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  1. Ahh, thanks a ton. I saw that while Googling but since I didn’t see any reply to it, I figured it wouldn’t be fixed. As you can tell I’m not too familiar with how all this works.
  2. How would I fix this? There’s almost nothing available on GSC trash bytes
  3. Whenever I tried to apply trash bytes it says "Trash byte layer is hidden by current text Current bytes 6 Layer Bytes 1" and when I try to do the Nickname trash bytes the Current Bytes is 10, and Layer remains 1 Do you know what the deal is?
  4. Nice! is there anywhere else I can read about it instead of just badgering you with questions? Now I’m interested in learning why the language is Japanese among other things
  5. Ahh, and Gen 2 trash bytes were so insane (and easily Nuked iirc) that it was not even worth trying to implement, right?
  6. Reading this reminds that when I generate a Pokémon, even though I have the correct name, gender, and ID, the Name Changer detects it as a trade (or something) and does not allow a name change however if I generate the exact same Pokémon but turn it into an egg, and hatch it in the same area, level, and time, I can change the nickname through the Name Rater, so on top of this undiscovered IR flag issue, it seems there’s also a flag for caught/hatched Pokémon that is not yet implemented in PkHex when generating pokemon
  7. as i said, i cant run the actual program. I think my computer won't allow it.
  8. I didn't have an AR code and the reason I never replied was because my old GBC AR doesn't work anymore. Which sucks because of how expensive it is. My old GameShark works though. Btw that program doesn't run for me, for some reason. It quickly pops up and disappears. Maybe it is on my end, I get a message saying my computer stopped tis unrecognized program from running but i allow it anyways but it doesn't seem to completely run.
  9. Yeah, that's probably what I'll have to. I've done it before the editors were things but it was slower and less convenient, although with the same end result. Thanks.
  10. Nah, that's a new or different version or something. It seems more in line with modern editor, it makes you upload a .sav file and I see no option for generating codes. Thanks though for trying to help me out here.
  11. Maybe I'm just doing something wrong but the PikaSav link is dead, I'm pretty sure that was the one I used years ago. And when you asked for an example, did you mean an AR code that was created from one of these programs?
  12. Oh, I know where to find AR codes, that;s easy what I meant was an editor that generates AR codes for Gen 2 Pokemon. For example, the old PokeSav which would allow you to create a Pokemon with perfect IV's, moveset, information, etc. then generate an Action Replay code so that this Pokemon will appear in your PC or party. I believe PokeGen also does this. The reason this is so important is because I am playing on my original cartridge on a GBA. I'm not emulating or playing on a 3DS, so editing save files is useless for me.
  13. Hello, I have been away from the Pokemon scene for a long time now but back when I was still active, all the editors, at least the popular/good ones, created AR codes so you can get the Pokemon into your cartridge. I see the editors are better than ever BUT it seems like everyone these days emulates or plays on the new DS in which apparently you can transfer saves to, which renders an AR useless. Since I haven't played (a new Pokemon game) since Gen 4, I still play Crystal on a cartridge and just want some decent Pokemon via Editor, but I don't know of the old programs I used for Gen 2, they seem hard to find for some reason. Can any of you point me in the right direction? Also, I was around when PokeSav was the thing and this guy was working on creating legal 'mons. AFAIK, that has been completely resolved from Gen 3 and up with the new programs but I wonder if Gen 2 or 1 generated 'mons aren't legal/legit? It doesn't really matter since it is an outdated game and on a cartridge which will never again be used at an official event or transferred to a new generation. I did a little research and things like trash bytes and SID (which were the main roadblocks to legit 'mons in the Pokesav days) were implemented in Gen 3 and so Gen 2 on paper should not have these problems, but I'm still curious.
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