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  1. 12 hours ago, ERNESTO JG said:

    All 3 Gligar are Valid


    PKHeX (20240112) - SAV3Colosseum_ 01-GC6E-pokemon_colosseum.gci [ERNESTO (COLO) - 0ː13ː03] 17_02_2024 10_05_48 p. m..png

    PKHeX (20240112) - SAV3Colosseum_ 01-GC6E-pokemon_colosseum.gci [ERNESTO (COLO) - 0ː13ː03] 17_02_2024 10_06_02 p. m..png

    PKHeX (20240112) - SAV3Colosseum_ 01-GC6E-pokemon_colosseum.gci [ERNESTO (COLO) - 0ː13ː03] 17_02_2024 10_06_14 p. m..png

    That's really strange, on my end it's been seemingly interpreting it as the XD Gligar, but like I said I've been needing to use a sizably older version of PKHeX just to get it to actually play nice with Wine on my Mac so it pretty easily could be as simple as that. The Gligar file I'm using is the Under Subway one so I think most likely there shouldn't be any issues if it's showing up as fine on your end. I think it might be worth mentioning though, PKSM says exactly the same thing, National Ribbon is illegitimate and it's missing the fateful encounter flag. So my assumption then is that both are interpreting it as being the wrong Gligar. 

  2. 19 minutes ago, ERNESTO JG said:

    Thank you so much! Gligar still is giving the issue from before of the National Ribbon supposedly being illegal and the fateful encounter flag being missing, is this just PKHeX mistaking it for the XD Gligar rather than the Colosseum shadow Gligar? Is it likely to be an issue at all transferring it forward?

  3. 4 hours ago, ERNESTO JG said:

    just drag


    Pokemon Colosseum.png

    Works perfectly, thanks so much! The Gligar though is a PokeSpot one from XD rather than the Colosseum shiny Gligar from The Under.


    Edit: Double-checking I found that for some reason the Ursaring and Murkrow are still labeled as having a PID encounter type mismatch and I really have no idea why that would be the case now.

  4. 10 minutes ago, ERNESTO JG said:

    Those Pokemon are with the *Colo* Method


    GameCube RNG.png

    That's so strange that they wouldn't all just use the same method, thanks for clarifying that for me though!


    7 minutes ago, ERNESTO JG said:

    But if you are interested you can check here are all the Perified and Shadow Pokemon


    Is there a way of converting the .ck3 files into .pk6? For some reason PKHeX is refusing to accept those for me, I assume it's because I've been needing to rely on an outdated version of it because of my Mac and Wine.

  5. 16 hours ago, ERNESTO JG said:

    I think it is for this reason


    Pokemon 1.png


    It seems like it's the nature then? There'd been some "twin" PIDs so to speak that had the same ID with different natures, maybe that was a flawed output though. That's really odd. Any idea about the encounter type mismatches though? That's the one that really weirds me out.


    Update: Most of the issues appear to be fixed. The encounter type related ones though I can't find an explanation for. Ursaring is listed as having a PID encounter type mismatch, as is Murkrow. With Gligar it's one stranger, it's listed as missing a "Fateful Encounter" flag and the National Ribbon being invalid on it, both of which should simply be impossible because it's the Shadow Gligar from Colosseum. The Battle Memory Ribbon is also listed as being invalid on Tyranitar which doesn't make sense but I may have just clicked the wrong thing in there.


    198 ★ - Murkrow - 95F59FE00AE8.pk6207 ★ - Gligar - EDFEB833E4FC.pk6217 ★ - Ursaring - 42D5B833E4FC.pk6248 ★ - Tyranitar - C1019FE00AE8.pk6

  6. A little while back, I managed to successfully make legal shiny Raikou, Entei, and Suicune from Colosseum in Gen 6 for the purpose of getting all the ribbons on them going forward. I decided it would be fun to do this also with other Shadow Pokemon from Colosseum, namely those that gained new evolutions in subsequent generations, and I made a Sneasel that was perfectly legal and now is a Weavile in Violet with all possible ribbons. I went ahead with some others, but all of these for some reason showed the ORAS contest ribbons as illegitimate (this might be an issue with affection from what I've read in other threads, not positive about that though because after fixing the affection there wasn't any change). A few showed a PID nature mismatch even though I had double checked the natures and a couple even showed an encounter type mismatch which really shouldn't be the case considering there was only one way to even have the encounter to start with. 

    If it helps as additional context, what I've been using for this is the November 17, 2016 release of PKHeX- it's unfortunately the most recent version that I can get to play nice with Wine Stabl e on my Mac. At least some of this easily could be either the result of using such an old version of the program or just me making a dumb mistake, but I'm still extremely confused by it when the previous four Pokemon I made turned out perfectly fine with no legality issues.

    I really appreciate any help with this in advance, it doesn't make sense to me what exactly went wrong with this.

    153 ★ - Bayleef - DC5BAF3C102C.pk6 156 ★ - Quilava - DD5C30B09214.pk6 156 ★ - Quilava - DD5430B09214.pk6 159 ★ - Croconaw - F46243870CC4.pk6 176 ★ - Togetic - 85942378C044.pk6 190 ★ - Aipom - AA2243870CC4.pk6 193 ★ - Yanma - 67D0C27D2130.pk6 198 ★ - Murkrow - 637D9FE00AE8.pk6 200 ★ - Misdreavus - C9E330B09214.pk6 206 ★ - Dunsparce - BEDB9FE00AE8.pk6 207 ★ - Gligar - BB7BB833E4FC.pk6 212 ★ - ハッサム - 2957C66253A7.pk6 217 ★ - Ursaring - 1052B833E4FC.pk6 221 ★ - Piloswine - D4E243870CC4.pk6 234 ★ - Stantler - 11482378C044.pk6 248 ★ - Tyranitar - 8E899FE00AE8.pk6 376 ★ - Metagross - 2AB443870CC4.pk6

  7. Hey, I don't know if this is still active but I just started playing through Nightmare Moon (trying to Nuzlocke incidentally), and I noticed a few issues:
    -None of my Pokemon have been learning moves as they level up, for instance my Diglett should have tried to learn a total of three moves but hasn't tried to learn even one.
    -TMs seem to be improperly randomized; I know the randomization of TMs wasn't mentioned in the OP but it seems like the flavor text for each move was randomized (Work Up for example has the text for King's Shield) but the TMs still teach the original move.
    -Shops work perfectly fine for me, but I also was wondering if you had plans to randomize the inventory of second shops in locations that have them.
    Thank you in advance for your attention to this! I posted this on GBA Temp as well since I wasn't sure of which was better to contact you on.
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