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  1. Could someone please tell me how to get the phone numbers for the Johto Gym-Leaders?

    Check here, that page should help.


    The power items DO still work, just there's a 50% chance that it'll be passed down. Odds are its not following the odds of 50/50 and is doing more or less then what you wish. The only hold item in breeding that doesn't work with the masuda method is the everstone. Also, there isn't a concrete number which you can breed to and get a shiny, there is a mere probability of 1/2048 which is a drastic improvement from the normal 1/8192.

  2. A .PKM file would be nice. What I'm looking for is a


    Nature: Calm

    IVs: 31/10/31/23/31/25


    EVs: 248 hp/248 sp. def/12 speed




    -Thunder Wave


    If its possible to make it look like it was from the actual SMR2010 Jirachi event that'd be great!

    If you could do that I'd greatly appreciate it.


    Yea, I do have an AR. Oh, and the version is Pokemon Pearl.

  3. ok my giratin was leveled and this happened:speed +-26 etc.

    Happens to a lot of people, its normal for a giratina and other Pokemon with alternate forms.

    i need help how do you get the ar code from the pokesav?????

    Once you're done with all the editing click the ARDS button on the right side of the Pokesav window. Then there will be a bigger window that opens up and it has a ton of check boxes. Check the boxes of the things you edited. Then click save. Then go to the file in the computer and open it. It should open in your internet browser, or at least it does for me. You can then view the code.

    I got an intriging idea. So I was wondering how to get a trade only pokemon such as Scizor, and something struck me. Is it possible to GTS a pokemon, trade it from the GTS to another version, will it evolve?

    My second question pertains to trading in general. Can I trade a DS GBA Game pokemon to my Gameboy Advance and vice versa to evolve? I do have a link cable.

    Yes, if you trade it over the GTS to another version it will evolve. That way, you can do it without using two DS/DS lite/DSi systems. Just offer the scyther up for a legendary you have and then do the trade. You'll still receive your own legendary back and have the scyther be a scizor. No, you cant trade a GBA Game pokemon that is currently in a DS version game to a Gameboy Advance game to evolve it. That's crossing system boundaries that weren't built to be crossed.

    Is there an easy way to get 300k steps for the villa's chandelier? I remember in D/P you could go to Fuego Ironworks, go to one of the moving platforms, and leave the game on overnight with a piece of tape on the d-pad, racking up steps. Does that still work in Platinum?

    Yes, that still works, however I've tried it and it does take a ridiculously long time. There really is no EASY way to accomplish the task.

    Can you evolve Pokemon that evolve by trade, through migration? For example, migrate a Haunter and it evolves into Gengar?

    Nope, it doesn't work like that, sorry.

  4. I, unfortunately, was unable to get the SMR2010 Jirachi for the US. I downloaded the event stuff and I got that to work but I want to edit its IVs and Nature, is there a way to do that. If not, is there a way to change the OT name to something other then yours cause it wont let me. I want it to say SMR2010 Jirachi because if I cant edit the event Jirachi's IVs and Nature I want to make one that isn't look as legit as possible.

    Any help would be very much appreciated!

  5. I was training for the elite four this morning and I was on the route before victory road. Well I was leveling up my furret and I decided to check the summary to see how much experience it would need to level up to level 40 in comparison to my ampharos. To my surprise, when I checked the summary my furret had POKERUS! When I checked the rest of my party they all had it as well!

    So, I put all of my pokemon in the PC, except for my feraligatr, and took out other random pokemon that I didn't care about but I had caught along my journey, from either the pokewalker or the wild, and I spread the amazingly rare virus. Yes, now I have a whole box worth of pokerus infected pokemon on my Heartgold game.

    My feraligatr spread the virus the most and by the time it was over she was a level 52! Then I grinded some of my other pokemon some more (ampharos and furret up to level 40 and heracross to level 43) and challenged the elite four guns blazing, and my pockets overflowing with items.

    My level 40 umbreon handled the psychic type wonderfully with a few minor set backs but nothing hyper potions couldn't solve and a few sand attacks. By the time the psychic "master" was defeated my umbreon was a level 42.

    Out of all the trainers in the elite four, the poison ninja gave me the most trouble and I nearly died because of that rotten double team on crobat. However, after the loss of ho-oh, ampharos, and furret my feraligatr finally managed to give me the win over him.

    A few items later I was challenging the fighting type master. My HO-OH did a lot for that battle but eventually ampharos, feraligatr, and heracross had to pick up his slack after it was hit by a surpirse bullet punch at low health.

    On to the leader of the dark types. Thank goodness for heracross :) it handled itself nicely in this battle. Of course, it had a little help from ampharos and HO-OH to defeat vileplume and gengar.

    On to the champion! That dragon tamer didn't know what hit him when ampharos killed his gyarados (thank goodness for choice scarf!) and he trembled in his shoes at the sight of my feraligatr (aided by the muscle band from mommy :P. My feraligatr took care of the rest of the champion's pokemon, with waterfall and ice fang ripping through the dragon's nearly impenetrable wall of power.

    Quite a fun journey it has been, its on to kanto after a maybe not so quick stop at the now open battle frontier.

    Current Team:

    Feraligatr level 54

    Heracross level 44

    Umbreon level 42

    Magmortar level 40

    Ampharos level 41

    Furret level 40

    With a switch in of lapras (hopefully coming soon), HO-OH (not sure about whether or not I'll use it in game...), dragonite (coming soon), honchkrow (coming soon, still need a dusk stone), and jumpluff (coming soon).

    Yea, I have a long way to go still even with the region of johto behind me.

  6. I've finally received my 7th badge and I've saved the radio tower from team rocket. I'm on my way to Blackthorn city and I'm circling back to the pokeathlon too, I need a break from all the battling. Current team:

    Furret: level 34

    Feraligatr: level 36

    Magmortar: level 34

    Ampharos: level 34

    Heracross: level 34

    Butterfree: level 32

    Yea I know, it needs work. Lots of training to do before clair at blackthorn and the elite four. I'm probably going to drop butterfree for ho-oh when it comes to the elite four. I might train a dragonite to mock lance by making it better then his 3 dragonites.

  7. pokemonfanMagikarSignatureClipGradi.png

    Not sure if this is what you wanted...sorry if it's not. I'm afraid this is all I can do for the request, not really good with working with water-themed signatures. I'm sure if you don't like it, another one of our artists would kindly make you a signature.

    I took a spin at it with my method. It ended up being a little sharp, and the levels were a bit harsh...I had to use a lot of distortion effects with this one to create an illusion of abstract water. And if you're using something with a good graphics card...it probably won't exaggerate the lighting effects I put into it....well that's what I get for having a bad graphics card =P

    If you want any changes, let me know.

    Not what I had in mind, but good all the same :). Thanks Ziz :D

  8. I found a level 3 Heracross at Azalea Town (behind Kurt's house and in courtesy of UnderXRay). I tried looking elsewhere and only got Spearows and Aipoms at the mountainous routes even if I used to get Heracross up there back in the original GSC. I understand your frustration since everyone else could find Hera and I couldn't... so try headbutting at Kurt's place.

    I found mine at Kurt's. I tried for 20 minutes to catch one of those dumb things and wasted all my pokeballs! It killed itself using struggle, but I came back a couple badges later and captured it with ease. Thank goodness for butterfree and sleep powder :).

  9. Thanks a lot :D, I caught one there and another one at the beginning of Route 42.

    Anytime :)

    I'm trying to evolve a pokemon via happiness as early as possible (so walking to max happiness at level 1, then gain a level) I am assuming that talking to the pokemon displays different messages depending on its happiness like in yellow, what sort of messages should I be expecting to see at max happiness?

    Right now I'm getting stuff along the lines of "Riolu is jumping for joy!" "Woah! Riolu suddenly hugged you!" "Riolu is coming along happily!" etc.

    I'm not entirely sure if you can tell by what they say when interact with them... but... I know of a way where you can tell. There is a happiness rater in Goldenrod city, she's north of the bike shop. She will take the pokemon in the first slot of your party and rate their happiness.

    She would say one of the following things listed below:

    Sentence Happiness


    "It looks really happy! It must love you a lot." 250-255

    "I get the feeling that it really trusts you." 200-249

    "It's friendly toward you. It looks sort of happy." 150-199

    "It's quite cute." 100-149

    "You should treat it better. It's not used to you." 50-99

    "It doesn't seem to like you at all. It looks mean." 0-49


    The numbers mean how high their happiness points are. Of course, you would want them to be as high as possible to get your riolu to evolve. If the points are not as high as they can be you could do some of the things listed below:

    Walking 256 steps +1 +2

    Massage, Veilstone City +3 +5

    Massage, Ribbon Syndicate +5 +6

    Using vitamins +2 +6

    Gaining a level +2 +6

    Using EV Berries +2 +6

    Using healing items +1 +2

    The first number is how much the happiness points would increase by. The second number is how much the happiness points would increase by if the pokemon was caught in a luxury ball or a friend ball (green apricorn).

    I hope this helped.

  10. I've finally made it to Goldenrod and I'm happy to be by the daycare. However, I know I'm going to be doubling back to investigate route 34 further, and get apricorns. Not to mention I want to catch a heracross and I know of a tree in Azalea town that has them. I was so happy that there was a headbutt tutor in Ilex forest.

    I already tried to catch a heracross, but sadly, it killed itself after a long 20 minute battle with it. Blasted struggle robbed me of a powerful bug! I'm going to try again this time with a quick ball and ultra ball traded over from platinum. I'm very impatient when it comes to catching nonlegendaries, I was going to trade over an extra master ball but I decided it wasn't worth it.

    Furret: level 19

    Croconaw: level 20

    Magby: level 20

    Caterpie: level 8 (it was on the pokewalker so it didn't evolve yet)

    Togepi: level 7

    I still want to add a hoppip, heracross, murkrow, and a mareep to the equasion. I have a lot of training ahead of me. I dont actually have heracross or murkrow yet but I'm coming for them! I still have a starmie and poliwag I want to train as well but I"m waiting for a water stone to show itself. When do you get eevee? I want that to be part of my team too! To many pokemons to train...

    Oh well, back to the game.

  11. Hoping I'm wrong about this... but has the PC storage system in Hg/Ss dropped the ability to move groups of Pokemon en masse around or between boxes? I've done everything i can think of with both the buttons and touch screen, and nothing I do will select more than a single Pokemon or get that little glove selector to turn yellow.

    I've noticed a similar deficiency in the Items Bag, as far as attempts to organize the list goes... particularly the main section, as it potentially holds such a large number of things once you've collected all the hold items, fossils, evo stones, etc. The grid display is great for finding things, but the Select button no longer allows you to choose an item and shift it wherever you'd like. You now have to tap the item, go down to tap "move", then keep tapping as you scroll to find where you want it to go, and then the final tap to get it in place.

    Hg/Ss seem to retain all the other button functionalities from the previous games... so are these there and I'm just not seeing the way it's done? Or was GF really so eager to making everything functional through the touch screen that they sacrificed the ease with which the bag and PC could be organized before?

    Yes, I do believe these handy functions have disappeared, or like with the bag, have become more complicated. I too am very sad about the inefficiency in PC organization in HG/SS because I'm already hoarding pokemon -_-. So, better start organizing soon or it will be a big project later.


    I think the radio stations will be similar to the dongle method. Of course, what pokemon you will be able to obtain I believe are different.

  12. I just got Heart Gold and Soul Silver yesterday and I'm on route 33 now. My croconaw is at level 18 and is growing ever steadily. I just evolved my furret and oddly I'm very sad about that. I think sentret running behind you is way better then furret. My pidgey is a level 10 and I'm very impatiently training it. My caterpie is a level 8 (it was on the pokewalker so it hasn't evolved) and I'm still debating whether I should let it learn bug bite to have as a butterfree and then obtain sleep powder later. Of course, I still have no idea when later will come because I dont know where the move relearner is.

    I recently hatched my togepi, quite excited about raising it, and my magby is in the process of growing. I think I'm going to be obsessing over obtaining apricorns for a while and until I can fly; I'm going to be running back and forth between trees.

    Also, I think I have a very lucky starter. This is my first time playing through the game so I haven't restarted it to alter these stats, so they're just by luck. My croconaw has an adamant nature and is a female. What are the chances of that happening? Adamant will nicely compliment my starter of course it might be fail because I'm pretty sure the IVs are bad...but tis rare all the same.

    I'm looking at all the pokemon in my PC and I want to train them all. I caught a wobbufett on a pokewalker course (was thrilled about that) and I really want the exp share cause some of these pokes are a pain to train at a steady pace.

    Oh well, back to the game.


    Edit: Scratch the bug bite theory. Butterfree's attack stat just doesn't exist -_-

  13. When calculating the amount of EVs received from a battle you would add the EVs received from the Pokémon added to the amount increased from the held item, in this case a Power Brace, but when you have Pokérus then you would multiply the total amount of EVs received from the Pokémon and the held item. In other words:

    In your example you would gain two Attack EVs and then add four from the Power Brace. Afterward you would multiply the total, six, by two (from the Pokérus) and the total would be twelve.

    I hope that answers your question pokemonfan.

    Yeah that's great PokeDaemon! I didn't realize pokerus multiplied the power bracers addition. This is even better. That's twelve EVs! Thanks!

  14. Ok so I'm working on EV training another pokemon and she is going to be a physical sweeper. Its been specially bred to get all the good IVs and good natures and all that stuff and now comes the EV training.

    Of course I'm planning on feeding it the vitamins to total it up to 100 EV points for the attack and speed stats already but then comes my question, its about the power items.

    Its basically, how do they work. I've googled it but I want to see if anyone here can tell me.

    say I have pokerus and I battle 1 gyarados which gives 2 attack EVs

    and I'm holding the power bracer would that amount 2 8 total EVs gained?

    because pokerus would double the 2 to a 4 and the 4 EVs from the power bracer would make it an eight. Is this correct? If it is not can someone please tell me the correct formula?

  15. if you have maxed out your EVs, all the way to 510 it doesn't matter who you train against anymore EV wise right because they wont gain anymore. I've maxed out my jolteon's EVs but its only at a level 40 so I was going to go train in a different place that gave higher experience but I wanted to know if it mattered anymore.

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