you interact with anything else you get the headbutt trees message, but not on him. Has anyone else seen this? Does anyone know what purpose it serves? Is this the right place to ask this?
  8. Greetings, fellow hackers. I come to you with a question. I have located the file containing the different battle backgrounds in HG/SS, located in the pbr folder. However, I am uncertain of what extension these files are, or how to open them. I am asking the forum here if anyone has happened to come across any tools or knowledge on how to open these backgrounds so that they can be edited and shoved back into the narc file. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
  9. use this thread for tradeing in heart gold soul silver and platinum iam looking for voltackle pokewalker pikachu flail pokewalker pikachu lv 1 palkia lv 45 SS shiny lugia lv 35 latias shiny HGSS rayquazay shiny umbreon shiny HGSS latias HGSS shiny entie HGSS shiny raikou NOK Arcanine bday chimchar NOK DARKRAI NOK MEW NOK MUNCHLAX NOK FEEBAS iam currently offering lv 70 shiny giratina lv 6 riolu egg move blaze kick lv 31 houndoom egg move thunder fang lv 30 shiny luxaray lv 50 SS Groudon ( groudons will be clones) lv 50 HG Kyorger (english patch but still activates rayquazay) lv 5 SS Oak charmander lv 5 SS steaven stone treeko lv 5 SS bills eevee and every single japanese and us ds event surfing pokewalker pikachu flying pokewalker pikachu i also offer lots of event pokemon pm me about questions and offers SS friend code = 1977 9493 9755 PT friend code = 1118 5010 1989 ---------- Post added at 12:06 AM ---------- Previous post was Yesterday at 10:54 PM ---------- Currently adding soulsilver gift pokemon to my offers
  10. Hello i have many events all these are legit all from either the event thenselfs or this very fourm my fc for platinum is 4340 1749 4289 WANTS HGSS dragon trio HGSS dasuki eggs mareep JAPAN EVENTS USA EVENTS ---------- Post added at 09:38 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:37 PM ---------- [/color]EUROPEAN MY EURO EVENTS ARE TO VARRIED TOLIST ASK FOR SPCIFIC PKMN AND MOST LILY I WILL HAVE IT
  11. I just bought an AR DSi and i tryed to make a Shiny Eevee using pokesav... i "think" i entered everything in correctly but when i pressed L+R to get him in the 1st slot of my pokemon party, nothing happened. I saved and and restarted but that didnt work either... Should i try to put it in a different party slot or am i just putting things in wrong.... thanks in advance... P.S.- i have soul silver, if it affects anything
  12. what's the value for 86H to change a pokeball to the pal park ball ? my sandshrew wants to know.
  13. Here is a small Guide for people that wish to use custom events on their HGSS games First of all open up Pokesav (Platinum Version) and open the PGT file you wish to use and export the code into a txt format. Now once that is done open it up and delete the top 3 lines and add these ones 94000130 fcff0000 62111880 00000000 b2111880 00000000 e0009e4c 00000104 Once that is done all you have to do is add it to your action replay and your all done.
  14. Hi everyone, I've been lurking around this site since it was still pokesav.org, and I always liked how it had translations of Pokesav. And now that COM has released pokesav for HGSS, I decided to translate it. EDIT: COM has only just released v0.03a! And I've already translated it: EDIT: New link, I fixed a few errors: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?tylkmhae45j I have also included a little readme about the translation in the .zip package. Tell me what you guys think. Enjoy!
  15. appears to have 3 changes - -Score deactivated --Map location activated ---Read/Write BBME-IF activated
  16. Can someone help me with this? Also, the Action Replay code created by Pokesav HGSS (ENG) that I used worked (I edited the PokéBalls so I could have the Apricorn PokéBalls, but then there was a "save error" while the code was in effect). Saving was so fast that I thought there was a problem; I tried to enter the Union Room (to test it out), and then it said "save error" (I use Magnius's English translation patch, if that helps at all). (Editing the save file directly won't because of the in-game name thing, even though I used the guide to make Japanese characters show up). Thanks in advance for any help!
  17. Sorry if this is a bit of an odd request... if hack requests are not allowed, my apologies! You see, I've been enjoying Platinum, but ever since I got Soul Silver, I've been totally in love with the new sprites, and I was wondering... Is it possible to replace Lucas's sprites (Overworld, Battle Sprite, and Back Frames) with Silver's from HG/SS, Dawn's sprite with Kotone's (Girl from HG/SS), and Pearl's sprite with Hibiki's sprite (Boy from HG/SS)? I know it seems totally backwards, right? Why swap out Lucas with Silver-- you would think I would have it be Lucas -> Hibiki. Honestly, I just like Silver a lot, it's one of those, "Play as the villain!" kind of things. Plus, Pearl -> Hibiki makes me smile. Could this sprite-swap be done with Platinum? I've also considered that Lucas/Dawn's overworld sprites do have certain poses which HGSS Silver's does not (riding bike/lapras/etc.) so I've been working on making some for him. Same with Kotone and Hibiki's. So if someone can actually swap out these sprites, I can provide the replacement sprites in PNG. ^__^ (I'll be sure not to add any new colors to the sprites either, just in case that makes the palette tinkering any harder.) It would mean a lot to me, and in return I can draw three pictures for you or your Pokemon project, if you like (one for swapping each character). Would anyone be up to this request? Thank you kindly!
  18. Hello all. As you may know, the Project Pokémon Wiki has a (rather extensive) documentation on the Diamond and Pearl save file structure. However, there is quite a bit of information missing from this page. Additionally, there is no documentation up regarding the Platinum save file structure. It would be of great benefit to save hacking developers (Sabresite and myself for example), as well as the wiki and site as a whole, if we could get these structures mapped out. And of course, anything that helps Sabresite helps PokéMod. If you have a means for extracting your Diamond / Pearl / Platinum save file(s), and a hex editor (like HxD), you can help map the save file structure by simply making a copy of your save file, making a change, saving, and comparing the previous save with the current save. (By the way, one of our members, evandixon, has created a toolkit to be used for save file mapping.) Additionally, I am going to create a small tool within the next few days with the express purpose of fixing the save file checksums in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. With this tool and a hex editor, you can edit the save file manually, and then load the save to see what changed. EDIT: And here it is. Things this thread has accomplished so far: There is a long list of things to look for specifically, and here are a few in no particular order (admins and mods feel free to edit this list): I will be constantly adding to and editing this post for more details. If anyone is interested in helping out or has any questions, post here, PM me, meet me on IRC, or check out our social group. If we get organized, we can have this thing done in no time, and that will ensure that we are ready to crack HeartGold and SoulSilver when the time comes. DateTimeBytes.zip Journal.zip
  19. I'm not sure where to put this thread, so forgive me if I'm wrong in putting it here! I was just wondering if, when HGSS finally come out in English, would I be able to rename my Japanese save and play it with the English Rom? Or must I start again? Thanks~
  20. Interesting. It appears that PokeSav DP allows me to extract the Pokemon from HGSS Saves, as well as read my -ID -SID -Name -Rival's Name -Money -Score -Playtime -Adventure Started -Party Member's Amount Attached is my starter Cyndaquil Johto Cyndaquil.pkm
  21. Hi, i have the 03.a or the newest version of pokesav of HGSS but i can not edit the events, i have read in another thread that only one version which has that option is the oldest or the normal but in the downloas site of the pokesav section i can't find it, if i click the normal button to downloas is the 03.a, so i don't know i f anyone has it, that can share it to me, please. Sorry for my english, i'm sure that i made some mistakes. thanks for understand! ... and help!
  22. Hello all ! I've got a problem with the HGSS Pokesav. I lost all my Key Objects (like the Train Ticket), but I've got all Platinum's Key Object. Can you help me please ??? French translation for french speakers : Bonjour ! J'ai un problème avec le Pokésav de HGSS, j'ai voulu obtenir tous les objets clé, mais j'ai perdu ceux propres de HGSS et à la place, j'ai ceux de Platine. Pouvez vous m'aider ? Thank you for helping :creep:
  23. I would like a vitamin modifier code to boast a pokemons evs to 252 or any number under 255 evs, like the pokemon platinum code. much appreciated!
  24. well, in the guide of the other hex values, one person said that the 87 is the value which edit the characteristic of the pokethlon (the aprishakers, the stars, that things) and i want to edit this in my pokemon but pokesav can't edit the value, if someone has a editor like pokesav that have the possibility to change the value, Can't he or she say what editor is? and what are the numbers o letters to write in the value? (sorry for my english, i dont speak it)
  25. Sorry for foolish question or bad english. So, as title shown, that's my question and may be you'll ask why do I ask this question. It's because of this thread: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?t=5164&highlight=Event+Contribution has a HGSS event on PokeWalker Course! I did want it but the newest Pokesav 0.03a did not provide a function to edit the event. Can any one help me?
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