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  1. It worked great! Thanks a lot for your help and your explanations, so happy to have my charizard in gen 4 haha
  2. By extracting them, you mean making a backup of the actual save file? Then save twice and transfer the pokemons from the backup to the "twice" saved file ? Sorry if i make you repeat
  3. Done, nothing has changed too. Before putting back my save file i checked if the pokemon shows up in pkhex and they do. It seems like PkHex doesn't save properly my transfered pokemon or something like that i dk...
  4. Ok , your save file is working, the user changed and all the pokemons are in the box
  5. Sorry my english is a little bad, so i need first, to remove all the platinum saves files and put back my wanted save file with the downloaded save file on the sd card ,right?
  6. Yes normally, i'm using twilight menu on 3ds btw. I put it on nds -> saves folders
  7. Hello, i used PkHex to transfer my pokemons from fire red to platinum . I used 2 instances then drag and drop, no errors everything is ok atm, then i hit export main. But when I load the game the transfered pokemons are not showing up in the box. I re opened the save file in PkHex ,thinking i didn't export it well but they are showing up normally in PKHex. It looks like PkHex recognize them but not the game.
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