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  1. When changing the specie of an unedited Pokemon, it fails to correctly convert the unicode present in the OT's tag, therefore marking it as a traded Pokemon. 3541 Pokemon Platinum Version (US).dsv
  2. Don't have CFW, and it's pretty much impossible to get it on 11.0
  3. As well know Nintendo has put in extra security into the game to prevent us from editing save files. Obviously the PKHeX community has already built a beta version of PKHeX for gen 7. However, will the game not allow JK Save Manager to dump saves due to the update much like how JK Save Manager crashes when it tries to load Ocarina?
  4. What does it mean and how do I fix it? X and Y btw
  5. I'm having trouble making ho-oh legit, and making deoxys legal is beyond my knowledge of poke transfer. Help is really appreciated.
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