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  1. Oh I didn't noticed of that, in this case i will use the latest version
  2. I used version 20171117 time ago for outfit injectin in X Y following this guide since in newer version the layout changed and i couldn't figure out how to set eyliner, blush, lipstick...
  3. Try editing the items with PKHeX setting all items in pokeball section with (none) and quantity to 0
  4. I noticed that country of origin is stored at 0x7d (Got info here) Transferring all Pokemons to the italian new save file worked but changing that byte to 0x4 to set country of origin to ITA worked too
  5. I started Pokémon HG in an english cartridge, than i managed to get an italian one (my main language) and i transferred the save file to it continuing playing without any issue Now i want to transfer some Pokémons to gen V but Poké Transfer is apparently language locked and although both cartrdges are italian i can't use it because it detects the save file language Will language changing through PKHeX work for transferring Pokémons? I actually have only one ds so I can't try (The main goal is to use the feature of Poké Transfer; I don't want to transfer using a save editor)
  6. PKHex is available for Windows so try installing Windows 10 on your PC or just run a virtual machine (i suggest this second option if you only need PKHeX) To run a virtual machine you can use a program called Parallels (just bing google how to do it) You can download windows 10 from the official website and, for basic usage, you can avoid paying to activate it. No crack or anything similar needed If your machine is an iMac M1 you need another version of Windows (Windows 10 ARM, only a beta for now) After setting up the Windows enviornment you can download and run PKHeX just double clicking on it
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