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  1. Yeah, Galar-born Pokemon don't go through anymore. It doesn't matter what generation it was from, the move will fail.
  2. Any luck with Galarian forms, such as Rapidash and Weezing?
  3. I see. Thanks for letting me know ^^ Also, got a quick question. Is it possible to transfer GMAX mons?
  4. No, it's not that mate. I managed to successfully transfer multiple Pokémon at the same time by converting pk8 files to pk7, but Meltan and Melmetal are the only ones that I can't do that with. There's that error popping out in Pkhex
  5. Any possible way to transfer GMAX mons? EDIT: I have a problem with Melmetal. I converted pk8 to pk7 file, but when im trying to put it into Pkhex, it displays error code saying: Cannot convert a PB7 to PK7 Cannot transfer this format to the requested format. My file is pk7, no idea why it's happening. It worked flawlessly with other Pokemon, such as Dracovish and Grimmsnarl.
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