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  1. yes i tried it once, have a pokemon platinum card and injected the flute item got a shiny Arceus from Hall of Origin leveled it to 100, then sent it to pokebank, later to HOME when the bank/HOME connection released and nothing happened.

    i was little scared about the thing because many people was sending shiny locked mythicals and they got bad eggs, so later i decided to delete it, instead i sent my GTS Arceus from my old pokemon White card.

  2. On 2/5/2021 at 2:43 AM, SkyLink98 said:

    I catch them all in the new games.

    In the past I used to keep my pokemon on each game they were originated from, now I'm keeping all my Pokemon in HOME, mainly divided by origin generation.

    aaa i did the same i put every mon from VC/FireRed/Sapphire/Platinum/White/UltraMoon/GO/LEt's Go Eevee/Shield/ in HOME xD

  3. yes i almost complete dark list haha holy event >.<

    Dark 26/30 purloin 

    Ghost 14/30 between Gastly/Drifblim

    Dragon 7/30 found some gibble with the field task you said 

  4. 9 hours ago, theSLAYER said:

    Once you use the item, Flapple will appear there till the end of the day.

    Time manipulation via changing Switch clock will cause the raid to disappear.

    You can only catch it once (once you catch that Flapple, the raid disappears.)

    I am not sure, but I think you can invite people every time you attempt to catch it.

    It saves right as you use the Crystal, so the clock starts ticking down from there.

    It follows Switch time, and ends at midnight (the Crystal usage doesn't count 24 hours for you, purely depends on when midnight is.)

    oooo i see, i was not sure how worked but i will be careful and take clock in account haha, thank you

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  5. Hi~, today i received this item from mistery gift ''★Sgr6913'' and i don't know how to use it. there say ''An item that causes Flapple to appear from the Watchtower Lair in the Wild Area until the end of the day'', but that means... i can re battle the pokemon many times or is only just one time? is a solo battle or can i invite others too? is the first time i get a item lke this so i am little confused.

    thanks in advance 

  6. 8 hours ago, theSLAYER said:

    So I properly looked at Grunts lineup, to present somewhat accurate information. (Accuracy is limited to the time I wrote this post. If the rosters shift, and this post wasn't updated, then the details would naturally stop being accurate)
    To my recollection, for Grunts, both first slot and second slot have a chance of being captured (I recall encountering shadow Ninetales from them before.)

    Here's the important ones

      Hide contents

    For Dark

      Reveal hidden contents


    For Ice

      Reveal hidden contents


    For Dragon

      Reveal hidden contents




    i am going to hunt grunts haha, that seems a fair way to capture them 

  7. i still missing some type, i am playing from my home because... my parents forbade me to go out for a walk alone or met friends xD 

    (i blame covid haha) 

    19/30 days in row

    16/30 fighting

    8/30 ice

    9/30 ghost

    5/30 dragon

    7/30 dark

    20/30 fairy

  8. 17 minutes ago, theSLAYER said:

    @TiffanyDarlet The pain. all I'm left with is the three painful tasks at the bottom, being Dark, Fairy, Dragon.

    I see you're missing Steel. Hopefully the upcoming Beldum incense day can knock it off.

     i hope so too, talonflame helped me with others tasks xD, i hope they make another special hour or comunity day and help us complete them haha

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  9. the first legit way to get one shiny mew was a old sea map in jap emerald, and the event is not available anymore, the non shiny mew is obtainable for everyone in GO and take long time to complete like the other mythicals in the game wich their availability is at hand of everyone even free players, obtaining a shiny one should be realy hard to earn, so i think is ok with the actual way.

  10. there are sometimes i trade in HOME and got a shiny pokemon with nickname and OT for example pokegen.com , or something like that, they are hacked pokemon, i think slayer means about that mons.....

    actualy there is a chance they hack the save data?

  11. well.... you can get a gen 3 starter at the start of the game, after Delta episode credits and all you are back to town then you can chose from gen 2, then go to defeat elite 4 after credits you are back to town again you can get a gen 4 starter, beat elite 4 again and after credits you can chose from gen 5.... the gen 1 and gen 6 startes are ibtainable in XY, this is how you get all 6 gen starters between the 4 games..

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