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  1. Just a question: Shouldnt these (PBR Items) have the PGT file as well?
  2. General Event Archived Posts Thread

    So every Wondercard you contributed so far was edited in some way? I know its not a big deal if you edit the date, im just asking.
  3. General Event Archived Posts Thread

    Any reason for that? Would you care to elaborate? Just asking.
  4. I already sent these to @Sabresite approx. 2 weeks ago: Pikachu WORLD12 French.rar TFE Okinawa.rar TFE Yokohama.rar
  5. Pokemon Red,Blue,Yellow SAV file?

    @paf: Here is a random japanese blue save file that i found via google. I hope it helps: Pocket Monsters Ao.sav
  6. @HaxAras: Im sure they dont need the save files anymore, because they already have them. They ''just'' want information if the Mystic Ticket could be received with other language versions (for example a spanish GBA game) besides the english one.
  7. Event Gallery Error Reporting

    Its still the wrong files in the event gallery.
  8. Any saves with a legit japanese old sea map mew?

    Here is a japanese save file contributed by jm-plata: I tested it. The Old Sea Map WC is there and you will have the opportunity to catch the Mew.
  9. General Event Archived Posts Thread

    It seems like @argus1963 is our main contributor for japanese local wireless events. Thanks for uploading all of them here.
  10. SM - Movie Ho-Oh

    @theSLAYER: If this will be distributed via Serial Code you will be able to get this?
  11. This was once contributed by @fallvacation. Im not sure if its the real WC or not, but someone maybe can verify the legitimacy. Im uploading the file like i downloaded it when it was available: 136 Movie 2013 Genesect KOR [PPorg].pgf
  12. SM - Korean Times Square Max Revive

    I know, but its an event after all. And now it ''seems'' like its a ''lost'' one.
  13. @theSLAYER: I was using a save file uploaded by @InsaneNutter on another forum containing 399 Mews with no duplicates. So i guess its the same.