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  1. So, I got banned for hacking from Global Link (Giving myself large quantities of already obtainable items), but it happened before I was able to unlock my battle box I used in a competition, so now it's permanently locked. I asked about this on the PKHeX subforum, and Kaphotics told me "We won't provide info on how to manually unlock/bypass the locked-box restriction; it keeps users honest during competitions."

    Fair. Completely understandable. Which is why I've come here to ask if someone who knows how do that would be willing to do it for me. It'd keep the knowledge secret, and still solve my problem. Here's proof that I'm already banned and can't use this to cheat in competitions. If more proof is requested, I'll do what I can to provide it.

    Just so we're clear, I'm not asking for the locked Pokemon to be duplicated. I already know how to do that and can easily accomplish it. I'm asking to have all of my battle boxes available to me again. I like doing large quantities of multi battles with some friends of mine, so the more battle boxes available to me, the less others will need to wait for me switching Pokemon around. If/when someone posts they're willing and able to help me, I'll send them my save.

    If this is breaking the cheating rule, my apologies. I know I'm at the very least cutting it close here, but I feel a strong need to at least try asking.

  2. So I got banned from GL for hackery. This wouldn't be much of an issue to me, except I have a battle box registered to a competition. Since I can no longer use Game Sync, I can't unlock the battle box. After asking around, it seems the only solution that's been suggested to me is to use a backup save from before I registered for the competition. Unfortunately, my last backup is from several months ago, and I've done quite a few various things since then, so I'd rather not do that. Would it be possible and reasonable for PKHeX to be able unlock a battle box, or would that be too dangerous/difficult?

  3. 1 hour ago, theSLAYER said:

    It's likely the bulk of 999 items, especially apricorn balls, when you don't have that many trades done.

    Also, you have a peculiar Suicune, that memories with OT indicate it was hatched.
    Lopunny from AS in Apricorn ball. Basically a few hacks. (while there's no indication of such hacks leading to bans..)

    Yeah, figured it was the items. I highly doubt it'd be those suspicious pokemon, though, as those were both traded to me, in gen 6, and successfully brought up through bank.

  4. 1 minute ago, Holla! said:

    What megastones and balls did you give yourself?

    For the mega stones, a couple of each Charizardite, and two Blastoisinites, iirc. 

    For the balls, Beasts and Apricorns.

    Actually, now that I think about it, I did also give myself some of the wings, vitamins, and PP boosters. Though I'm fairly certain that's it. Here's the save from the last PKHeX edit I did before I was banned.


  5. I got banned. The only hacking I've done was giving myself certain balls, bottle caps, rare candies, and a handful of mega stones. I don't have anything impossible to obtain legitimately. A friend of mine who is much more reckless with his hacking has not been banned, I suspect the reason why I got banned and he didn't is because I've gone onto Battle Spot. Honestly, this wouldn't really bother me, except that since I can't Game Sync anymore, I can't unlock my battle box that I used in the most recent competition.

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