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  1. Heya, about to try this romhack, it looks pretty exciting and I'm amazed you managed to do all this.


    If I could ask, though: I think I saw something about plans to have Mewtwo as an encounter like the other Legends in a later version. Is that still a potential plan or a 'probably not'?


    Also, looking through the documentation, are some/most of the shadows shiny locked in the newest version or what's that for?


    EDIT: And now that I've played up through the Cipher Lab I can give my thoughts on stuff so far



    - I like the hexagon bro names as they were but I get why you changed them. Most of the story NPCs keeping their original names makes it feel good and I'm not attached enough to the random NPCs to care as much about their changes.

    - Sing and Heal Bell are both Fairy? It's a little weird to me but I can see it and doesn't affect much.

    - Lovrina's speech changes are awesome, they're so on the mark.

    - I actually had more trouble with Naps than her but I was nervous and prepped for the fight a bit before. I think it was Shadow Scream with having a bunch of special attackers

    - I love the small additions, like the NPC in the Agate Village who bought Kaminko's sandals and Lola obsessing over Eagun, I can really tell you love XD

    -The new Shadow Moves are pretty cool! Shadow Vine, Shadow Tease, and Shadow Scream come to mind. (Plus Colosseum-style Shadow Rush is cool)

    -I kinda like the damaging animation from Sandstorm and Shadow Sky but get why you changed it. Having something like that appear for 'had energy drained' still feels weird, though

    -There's some glitch on Dolphin where the snag ball goes away from the Pokemon on Dolphin, but it's fine on Nintendont. Dunno if it's like that in the base game on Dolphin too, though.



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