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  1. Use the files I uploaded in the first Post. You can use them and mess with these files as much as you want. Pal Park is unlocked and everything. At the moment I'm very busy and can't check much, but I will do as soon as I have more time. Gotta finish some other projects for now.
  2. Like I already said, they disabled the Mobile System Boot Screen. So things are getting really interesting... This could actually mean they removed the content or even the complete opposite. It could possibly mean that the Pokemon Communication Center is supported in some kind of way. Keep in mind that the Screen can only be seen once the Mobile System is activated. Why would they have to disable it in the first place if they never plan to activate it? And from what I know the Boot Screen is not even necessary for the Mobile Features, but it wouldn't make sense to use the term "Mobile System GB" so the removal would make sense + without the Screen the Game boots faster so this is appreciate it in case they want to support it. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, this is the Screen: Edit: @Sabresite don't worry. VC Gen 1 Mew > Gen 2 > Gen 7 should be fine. Nothing happens with the Name. The error occurs because the way Gen 2 Games reads text is different. Like @Ammako said the ?s are actually nothing more than the 0 padding after the Mew Name. Normally a Name ends with a Terminator 0x50, so the Game continues to read the Name until it finally finds the Terminator. And since propably 0x00 is invalid input... (Space isn't possible in terms of Names...) it ends up being displayed as "?"... Possibly a placeholder for unmapped indexes or something like that, I don't know. Even PKHeX has issues with it... 151 - _oCㄱㄱ - FB94.pk2 The funny question now is which Mew is more glitched? oC Gen 1 Glitch Mew or this? ㄱㄱ
  3. How about the Japanese Mew? Can't remember its Trash Bytes. I hope it's fine. Btw. I have read the patch for Japanese Crystal. It appears they patched the Mobile System Boot Logo away which is strange. Almost makes me wonder if it's activated by default. Otherwise this doesn't make sense, the Boot Logo can only be seen after the Mobile System Activation. There is no reason for this, why would they patch it?
  4. I haven't received my copies yet. Any news about how they fixed the RTC? Not synchronized to the 3DS Clock I guess, I saw a Japanese stream where the time had to be set at the beginning of the game. I just wonder what happens when you mess with the 3DS clock after the clock was set...
  5. @theSLAYER saw it at @SciresM's Twitter. And a GBA BIOS is in there too...
  6. Thanks for the information. It was confused when I was reading about it on the News Page... because an WC3 file format does already exist as you might know. So when I heard about WC3 being implemented I immediately thought about the real Gen 3 Wonder Cards + Mystery Gift Script. Something that bugs me is why we started to call them WC in the first place... (not only because WC reminds on public restrooms ) I always feel like MG would have been better because they're Mystery Gifts after all, while Wonder Cards are just cards... If we ever decide to rename these files I think it would be cool to rename Gen 4 files along with it. Then we would finally have consistent file names from Gen 3 - Gen 7. Am I the only person who feels like this?
  7. Sorting Boxes? I thought we are talking about the hidden Shiny Button?
  8. @Kaphotics I get totally confused about the "WC3" stuff tbh. Is there any explanation about it somewhere? I also saw WC3 being mentioned when I tested the legality check for 3rd Gen Event Pokemon recently. Is this just temporary? Because it just feels so wrong. The only Mystery Gifts in Gen 3 were Items like Aurora Ticket, Mystic Ticket and the Old Sea Map. Also the PCJP04 Eggs, PCNY Eggs and PokePark Eggs were Mystery Gifts. But everything else was not Mystery Gift and of course no Mystery Gift means no Wonder Card. So why are all Gen 3 Events called WC3? Otherwise it's cool that WC3 are getting supported by PKHeX if that's the case. Edit: I hope Mystery Events (ME3) too, even if it's just about the Eon Ticket. We have everything for it, it just waits to be implemented.
  9. I disagree. I think using CTRL is a good solution for advanced settings, since many people want to use PKHeX only for legal stuff and don't change or hack too much, I think with too many menus it would also just look more chaotic. Maybe this is is just my opinion but the more minimalistic it looks the better it is. Otherwise I would suggest having 2 different modes, one simple mode and one for advanced users. Just a suggestion on my side.
  10. I don't even need to check them, I think it's no secret but I'm not really a fan of fake conversions like Gen 2 - Gen 3. Because the results of this fanmade idea are comparable with bad hacks. There is nothing special about it and nothing interesting IMO and the reason for this project is to define what's legal so we could say what we do is the complete opposite. The DS migration itself doesn't even know and doesn't even care if the migrated Pokémon is a hack... as long as it's not a bad egg... Even in terms of Trash Bytes it's also not really interesting because without checking I already know what happens. String gets copied until the Terminator. Because that's what the DS Game does... The Trash Bytes are actually just stored memory from the process during the migration. Imagine it like this... the DS Game looks for the Nickname String and checks where the Terminator is. Then it copies the String from the beginning to the Terminator. The Nickname String then gets converted from Gen 3 to Gen 4 format and stored on top of other data. And then later the Game copies the complete String of 22 Bytes, which of course are too many Bytes in the case of Pokémon with shorter Names... Keep in mind that I haven't disassembled it. So my explanation might differ in some points to what actually happens. This is just based on what I know from similar Trash Bytes this. Anyway, thanks to you two. Like I said, the more migrated Pokémon we gather the better it is for the Research. Also to see if there are some still unknown inconsistencies. But so far it looks fine...
  11. DS Emulators couldn't link back in the days. So it's highly unlikely that Gen 5 migration/trades were possible. From what I know DeSmuME could do something in an earlier version, at least I have read about it, but the feature was shortly removed after. melonDS which is still a very young Emulator (just 1 year old) is the first DS Emulator that makes an serious attempt to emulate the WiFi functionalities and If the development goes well it will even be able to link with an real Nintendo DS. Thanks! Any help is appreciated.
  12. Of course I knew that from our conversation and I even saw it with my own eyes. My mistake. I don't know why I wrote shuffled memory, this kinda stuck in my head. Edit: Fixed.
  13. Btw. nothing too important but I just want to say there's no difference between English Versions and Revisions. There's no difference wether an English Pokemon Game was released in America or Europe, English Diamond for example is always English Diamond... and there's also no difference wether it's for example Pokemon Diamond Revision 5 or Rev 13. I just want to say this so that you know that we don't have to do more than necessary.
  14. Thanks a lot again @ZZAZZ. I really appreciate your help so much. At the moment I am very busy with other projects so I wasn't able to migrate many Pokemon. I will check your files very soon. @fabio00 Yes. It looks like pal parked Pokemon on DeSmuME are totally fine. The thing is people keep saying that it gives wrong Trash Bytes, but what they mean with "wrong" has never been exactly explained. My assumption is that they might have used the legality checker of the old days. But the thing is this research was never completed... Especially when it comes to Platinum, HeartGold&SoulSilver there is still a lot of work to do. So far I haven't been able to reproduce whatever these false Trash Bytes might be. It would help to migrate more Pokemon on a real DS/DS Lite with real cartridges. I also hope that @HaxAras will pal park some Pokemon on the Japanese Pt and HGSS versions. I already did that on Emulator just recently but I would like to compare and double check. From now on you can also contribute files migrated on Emulator but it would be good if you note wether it was migrated on Emulator... Real Hardware with real cartridges or flash carts. As I stated earlier I have some issues with mapping the Trash Bytes because the DS Games using shuffled memory for cheat code protection. That's why some of these values appear to be random. What I have to do is, I will have to note the minimum and maximum possibilities of these numbers. This will take a while and I need to find an efficient way to do it. At the moment I stuck because of lack of ideas... so this research might take a while. If I would do it now, I would have to check the Memory right in the middle of the migration process... on an Emulator that's no problem to do... But I would prefer if I can find a way to force the allocation into my favor, maybe with save states or something at least. Thanks to ZZAZZ things are speeding up quite a bit though. The more files we can get the better it is.
  15. Pokemon Center 5th Anniversary is actually a different algorithm. Unfortunately... Parts of it can be found in this Thread: I could do it, but even for me it's hard to do that. haha... Edit: Before I forget this... It should be noted that this Event doesn't serves really well for competiveness. Not only because its initial seed is an 16bit seed (only 65536 spreads) but also because of the algorithm, the species and special moves are tied to the initial seed. So you can't get any species with any seed... Therefore the available spreads are extremely limited... we never made a spreadsheet or anything like that, so I don't know what the spreads are...
  16. @theSLAYER Can you? The algorithm is actually a little bit complicated.
  17. I also have some good news. I did more migrations on Emulator, this time with the English Version of Pokemon Diamond (Rev 5). The Trash Bytes look perfectly fine actually. 1: 2B 01 FF FF 18 20 0D 02 42 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 48 A1 0C 02 E0 FF 2 - 6: 2B 01 FF FF 2D 00 00 00 B0 8E 27 02 E4 D1 26 02 E9 9A 06 02 00 00 2B 01 FF FF 2D 00 00 00 9C 8F 27 02 E4 D1 26 02 E9 9A 06 02 00 00 2B 01 FF FF 2D 00 00 00 88 90 27 02 E4 D1 26 02 E9 9A 06 02 00 00 2B 01 FF FF 2D 00 00 00 74 91 27 02 E4 D1 26 02 E9 9A 06 02 00 00 2B 01 FF FF 2D 00 00 00 60 92 27 02 E4 D1 26 02 E9 9A 06 02 00 00 I need to investigate it further, but this makes me think that Pokemon migrated on DeSmuME having wrong Trash Bytes is just a rumor. I will have to do a lot more tests to confirm it. The build I used btw. is 0.9.11 x64. Slot 2 Emulation is working pretty stable and I can highly recommend it. If you want you can migrate some Pokemon on Emulator and send them to me, so that I can check them. Edit: @Sabresite gave me a clue why the RAM Offset might differ. Shuffled Memory. Dynamic Allocation. I completely forgot about that. So I think to solve the the problem of before we will have to determine the Offset range. Considering the Emulation is fine my idea of having an Pal Park Editor becomes kinda obsolete, but that's a good thing. Even if the Emulation works well I still think that this is very important to know for legality analysis, so I will continue this research. This should be also an interesting Topic for Event Collectors, because this affects migrated Event Pokemon from Gen 3 as well. Edit2: I updated the 3rd Gen Research save files.
  18. I got some bad news. This is getting more inconsistent... @ZZAZZ first of all, I can't thank you enough for these files. I just realized that what you did was in fact necessary. Actually it looks like we're facing a huge problem... It appears that the first Offset in these Trash Bytes slightly differs from migration session to migration session. I fear some research needs to be done to learn what these Offsets really mean. Also the 2nd Offset in the Trash Bytes differs as well, so the wikia article was right. It's fix however in the Pokemon of Slots 2-5 of one session. For now there is nothing we can do about that and we will continue migrating Pokemon just as before to get more examples. Hopefully over the time I can figure out about everything.
  19. Wow! Thanks! I really appreciate it. You did actually more than necessary. I will start making a list and check these out very soon. One question about migrated Pokemon in the Korean games, I heard they're compatible with all different language versions? I'm currently trinking about how to improve the research. Today I did some tests if I can get see more of the strings using blank names. But unfortunately it can't be done without Terminator, which is something I expected anyway... the game fails copying the name string and this is what happens: 01 00 01 00 01 00 01 00 01 00 01 00 01 00 01 00 01 00 01 00 FF FF So I went on with using at least one Terminator and then it worked and to my surprise (I used the Japanese Diamond Version) I got correct Trash Bytes on an Emulator... Anyway this is for Japanese Diamond only. I can imagine that the Emulator bugs happening in other versions. Or who knows... This is from my first Pal Park: FF FF 00 00 00 00 00 00 B4 C5 0C 02 E0 FF 7F 02 42 00 00 00 00 00 And this is from the 2nd to the 6th: FF FF 06 02 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 Yep. Not exactly all solid 0... I wished we would see what's under the first two Bytes but we might never know... It shouldn't matter too much anyway, since a name can't be shorter than one character as we all know. And since the DS game using 2 terminators to terminate names we have at least 4 Bytes that should never be affected. Also that makes every name that is shorter illegal anyway...For this research it was still interesting to see. I think I will update my save files with Pokemon that have blank names. After we documented all the different strings my idea is actually that we might try different things, like changing the length of the names or something like that, to see if results changing. So my uploaded save files are just for in case you don't have own save files to mess with. I don't have a flash cart yet to do much myself, but stay tuned!
  20. Really? Damn. Hope Nintendo will fix this for you.
  21. Would be interesting to know... Btw. I think you will receive the Celebii at the release day.
  22. Video was removed. Was there something special in it?
  23. I think we will have to check DP again. I saw some stuff in the wikia article which didn't occured in the examples so far. I think it was at Offset 13. Edit: It would be great if someone could help with migrating more Pokemon.
  24. OK, this was damn easy. Statement from 9/15/2017: Not as easy as I hoped... As an example let's take the Nickname Strings from Pokemon uploaded from @HaxAras: Pokemon Platinum ENG 1st Pokemon 2B 01 FF FF 00 00 00 00 42 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 C8 19 0C 02 E0 FF 2nd Pokemon 2B 01 FF FF 05 00 00 00 C8 A9 28 02 34 E1 27 02 4D 75 07 02 00 00 3rd Pokemon 2B 01 FF FF 05 00 00 00 B4 AA 28 02 34 E1 27 02 4D 75 07 02 00 00 4th Pokemon 2B 01 FF FF 1B 00 00 00 A0 AB 28 02 34 E1 27 02 4D 75 07 02 00 00 5th Pokemon AC 00 FF FF 05 00 00 00 8C AC 28 02 34 E1 27 02 4D 75 07 02 00 00 6th Pokemon AC 00 FF FF 05 00 00 00 78 AD 28 02 34 E1 27 02 4D 75 07 02 00 00 The Trash Bytes of the 1st Pokemon are static as most people who ever messed with it might already know. Nothing special about it. What's interesting are the Strings from Pokemon #2 - #6. Take a loot at what I marked blue at String Offset 4. It looks kinda random, right? The truth is this isn't the case at all actually. It's damn simple. These are the LV of these Pokemon. It's appearently what's stored into the Met Location. I think this needs no further explanation and @HaxAras gave us good examples to visualize this. The Pokemon he gave us have the LV 12, 5, 5, 14, 5 and 5. Now let's move on with what I marked in Offset 8-9 in red. These are Offset values from the Pal Park Team Offsets of the English Platinum Version, however the number variates between Migration Sessions. The distance between each Pokemon however is always 236 Bytes, that's the size of the data of a Party Pokemon. To see what I mean you have to read these numbers as little-endian. Or you can just take the 1st one as le and add 236, you will get the same numbers: 0xA9C8 + 236 = 0xAAB4 + 236 = 0xABA0 + 236 = 0xAC8C + 236 = 0xAD78 Of course aren't the full Offsets, just the lower 16bits. The full Offsets would be: 0x0228A9C8 0x0228AAB4 0x0228ABA0 0x0228AC8C 0x0228AD78 I admit that this was no rocket science... The rest of the string looks completely static, but it should be said that there are two more Offsets in these Strings. In this example the Offsets are: 0x0227E134 and 0x0207754D So with that in mind, there is no randomness at all, but it has yet to be confirmed what these Offsets are... Also I will have to check migrated Pokemon of other Versions to see if they're all exactly the same. For now I can confirm this for both English Platinum and English HeartGold. I would prefer to migrate Pokemon with blank names though, which would allow us to get a better view and I would like to document the complete Strings with all 22 Bytes if possible. Update from 9/15/2017: I marked the 2nd Offset in green now. It looks fix in one session, it's related to the Offset in red therefore differs. The distance between the lowest red number to the the green number is ‭51348‬ Bytes in the above example. This should be the same size in all migrated Pokemon to ENG Platinum, but has yet to be confirmed.
  25. I did this with a lua bot using VBA RR actually. SRing this would be like hell... And even with a bot and VBA RR at full speed it can still take hours to find them. My lua bots only supporting the Japanese versions for now. I will have to modify them to support the other versions. If there is interest in this I might release them. Then you can catch them yourself. Would this be something? Take a look at this:
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