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  1. Could someone help me with the location of TM 21 (Zen Headbutt)?

    The Doku File said it is located in Kaminko's House.

    I searched it now for 4-5 times and couldn't find it. 

    Is this like a Item that appears after u defeat the final boss or something?

    Progression wise I'm currently in gateon, ready to take the boat to citadark isle.

  2. Is there a list of all the obtainable Pokémon and when they can be caught?

    I like to plan my squad before I satart a pokemon game and I've looked for over an hour now trough the forum, but couldn't find anything.

    Would be nice if someone could help me out :)


    I'm so hyped for this hack, cause the Nintendo Direct today was disapointing as hell. Pokemon XG seems like the game they havn't anounced :) 

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