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  1. Made a code and IPS for Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon as well:

    [Infinite Text Speed]
    002322F4 00000000


    Update: Decided to add the code and IPS for the update that removes Meowth Theater. (be sure to rename the code1.1.ips to code.ips)

    [Infinite Text Speed 1.1]
    00232A58 00000000



  2. Got a crash on the cutscene where Umbreon mentions Espeon's in trouble IIRC it ended cutscene early while still in the inn as opposed to where it's supposed to on the plateau. I think it moves too fast. besides the text sound overlaps so much that it's ridiculously loud.

    I think it would be better to just increase the text speed by 2-3 times.


    Edit: Realized that this is a problem with Luma's cheat engine where it's randomly prone to crash any chance for an IPS patch like the S/M outline removal patch?

    Edit Again: Nevermind made my own:


  3. On 7/14/2020 at 3:22 PM, KelseyEevee133 said:

    Is there any way that the community could add post-gen 4 Pokemon like Sylveon or Zorua, by making sprites for them and assigning them to certain IQ groups? Zorua, Zoroark, and Sylveon should be in group F, in my opinion.

    Oh, since there is no Fairy type in Gen 4, Sylveon should be Normal type instead. Is that okay?

    It is a surprisingly difficult process to add even one Pokemon though someone did add Rowlet to the game if you're interested:



  4. Playing the newest version and I can’t get to relic forest after talking to Eugen the guy at the entrance is stuck in a loop of giving me berry juice every time I get near him.

    Edit: Just noticed surprisedPikachu’s reply mentions a workaround still a bit of a pain especially if you don’t know talking to him fixes it. 

  5. 7 hours ago, psy_commando said:

    Well, it might be possible. But not without some ASM hacking. Right now I don't think we know enough to do it easily. But that could be a possibility.

    Yeah I figured as much. I mean it sounds fairly easy on paper but in execution I'd imagine it being a little more than changing a few lines of code. not to mention the already mapped commands to some of those combinations, the Linked moves would probably throw a wrench into the plan, the fact that you'd pretty much have to make custom hotkeys, the potential possibility that using a higher number move than you have might crash the game or something, and if you want it to look decent you'd have to change the UI to show the moves combinations when you hold L or something. (like the 3DS games)

    Hopefully it will happen someday though in some sort of quality of life hack or something... (maybe fix the sleeping animation for evolved player characters as well or something)

  6. Is it possible to change the ingame button shortcuts? I love EoS but it's hard for me to get back to this game (and the rescue games for that matter) after playing Mystery Dungeon 3 and 4 because of the way they handled using moves so well. Even before that I tended to always use high PP moves like tackle and not much else until I ran out of PP because of how slow it is to use moves in this.

    Is it possible to make it so the moves work like the 3DS games? IE: L+X= Move 1 L+A=Move 2 L+Y= Move 3 L+B Move 4?

  7. I'm assuming you didn't give any of the other trainers' Pokemon any of those potentially broken moves either. (sorry if I'm asking things that seem like no brainers I just find those kind of things are the easiest to overlook when bug testing) Anyways I'm excited for the 1.0 release.

    Also what happens/is it even possible to get two TMs of the same kind since they're infinite use? I know in the original there are shops that sell them.

  8. As someone who has messed around with other tools I realized something: All the tools besides the randomizer that I've messed with have a side effect of changing the file size of the original ROM yet your file is the exact same size as the original after patching. A word of advice: When making a ROM hack try to choose quality hacks over the quantity of hacks you can make.

  9. I'm not sure how possible this is, but is it possible to make the massage animation shorter? I find Vivid Scents to be the most effective way to purify weaker pokemon since one scent can drop almost a bar. But the animation takes so long with all the menus as well. So is it possible to even just cut the controller vibration?

    Uh you just need to turn off controller vibration in the title screen menu; I mean, I don't think that many parts that use the rumble anyways...

  10. Hi I figured I'd talk about this hack through something other than twitter so I made an account here. Anyways I think you should lower the encounter rate on

    the gen 2 legendary trio I got two poke spot notifications at once and one was Entei the other was Raikou.

    Not complaining but that's a bit ridiculous. (unless I just got super lucky)

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