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  1. Nice work dude, this was discussed a few weeks ago and it's nice to see someone has done it, I'm interested in finding out why eggs don't work. Is it due to the fact it doesn't force a shiny PID for eggs yet or is it more complicated than that?

    It does not force anything, it modifies. It does not work for eggs because, it was designed for battles. I will maybe work on eggs later.

  2. So far I beta tested it, and it works well.

    Horde, legendary, dexnav even.

    also bypasses shiny locked pokemon [which I tested on], (which because of in game story animation, assuming to be: Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza, Deoxys)

    Not sure if there is going to be an update or public release yet.

    My goal is not only the shiny encounters, I am working on the wild pokemon modifications. There will be a release and some explainations after.

  3. i know that, if someone found the code , a part of that code contain the shiny value and trainer ID must be edited for any player.

    someone in GBAtemp found it, but its freeze alot and not perfect.

    The trainer ID do not have to be edited.

    Are you able to post the link here.

    I'm no expert at codes, but I'll like to take a look at it :)

    Doesn't matter if it's gateway or NTR; I am able to use both

    Edit: from what I know, the shiny charm enables you a few extra chances to reroll PID

    (Can't remember exact value).

    If the location can be determined, using a battle before shiny charm, and a battle after shiny charm,

    You probably could place a large number at the location, and it'll keep rerolling till its shiny.

    Meaning, you won't even need code to insert your shiny value or for the game to do the shiny calculation;

    We're just extending an existing operation that it's in the game.

    I think that was how it was done in Gen V? xD

    (The game may hang while trying to generate a PID)

    Edit 2:

    I've been wondering for some time, does receiving the shiny charm set a flag in the game?

    The game could just reference that flag , rather than check if the item exists in inventory.

    I made a shiny cheat, just look at my previous post. I am going to share it and explain how I did it but I have to test it with other games than mine.

  4. Ok, sorry for another consecutive post. I think I am on the right track, just found the PID in the RAM. Well, I don't know if modify it there would change something, but better than nothing.

    EDIT : Hey just see that ! https://twitter.com/MrNbaYoh/status/696857382308155393 I got it to work well after that, some things to correct and I will share it.

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