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  1. 17 hours ago, theDoctorJ said:

    OK, thanks for the information. I'm specifically looking at cartridges with event distributions for the Aurora Ticket and Old Sea Map. Any other tell-tale signs other than the wondercard?

    Just assume everything is fake and you'll be a lot happier at the end of the day. 99.9% of Old Sea Map anything sold online is fake, Aurora Ticket is probably 99.8% lmao

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  2. 6 hours ago, Ryan242004 said:

    Yep! We were in a different line when we got them. I’ll have to remember to ask him next time I see him lol.

    I’d like to help if I can, but I’m not sure I understand the logistics of dumping them or contributing them. How does that process work? I’d like to keep my saves as long as they will last lol.

    If you're in the US I've dumped these Mew saves for people before, feel free to PM me

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  3. On 5/1/2020 at 3:07 AM, TotalTS said:

    I recently was checking the BLUEMONS rom leaked a few days ago and saw that a NINTEN Mew can be generated from the Debug option.
    I suppose (can't confirm) the NINTEN Mew shown on the Nintendo Power Magazine was generated this way and that explain the odd stats.

    Just to make sure, I made 3 different saves.
    In my first attempt (DEBUGMEW0) the Stats were:
    HP: 25
    Atk: 15
    Def: 15
    SpC: 15
    Spe: 15

    And immediately remembered the Magazine screen and how almost all Stats were around 90~ so I imagined the Stats were constant just like the other Mews and this could be the final piece to solve the mistery of the NINTEN Mew Stats, but in my next attempt I discovered the Pokémon Stats and Trainer IDs change at random. Just leaving my .pks here for research.

    DEBUGMEW0.pk1 69 B · 0 downloads DEBUGMEW1.pk1 69 B · 0 downloads DEBUGMEW2.pk1 69 B · 0 downloads

    Wow nice stuff! Would you mind posting screenshots of where you found the debug option to generate these Mews? I'd love to check it out myself; @ajxpk would too

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  4. 36 minutes ago, Poke J said:

    Funny enough @TotalTSI've been working on this on and off over the day and I've come to the conclusion that it is nearly impossible to get the correct DVs for this Mew with just the picture.  There are way too many assumptions that need to be made especially if the picture was only for publication.  My first assumption was that it was like every other classic Mew distributed at the time with a DV spread of:

    HP = 5
    Attack = 10
    Defense = 1
    Speed = 5
    Special = 12

    However, at level 39 the stats would not match that of an untrained Mew at the level which would mean that the Mew would have to have been in battle meaning that it would have acquired EVs.  That said the possible EV spread for a Mew with the normal DVs and to have the listed above stats would be:

    HP = 961 - > 1848
    Attack = 0 -> 8
    Defense = 16129 -> 18224
    Speed = 0 -> 8
    Special = 1849 -> 3024

    But, the issue here is the attack and special DVs are 0 -> 8 which is impossible consider the other EVs.  The second assumption would be that the person leveled it up using Rare Candies and Vitamins and again that would be impossible since vitamins increase the stats EVs by 2560 points in gen 1 and the lowest possible HP EV is 1848.  That would mean that the Mew was in battle and since the attack and speed EVs would be impossible for a Pokemon that saw battle which would mean that this Mew has a different set of DVs then the ordinary Mew given out at the time.

    So now that it is clear that this Mew has a different set of DVs then the known Mews what are the DVs?  Well this is where the largest unknown of the equation comes into picture, how was this Mew trained?  Just to get the first major hurdle out of the way the Mew in the picture has been trained.  There is no DV combination that will give an untrained Mew at level 39 those stats considering the picture shows a defense stat of 96 when a Mew at the same level with a DV of 15 and EV of 0 will only have a defense stat of 94.  Thus, the Mew has been trained.  Now the question is how was the Mew trained?  For simplicity I've come up with 4 possible scenarios for how the Mew could have been trained.

    Scenario 1 - Rare Candy and Vitamins: The problem here is we wouldn't be able to determine how many time the Mew was given vitamins.

    Scenario 2 - A new game file and the Mew was obtained as early as possible: This would be easy to test with putting Mew into every battle until it is at level 39.  However, the problem with this scenario is that Nintendo Power needed a trained Mew for the picture and this method would probably take too long to get the desired result and the badge level cap for Pokemon obeying the player would probably be an issue.  Therefore, probably unlikely.

    Scenario 3 - Got the Mew mid-game and trained it to level 39: Again easy to test, but the issue is badge level and slow in actuality; therefore, unlikely.

    Scenario 4 - Got the Mew at the end of the game and trained it to level 39: This one is the most believable scenario in my opinion since it would be fast due to high level wild Pokemon.  However, there is still some unknown factors that would prevent someone from training a Mew to level 39 and then adjusting the DVs to match the stats in the picture.

    Even with scenario 4 sounding the most promising to find the DVs the next biggest issue would be what level did the Mew start at.  Did they get it at level 5?  What about level 10 or even level 15?  We just don't know which makes the task at determining the DVs at this present moment all that more impossible.  As well, non of my outlined scenarios might be right or could be a combination between then.  We just don't know what the DVs of the Mew in the picture without more personal information about the player of that save file.  Thus, bring me back to my opening statement that it is nearly impossible to find the DVs of the Mew just from the picture alone.  Others are still welcome to try and determine the DVs, but this is just my take on the question and I could be missing an obvious piece of information that would make this task trivial.

    This is awesome, great stuff buddy. Honestly just being able to conclude that the DVs of the Mew pictured don't match any of the other classic Mews is very intriguing; @suloku originally told me that he had heard about the "NINTEN" Mews having different DVs, this just gives more credence to that theory.

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  5. 16 minutes ago, RetroAli said:

    Quick update: got full scans of Pokemon Power Vol. 6, thanks again to doeiqts on Twitter for the help. Really neat to see the Mew "newspaper article" they included as well.

    Pokemon Power vol 6.pdf 39.09 MB · 2 downloads

    Thanks @RetroAli! I attached it to the main post of the topic.

    One really interesting thing in there is the OT on the Mew used in the screenshots:


    I know @suloku originally suspected that this Nintendo Power Mew would have this OT, and was surprised to find it was MARIO. I wonder if the default OT on the Mew Machines was NINTEN, and employees just changed it based on the event/location. I'm not quite sure how Gen1 DVs work, but if someone can calculate them based off of this screenshot, that would be much appreciated.

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  6. 13 minutes ago, LieboOSBA said:

    Probably not an issue for Gen 1 but I assume they’ll be clones and so if it was say a Gen 7 Pokemon, would it be discovered as a clone and be blocked from Pokemon Bank etc?

    You are giving Gamefreak waaaayyyyy too much credit hahaha. But yes, since it's Gen1, and the event was only obtainable on a physical cartridge, you don't have a whole lot to worry about in the realm of clones running around online in the wild or anything like that.

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  7. 3 hours ago, Sabresite said:

    That same event was held in Santa Monica too IIRC. I wish I knew where my Mew was. I didn't think or remember OT/TIDs back then.

    I do remember staff members having a line battling everyone and they had 3 Pokemon, all Mew, and kicked out ass.

    That's incredible.

    Also to add to the congo line of people willing to help, I too have a cartridge dumper and would be willing to dump whatever you need; I'm however in the same boat as Deoxyz and constantly using it.

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  8. 11 minutes ago, Allegedly137 said:

    I found this place through a Google search seeing how I could get my gen 1 Luigiw OT Mews (2 of them) into Pokemon Home/Sheild I fortunately had the files backed up to a Mega Memory card, and  know I need a GB Usb to get them to the PC and would happily share them with the community when I do. Just curious about a few things:

    1. Would I legally be able to do that with the Mews and/or things like my original starter from Red?

    2. My plan was to move the save files to the VC copies of RBY and then use Poke Transporter. Also saw a guide about moving Gb Pokemon to gen 3 using  a Windows program that converts the old pokemon. Curious if one of these methods is better/more "genuine" than the other.

    2. If gen 8 Pokemon hold data for when they were caught. Don't see anything in the status screen, and am kinda OCD about that kind of thing. Haha.

    They also gave us "certificates of authenticity" for these Mews with the OT ID and I have a picture of myself from the event just to give any credibility to all this. It was an event that took place at a mall in SoCal (most likely Orange County)

    Wow this is incredible, awesome that you have it backed up as well; we would love to have the Mew preserved here whenever you can get them to your PC. To try and answer your questions, I'm not sure if any of those methods would work, but your best shot at trying to get a copy of this Mew would be the VC path you laid out, but even if that did work the Mew would not be considered "legitimate" as there is obviously no legitimate way to transfer from the original GameBoy cartridges up to Gen3+

    We'd also love to have copies of the certificate of authenticity if you still have one, or even your picture at the event, feel free to blur out anything personal obviously haha!

  9. 3 hours ago, celebi23 said:

    Sorry to bump this but, I found some interesting stuff.  Thanks to Helix Chamber's collection of Pokémon Spaceworld '97 footage, there's actually footage from the Mew Machine area.  I also found a version of the Guidebook on Archive.org.  One of the pages has info about the Mew distribution.  Working to see if I can get an actual scan of that page from someone.

    Did you find this video from the comments on the Hard4games video? Just wondering haha

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  10. 2 minutes ago, YamiM said:

    I am pretty sure that Mew was in Box 1, as I moved it there last time I used the save prior to dumping. If not, then it was in Box 2. Using Hex I could not find any Pokemon with moves matching the screenshots I took, and none with the OT being DENMARK.


    I don't know enough about recreating .pk1(s), but this looks like it's a Mew to me.

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  11. 4 hours ago, richmFTW said:

    There was a guy on the boards that had uploaded EVERY single .pk8 file for each of the 400 pokemon in the SWSH dex.  I asked him a few times if he could put them all into a WinRAR file to make them a hell of alot easier to download but he never did, so I downloaded those all individually and slid them into a folder.  I can add the folder to a WinRAR if you want?  Maybe you (or someone) can make the batch edit changes and reupload?


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  12. 6 hours ago, ajxpk said:

    We can only hope!

    Regarding the video I received PMs about this matter before. I'm rather annoyed about how this was done... (The comments in the video are really hilarious though...)
    If you want to brag about distributing a "legit" looking Mystery Gift at least do it the right way. As @theSLAYER already mentioned, there are 2 options for distributable Mystery Gifts.
    With the 1st one the received Mystery Gift won't be distributable and this means it will become legal in case you edited an official event, the received data will match the original Mystery Gift.
    The 2nd however will always send distributable Mystery Gifts matching the edit, which means they're just as illegal as the edit.
    You can see in the video that they decided to use option #2 as the received Mystery Gift has the "おくる" option.

    By the way... there is actually a chance that some Gen 3 Mystery Gifts have been officially distributed this way.
    It was at least the case with German Emerald Aurora Ticket and it has been reported here. I assume it was a leftover from debug but it could be that it was actually planned as an alternate disribution method. How many of those exist, we will never know...



    I had never seen any screenshots of the EU Aurora Ticket ROM before, it's not much but cool stuff!

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  13. 29 minutes ago, Jack5103 said:

    I clarify The game boy cartridges are original. The Pokémon box is rom on a Wii. Both NTSC.

    Does anyone know if it has an anti-piracy lock?

    If you're using Nintendont** you have to enable native controllers

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  14. 2 hours ago, theSLAYER said:

    Can try Checkpoint, but I read that may not work as well.

    If so, I doubt anything would work..

    I think trying to get the entire save is a lost cause, but trading Pokemon off the bootleg cartridge might be possible.

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