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  1. On 27/02/2018 at 10:32 AM, enVias said:

    You can fix it by opening the save up in a hex editor like HxD and copy-pasting everything, which will of course change the file size from 64 KB to 128 KB. I just did this for your save myself and the result is attached.

    Every time you dump the save you'll have to do this again.


    OH MY GOD IT WORKS THANK YOU SO MUCH; now I can play FireRed with the team I truly want!! :D

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  2. HELP!

    Just injected a GBA rom of Pokemon FireRed as a VC cia to my o2DS, running cfw 11.6 and god mode 9. I've fixed the save error you get at the beginning of the game (but message still appears as per usual), and used gm9 to dump the save file to my SD card. I tried to open the save file (linked here) to edit using PkHex but I get this error message, and it just opens to my default save (pokemon sun). I've tried changing the file extension to .pk3, .sav (instead of .gbavc.sav) and even .pk7, but I still get the error. I was hoping someone would know a way of fixing this, or otherwise another way to edit my gba vc save. 

    Cheers ;)pkhexhelp.PNG.c3f56b0d9ceb2a6f09816dde169dfd3f.PNG


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