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  1. psmd_expanded_cover_by_deertome-dcj3wmi.

    .: Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon - Expanded :.

    -Tired of the limited default selection of mostly starters? 
    PSMD - Expanded offers an expanded list of heroes and partners to choose from!

    Starter List:



    Due to the way that the hack is set up, the game will start with both the hero and pokemon not having nicknames. (ie; Your hero is Zorua, their name will be Zorua.) This is easily fixed by playing the game until the name change option on the main menu is available. (Right before rescuing goomy for hero, before Drilbur Mine for partner)


    Install instructions:

    Place folder on the SD card, under /luma/titles/
    Launch game, Luma should take care of the rest as long as you have Luma's hack feature enabled!



    -removed, as it contains files from the rom-


    Made possible in thanks to evandixon's Sky Editor!


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