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  1. On 11/4/2020 at 5:16 PM, TBA-NA said:

    It's stated this mod doesn't work well with save editors, but exactly how compatible is it? Does it only work with pokemon that were already in the original game? Just want to make sure.

    I'm having no issues with PKhex, moves and items seem to just be replacements of others in game so as long as you dont change those you should keep what theyve been updated to, not sure if theres a way to tell what theyve been replaced from so you can make those edits yourself.

  2. Hey, loving the hack! Just one question though, in the first bit of the changelog you say that you removed the 50% speed boost but I just had an instance of a Piloswine outspeeding a grovyle and manectric but I never saw you say that you re added the speed boost to the pokemon.

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