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  1. I got an error while I was saving a transfer, then the console said: App error and the console is going to restart.

    afer that when I go to pokebank it logs with my Nintendo ID, after that says connecting to internet (normal), but them after connection it keeps a green image with music and no options to press, and like 10 seconds latter it says error with connection... I try differents connections but still the same.

    there are images of how it keeps after connecting to internet and the error without codes that comes.F897FAFB-645D-4664-AA13-3D08C54E8B90.thumb.jpeg.bda7447e0e74d2548b73e06d129292bb.jpeg


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  2. On 3/21/2020 at 11:03 PM, Matt_27494 said:

    This is a help thread I started mate, google is your friend for these kinds of things just like I have used for all of this!!

     some of us are not rich enough to buy 2 just for hacking hahaha

    Can you say the page that u used? , i found one but I need to download 20G program called Visual Studio to see if it works..



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