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  1. The Highlights Kalos:

    -Korrina ❤️

    -The new fairy type :)

    -The Pokemon for that region were pretty neat in general

    -I like that its based on france since french stuff reminds me of my grandma and makes me feel closer to her (she's dead now btw)

    -Its a really pretty region in general :3

    -Really catchy music throughout the whole games

    -Quite possibly the coolest starter lines in pokemon are in this region


    -Custom trainers in general are awesome

    -The professor of kalos as well as Korrina is also pretty cute

    -Your friends calling you a nickname was cute and entertaining

    -Poke Amme!!!

    -Being able to battle online wherever you are in the game for once

    -Korrina again. And her anime arc ❤️

    -Korrina even gives you a free lucario :D


    -Super Training is also pretty neat.

    Theres likely other things I like a lot about kalos too. :3 See? Not just Korrina~ xD

  2. I played one of my brother's pokemon ranger games on time under a 'quick save' file for awhile (till I lost the whole game and then my whole file was done for xD)


    It was a fun video game :) I think my starter partner in the game was a pachirisu.....it was a version where you could get more than one starter, i think?

  3. I didn't really understand your post at all....But i don't go around telling people about my crush on korrina in real life.

    Remember I have autism too. It works differently for all people. For some people on the spectrum, yes, a fictional crush may be the one thing that gives them comfort.

    I'm pretty sure if I didn't have Korrina in my life and my feelings for her I would end up in a hospital or something. Thats just how my autism seems to work right now. I prefer not to see it as a 'bad' thing, though. Because I LIKE being a Korrina fan girl, even if it IS a bit of an annoying 'life or death' thing for me in some context. For me she just feels happy and interesting and fun, all flaws aside. Okay? So please don't get critical about my liking her if you still wish to have me as a friend....Not meaning to sound harsh, just telling things as they really are. :/

    I don't care if i'm weird for how I am either. People only thrive if they can be themselves about things. Especially if it keeps them from generally going around hurting other people. :)

  4. 10 hours ago, borjitasstoi said:

    in summary in first post

    1.people bully because subject are fustrated in house or in school and pick weak person

    2.people smokes because its a social element for be accepted in somewhere people hate be ignored thats why people prefer be false version of itelf than be honest

    3.people are obese because  food turns neccesary for everything

    get it?

    Got it! Thanks! :) (gave you a 'relieved' like, cuz this was a struggle of mine for years)

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  5. This is a good post.

    Read my comment on your other blog post (EDIT: I meant your newest one, btw) too. I think its something that you need to be aware of.

    Sorry I wasn't online for a few days. I don't like going on forums everyday. It gets stressful for me.

    It does not mean i'm into hurting others cuz that is not the type of person I am at all :(

    And it hurts when people think i'm that way. Judging others is wrong. I'm doing the best I can....

  6. I have a mom with health problems and i'm prone to meltdowns when there's drama so I really don't like being around dramatic people. I don't want to have meltdowns and hurt my mom any more than she's already hurting...


    EDIT: Needed to fix some spellings...

    I'm trying to be as calm as possible while writing this out. I do want to help and be there for other people. But I do not wish to put up with drama, so you need to work on that.

    All drama does is make me want to be away from others.

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