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  1. I have a question: There is a way to make the bon bon variants on alcremie? Cause even if i made them with other bon bon, they result all with strawberry bon
  2. I tried them too but they dont work. Ill continue work on them If someone has the file that works please upload them here
  3. Hi! i'll upload this sobble file that worked for me. try it multiple times, cuse for me it worked on the third attempt 816 ★ - Sobble - 73516659BEC3.pk7 816 - Sobble - EF666659BEC3.pk7
  4. They are shiny locked. So you can make them, but they will result as cheat pokemon
  5. I converted the files from pk8 to pk7, put them with success in my ultramoon save. But when i try to transfer them in the poke bank i have a hard crash, with any pokemon, even if i deposit them one by one
  6. Chill, i am not a programmer or a professional hacker, so i make questions. If you are bothered you dont have to answer. I didnt understand, and for that i asked jeez
  7. With that link it make me install a different thing, its not the same that it was in the folder zip that was uploaded here
  8. I'll try with my other pc and let you know if it works
  9. When i drag it into the file that is in the folder, it opens for a few seconds a black window, then it close it and nothing happens
  10. thank you, but when i drag the pk8 into the .exe it doesnt happen anything
  11. Sorry again, but u downloaded the folder, extracted it, but i cant find the .exe file, can you write the file path? Or in witch sub-folder it is?
  12. Sorry but i cant understand how to use it. when i open the link i see many folders, i need to dowload one of them? in that case witch one? and if not then what should i do to convert and with witch folder? sorry for so many questions
  13. ohh, can you give me the names anyway? because i cant find even those
  14. I am searching for it, do you know one that i can use?
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