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  1. 13 hours ago, Dunsparce said:

    -Arceus and other Pokemon whose caught level is above 70 are flagged for having the Footprint Ribbon(According to other sites you can now also get the ribbon from having high friendship, but this may be incorrect info but I am posting this just in case)

    It isn't both options in BDSP; there is a specific list of Pokemon that require 255 friendship (they say "Ssshhhnnn..."), and everything else requires the 30 levels gained.

    Some examples:

    My met level 80 Arceus from SP does not get the ribbon even with 255 friendship and at level 100.

    My met level 70 Articuno from SP doesn't get the ribbon with 255 friendship, but does get it after it is at level 100.

    My met level 70 Regigigas from SP doesn't get the ribbon at level 100, but does get it after it gains 255 friendship.

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  2. 12 hours ago, air6ornepig said:

    Hello, I found a Rotom that's giving me an illegal check for some reason ("Invalid: Encounter Type PID mismatch")

    I caught it on the Island where you find the TR for Overheat in the Isle of Armor expansion. It was level 60 and wandering outside the grass. I'd completed the whole base game before I even bought the DLC so I had all 8 badges and did the Sordward/Shielbert side-quest already.

    I've made no changes to it whatsoever. I encountered it, caught it, and sent it to the box. I played through the dlc a bit but i never touched the rotom.

    I'm using PKHex 2022.01.01

    Just thought I should submit it in case it helps. Thank you all for your hard work on PKHex!

    479 - Rotom - 9EB2FD73CD29.pk8 344 B · 4 downloads

    Should be fixed in development build / next stable release; thanks for the report!

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  3. There is no species-specific height/weight calculation for SWSH.  Height and weight do not necessarily need to be correlated either; any height and weight combination for a given species can be generated by some specific case of the RNG.  There are tall/thin Lopunny, tall/fat Lopunny, short/thin Lopunny, and short/fat Lopunny.

    Height and weight are triangularly distributed, which means middle values are more common than extremely small or large values.

    PKHeX only enforces height and weight for a few SWSH cases like overworld encounters (fishing, grass, overworld legends) and HOME events that are forced to have 0 height and weight.  You can pretty much put any values for most encounters otherwise.

    PoGO encounters do have some correlation between height and weight that is not well described and not at all enforced.  (Light mons tend to be short mons and heavy mons tend to be tall mons.)

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  4. After the next stable release (or if you use the current development build), all Colosseum Ho-Oh will correctly no longer appear with the fateful encounter flag. 

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  5. On 6/6/2020 at 12:17 AM, theSLAYER said:

    As of time of writing, this event is the only way to get Curse on a Copperajah that can Gigantamax.

    Can you clarify what this means?  It is possible to catch a G-Max Copperajah out of the rom den with Curse as an egg move, and it should also be possible to transfer it onto G-Max Copperajah via the Nursery.

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