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  1. there have been reports on multiple discords of people being banned for having pokemon that are  not yet obtainable in pokemon Sw/Sh (not until home came out at least}. such as litten and the other alolan starters. Most of these pokemon that were being referred to are now available through home. Apparently gamefreak is starting to crackdown on it pretty hard with the past 24-48 hours and i was just wondering if anybody had any issue with there hexed pokemon either by genning or duping. i havent had any issues so far but its a little worrying.

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    "we don't have visibility into trades performed within Pokemon Sword and Shield on the Nintendo Switch, but Pokemon traded using Pokemon HOME must pass an automatic check to ensure they are compliant with the game rules."

    this was taken from a ticket someone put in with Pokemon Support.

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    i was just wondering if anybody else ran into issues involving their duped or genned pokemon is all. I dont want to recieve a ban or anything so i thought i would ask.


  2. So with all of the bans going on recently, are pokemon that are  being acquired legitimately and just duplicated going to be safe? Also, it's my understanding that pokemon home has a legality checker that pokemon must pass in order to be transferred from older versions. So, if they pass that checker, we should be all good, right? i want to see if anybody else has had any trouble within the past day or 2 due to banning of genned or duped pokemon with  hex.  any info or insight on the matter would be greatly appreciated!

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