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  1. Just want to say, thank you so much for this post. Here I was, spending several days trying to figure out why the GBA emulator would not recognize that an emulated wireless adapter was "inserted" so I could see the Old Sea Map Wondercard. Tried downloading several different versions of VBA, vbalink, etc, but no luck. With your first four steps, and that version of VBA-M, it all worked perfectly. Thanks! Doing the Old Sea Map event in a Japanese Emerald playthrough with a save that I'll be dumping onto a real JPN Emerald cartridge, and wanting to keep the events/Wondercards as legit looking as possible.
  2. First post here. Hi! Thought I'd shed some light on my experience/tests since the question of "Can I just clear the Home tracker value" keeps popping up. I have a batch of all the legendaries now available via Home, and a cloned batch of those same mons. One batch definitely has some cloned IDs in there, and the other batch I cleared out all the Home trackers values. Uploaded both batches to Home, and sure enough, the batch with all the trackers intact (with cloned IDs in there) got mons randomly deleted. The batch with all the trackers cleared was uploaded, and left fully intact. Tried this test several times, the results were the same. So while I'm not going to say mons with cleared trackers will never get deleted by Gamefreak, this pattern seems consistent for me.
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