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  1. Just now, theSLAYER said:

    Yeah, same for Zygarde (and the events) transferred up from Gen 6!

    Use Assemble (based on the image in the screenshots section)!
    Also, event Zygarde with event ribbon cannot be disassembled!

    Good thing i have always the good attitude to save the game before screw around with event pokemon. The fact that you cannot disasemble the event is a good thing.

    So i try and i get it...but i found hard to see is "getter robot" form since no pokemon in the game is able to get my HP bellow half x°D i can easily see the dog form since i just discover i can change form between the 10% and 50% by using the zygarde cube. And i have to say it is dog form look clean in is shiny variation.

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