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  1. I would recommend to keep trying again or download it again if it truly does not work but ill show you a picture of what I have, when the black screen pops up and closes that should mean that it has turned the pk8 file into a pk7 file, this is a picture of what I have done
  2. no u I would recommend u create a folder and drag ur pk8 files and the exe that u downloaded from the release tab, after u have them both in the folder u created then u drag the pk8 file into exe, I have given my folder down here u just drag the pk8 files into it Folder.zip
  3. Click the tab where it says release that is where u download the complete version and once u extract it then u put the exe into a folder then with your pk8 pokemon files, then u drag the pk8 pokemon files into the exe then it will spit out the pk7 version of that file in the folder.
  4. u drag the pk8 file into it I would recommend keeping the pk8 files and the exe in one folder and then dragging the pk8 into the exe, it worked for me.
  5. Um I found one and its free Go to this website: https://github.com/easyworld/PK8toPK7
  6. When I convert my Dracovish back into Sword it always comes with the ability Water Absorb and when I tried to change it into Strong Jaw it would not work, anyone got any idea for that
  7. Also is there a command to make a pokemon square shiny
  8. Is there any command to make the pokemon Gigantamax
  9. I was wondering how you could make a legal shiny melmetal, meltan, and a legal normal zacian, zamazenta, and eternatus, anyone have any clue on how to do that.
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