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  1. then its safe update my luma now? after all sudden my state of luma its when you put native version for have acess your 1.18 afterwards for that problem for dont apply 1 patch error

    in this point all i need its update and creat .txt file for making database of cheating in my 3ds?


  2. i meet someone are so hurted in this forum because are target or flame bullying i cant believe in this forum tolerating this behaviour always be friendly and want meet people for some reason his blog entries of fangirlyng its enought reason for harass her and sincerely she is forced to move in other forum because this place are unfriendly of her she dont deny help of mod staff but point of move in other place because in there are suffered bad comments relating his interests

    whats the matter? she likes korrina she likes share his experiencies its bad for you or something? she have pure heart more pure than me hope people will be happy and celebrating that because finally she goes another place simply that people cant stand it


    i dont want blame anyone but hope this thread can be light of people are suffered this type of flame and can share his experiencies


    i m glad meet this forum but i m witness for watch the bad side and dark part of people with his intentions

    she is so naive and she wants meet friends and enjoy maybe his vocabylary and how she acts can be a little annoying but this is not reason for flame her seriously its anoying how lost someone you share e mails all the time in this forum and she is force to go for haters what a shame


    hope the time this place improving and can be more tolerate for people like @CorniFan

  3. the fault its people not technology

    its something makes thing easier in other century are compltely unknow

    my only addiction its computers and i like computing and videogames

    watching people with his smartphone makes me feel bad and sick basically because the people itself focus his attention in phone than in the person

    the contact face to face nowadays its almost like find shiny pokemon with lottery id winner with good ivs and proper natures

    in summary technology makes people alone but in my case its different

    yeah people its more conected but exists more potential stalker people

    exists more desperate people

    and exists people wants be notorious in social media

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  4. 4 hours ago, theSLAYER said:

    If I'm not mistaken, developers tried scrubbing unnecessary/unused Pokemon out of the demo.

    Furthermore, since not every Pokemon is in the Alolan dex, the "wallpaper" dex sprite naturally doesn't exist for them.
    (Larvitar wasn't in SM, Smoochum wasn't in SM etc)

    In any case, it looks like we are actually have the USUM dex rip, but you're gonna have to split the files up yourself.
    (maybe there's a program that can do it for you)


    thats right in that case sorry because be feel doubt you and be good for me in my reply because probraly sounds part for me rude apologies

  5. let me explain ¿ok? probraly its bad post 2 times without wait someone comment before me but this is urgent the sprites are ok but there is problem its incomplete for eixample larvitar line or babies mons (smoochun) i dont have or almost johto its gone and i believe its incomplete but the i recognize the word behind all sprite images only i take advise for that because i began seeing uploading in fandom plenty pokemons still needing sprite image and i dont have these images

    thanks its not precisely reply quickly

  6. On 5/1/2018 at 7:09 AM, theSLAYER said:

    @borjitasstoi little update for you.

    I believe these are extracted from SM Demo, that I happened to have lying around on my com.
    The titles of the .rar should be self-explanatory.

    1. SM Dex non-shiny images.rar
    2. SM Dex shiny images.rar
    3. SM PC healing Sprites.rar

    What I find fun for the PC Healing images: they've got the alternate sets specifically used for Totem-sized mons XD

    (I don't have any of USUM ripped images relating to these categories)

    oh my god the best gift you can make it seriously much obliged the effort for that oh my god i feel bad and thanks for that fandom have improved content because needs people for ripping sprites and needs more efforts for make fandom even more active i recognize its very active but i feel sometimes the people gave up and feels so abandoned and make bad image for wiki i dont tell anything about zeraora because first i want upload that and next time hope find usum pokedex sprites for myself and in the last chance i want count with this forum ¿ok?

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  7. 16 hours ago, theSLAYER said:

    So basically, rather than a Sprite sheet, you want individual sprites right?

    I think Kazowar ripped them all out, check his Twitter for links.

    I think what he ripped out was models.

    well it's gotta be somewhere. I remember seeing the Dex sprites (as above) dumped from the demo..

    thanks reply after that i am more near for find this thing as i want

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  8. 17 hours ago, Holla! said:

    That's normal if you selected the "All Legal" option. Any Pastel/Bright/Dark colors aren't included in this option due to problems when accessing a Festival Plaza dye shop. 

    Use the "Everything" option if you want those, but remember not to access a dye shop or your game will crash and re-boot.  :)

    thats true in my moon occurs the same thats why trigger my arm11 issue

  9. Melemele: Charmander, Squirtle, Onix, Horsea, Scatterbug, Bulbasaur, Litwick
    Akala: Ralts, Spheal, Combusken, Honedge, Beedrill, Grovyle, Marshtomp
    Ula'ula: Rhyhorn, Swinub, Prinplup, Grotle, Pidgeot, Monferno, Axew
    Poni: Eelektross, Aggron, Rotom, Leavanny, Chesnaught, Greninja, Delphox
    Pokemon listed here start on Sunday and end on Saturday.

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