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  1. Yeah, I know this article. I don't really understand what they mean with "reprogrammed" though. The event is 100% identical to the Japanese one. Nothing about it is reprogrammed other than it has been localized. It's 1:1 the same Script. The only thing that is different is that the PPC map was replaced with a normal Pokémon Center Map. The GS Ball Event is the only thing that's left from the PPC. There's also a Mystery Gift Delivery guy on the 2F who has something to do with Kurt's Apricorn Balls btw... I have no idea what it is for and what's the connection with Mystery Gift, but it was interesting to learn about it.
  2. Yeah. In the Japanese Version it's the RAM Offset 0xA000 which has to be set to 0x0B. It is basically where the Pokémon News Data is stored. (Bank 6 IIRC) In the English version it has been removed, or maybe it's unused, I can't really remember... (been a while since I studied the asm...) But at least the GS Ball Script is still there and its Activation flag has been shifted to the Offset 0xBE3C. It's also activated with 0x0B and works identical.
  3. If they don't patch a shiny lock in, but I don't think they would do that... Let's just hope they allow us to transfer it to Pokemon Bank as shiny... You never know... lol...
  4. Btw. on the Official Japanese Website they mentioning the Event and how it was distributed using the Mobile GB Adapter and the Pokemon News but for the Virtual Console release we will get the GS Ball automatically at the PCC after getting into the Hall of Fame. So it looks like the flag for it will be activated in some kind of way via patch... This is at least confirmed for the Japanese version but I think it might be the same in the other releases. I'm happy about that! I just wonder if it's a new patch unlike the one we already know, because I can't remember that I have seen anything related to that. I think I would have noticed. Maybe this could be a patched rom? http://www.pokemon.co.jp/ex/VCCR/171214_02/
  5. Yeah. Thanks for reminding me, I barely used it so I completely forgot that it was only compatible with RS... Sorry for that! Well, to figure out what you need to change it would be most efficient if you gotta figure it out by yourself. Just change the IDs a little and save it with PKHeX and then you check what your new checksum is. You will get a feel for it. I did it a long time ago while changing the Playtime via the Memory Viewer in an Emulator, it was pretty easy from what I remember...
  6. Well... first I think you should get an understanding about what an checksum is. A checksum is the sum from calculated data and it is for checking purpose. It's in fact to there to protect the data from being manipulated and to prevent errors. Whenever data is saved and stored the checksum gets recalculated. Now if you change data from an block the old checksum that was based on the state prior the editing becomes invalid. The same goes vice versa, meaning if you just edit the the checksum the checksum becomes invalid. Once you understand this it should also become logical for you that it simply isn't possible to change the checksum without changing anything inside the block. This has nothing to do with PKHeX. PKHex just uses the same mechanic that the game uses for getting the correct results... which just makes sense, right? So whatever you do to your checksum, PKHeX is correcting it. (Thankfully!) So... what you are going to do is changing data from the block and then you use PKHeX to get your new checksum. You could of course do all of it using PKHeX. I personally recommend to use the Playtime, just stick to the minutes and hours... Otherwise you can mess with the IDs, but keep in mind that in RS not every TID/SID combination might be legal. So better use FR/LG or Emerald in case you want to reuse the save file for something else... (It doesn't affects the Jirachi, I just say this because I think TID/SID combinations aren't considered in legality checking yet from what I know... so I don't want to encourage to mess with it.)
  7. @Toffoletto Pokémon can be migrated from Gen 3 to Gen 4 without any issues. There are no issues with Trash Bytes. These are false rumors that were posted in forums over and over for years. I did a lot tests recently and collected many examples that were contributed for research and they were all exactly the same as the ones I migrated on Emulator. Also we understand now how these Trash Bytes come together... we haven't mapped them completely so fo far though... About the Battle Recorder it's as @Kaphotics says. You can literally save a seed like a save stat and continue from there. Even when the system is set off... Which makes good spreads much more accessible. However if you have tons of Pokémon including shinies with the same PID of course people would say that's fishy... so I would recommend everyone to use it wisely. I saw someone on YouTube catching shinies over and over exploiting this... which I personally find ridiculous, simply because it's such a cheap method to collect shinies like that...
  8. Yes. It was a fun post... From what I understood the Magikarp was merged using "hybrid Pokemon" to get the move. I still don't expect anything about it to come to the surface. I would love if it does but I would like to stay realistic. I looked really deep into the whole world wide web and all I found was about the more common Events. And even when it comes to them I wasn't able to gather a single one... Everyone is of course welcomed to help searching for more information.
  9. I already mentioned this somewhere else, but again... It was a hack.
  10. Wow! I didn't knew that. Would be very interesting to know that algorithm. Also I kinda wonder if the same applies for the Japanese BGF Zigzagoons as well... But I think it's likely the case. @TonsofPuppies: Of course making them become shiny is possible. BUT they weren't meant to be shiny, hence the shiny lock. Even it's still legal a good legality checker would inform you about what happened. Imagine in normal play, without RNG and everything, how big are the odds to find someone or get a needed TID and SID to make it shiny? So everyone would know what's going on and that either RNG or hacking was used to make it possible and the more you have of those the more suspicious it is. Legality wise it's all fine of course since it is possible. In case of Pichu it would still be the normal algorithm, so it would kinda be a fake PC 5th Anniversary shiny Pichu. You can imagine the forced shiny Algorithm as kinda the opposite to the shiny lock. It ensures that the chance to get a shiny for this Event is 5%. The number 5 apparently was a tribute to the 5th Anniversary of the Pokémon Center. Regarding the other question... I personally find Channel Jirachi cool but strange. Also the PCNY Events are a little bit complicated. @Sabresite knows more about them than I do. He has analyzed them. And in case of the Nintendo DS Download Play Events including the PokéPark Eggs and Hadou Titans we barely know anything, they could possibly hold some unknown mysteries as well regarding the Species, however we couldn't find anything just based on the examples we have. It's either a pretty complicated algorithm or was determined before the initial seed for the PID and IVs. And where is that Seed coming from? Impossible to look deeper into it without the software. Otherwise the OT Gender is another factor. So everything that has both Genders being possible would be difficult for you to recreate. Especially without understanding the basic fundamentals. I should add to this that a lot information about this isn't public. Same as about Trash Bytes. And also the Research is still incomplete, we don't know how these Events are seeded which is important to know in my opinion. Without seed nothing can be created. Who knows, some seeds might be impossible and we don't even know about it yet?
  11. Those Berry Glitch Fix Zigzagoons are legit and were downloaded from one of the GCN Demo Discs by @HaxAras. Like I already said the Method is BACD with a forced shiny algorithm. The S in BACD_R_S stands for Shiny, in case you didn't know. The Shiny Zigzagoons are even more restricted. Their seeds are 8bit values, that's why there are only 256 unique Zigzagoons. I don't want to repeat myself too much. But the forced shiny Algorithm is identical to the one used for the Pokémon Center 5th Anniversary Shiny Pichu. However as I already said the Generation Method for the Pokémon Center 5th Anniversary Eggs is DCEF_R and DCEF_R_S for forced shiny. You apparently misunderstood what I said earlier. The PID and IVs aren't the problem once you understand about random numbers and how PID and IVs are generated. The real issue about Pokémon Center 5th Anniversary are the Species and Move. Those are determined by an really complicated algorithm. It's of course possible to recreate that but it's a pain to do that manually. And because of Species and Move being linked to the Initial Seed it's highly unlikely that there is anything competitive. If there is a good PID-IV spread it could be possibly assigned to the wrong Species or has the false Move. Let's just take for example... Wish Bagon. There are 65536 Spreads but only 8192 (12,5%) of them are Wish Bagons. In terms of Shiny Wish Pichu 1638 (2,5%) which is even worse. But I gotta say something about the forced shiny Pichu though. The cool thing about it is that it changes the PID based on the TID & SID combination of the Original Trainer who downloaded the Egg originally and with that the Nature changes too. And what I mentioned before about non-shiny eggs hatching as shinies after a trade to a Trainer with the right TID & SID combo also works vice versa. So the forced Shiny Pichu can become a normal one if you trade it to another Trainer and it hatches. But still has the cool altered forced shiny PID. That's why it's one of the most interesting Event Pokémon IMO but also one of the most complicated when it comes to legality checking. Regarding competitiveness however... don't keep your hopes up.
  12. Someone else can help you better with this I guess. Personally I have difficulties with terms like Method 1 ect. because they're less technical and don't explain anything about the nature of these methods. It's also been a while since I used the RNG Reporter for the last time and if I used it I was more interested in the Researcher. Back then I figured out which Method is which by just looking at the numbers. Seeing that you might have some missing basic knowledge about random numbers I think you should rather study about how Pokémon are generated. You could read some guides on sites like smogon.com to get that knowledge. And if you like to go deeper into the material, just play with RNG Reporter's Researcher and look at the numbers using the same seeds you used with Method 1 or Method H-2. You might get a feel about what's going on. Overall my opinion is similar to what Sabresite says. I don't really want to encourage hacking. Simply because I want to avoid bad hacks being spread and also because it might be too difficult for some to do it correctly. It's very important that you understand what exactly you're doing instead of just copying and pasting numbers. We already had a hard time during our research to separate legit Events from hacks, some of these hacks were good but not perfect. Now in 2017 it's highly unlikely that new files appear, everything we have in terms of Gen 3 Events can be traced back to 2003-2006 which is all confirmed thanks to archived websites. The basic point of what I say is that it's more complicated than some people might think.
  13. Answer to the first question: Yeah, that says it all. This should be flagged as a hack. Pre-hatched it has to be non-shiny except if it's a forced shiny. Second question: Yeah, well let me say this. Most Events use the BACD_R method which btw. is newer than the method we are talking about. We think (but we don't know, since we don't have any legit of those) that the first Event who used this method was Stamp. The BACD_R_S is exclusive to the Berry Glitch Fix Zigzagoon. Almost everything that came after had BACD_R, however the algorithm variated from Event to Event, so knowing that an Event has this PID method isn't exactly enough. The OT Gender is an important factor in terms of legality. The same goes for Berries for the Jirachi Events, however due to them being removable it might not be so much an important factor as the OT Gender is. Last but not least there are the Trash Bytes who can be removed by transferring a Pokémon to Colosseum/XD, but are fix otherwise. I personally find the Trash Bytes very important. (A good legality checker should definitely check those.) Third question: With two I mean the two oldest Events. Pokémon Center 5th Anniversary and Negaiboshi Jirachi. They predate BACD_R and use both the same method. Which btw. in my opinion should be named DCEF_R. And DCEF_R_S for shiny Pichu.
  14. Really? Sounds fishy to me, I don't really understand what's going on here, this should not be the case. Anything you generate with PokeGen is wrong, especially if its a BACD (R) from PokeGen. Everything you can find with PokeGen using the BACD (R) PID Search is wrong. I hope you could follow me with what I already explained, I will try to be more precise for you. First I should say that the R in BACD_R actually stands for the restricted seed. Because they're generated on 16bit Seeds (0x0000-0xFFFF) we say it's "Restricted", however a normal BACD_R is generated with the 1st rand() and in this case it's the 3rd rand(). While the initial seed in other events is also the seed for the PID this is not the case here where Seed for the PID is generated later. So what you have is basically a full 32bit seed. We could almost say it's BACD (U) "Unrestricted", however it's still tied to the initial seed which is 16bit, so it's kinda something between Restricted and Unrestricted. Another specific method. This means these two Events include a whole different variety of PID and IV spreads. Whether there is something competitive or not, I don't know, but I would be highly surprised if that's the case for this Event. The reasons are already stated in the other thread, so I don't want to repeat myself. Regarding shinies... I should also add that there's a shiny lock. Like in most events people weren't supposed to get them as shinies. Therefore EVERY normal unhatched shiny Pokemon Center 5th Anniversary Egg is ILLEGAL. As you might know, since this was an Egg Event you could trade your Egg to another game that has Trainer and Secret ID which results that this Pokemon becomes a shiny when it hatches. Of course once hatched it doesn't matters but I think it's still important to know. Shiny Pichu is a different story and I already said that in the other thread. All of the species covering 25% of the seeds and with that in mind the PIDs and IVs. This percentage is split into 12,5% because of the two Moves Wish or the specific Special Move. And in non-shiny Pichu's case 20% to 10% and shiny 5% to 2,5%. Which seed results into which species and move is fix. So... this means if you generate an Egg you have a 5% chance to get a shiny Pichu. And if you want a shiny Pichu with Wish the chance is only 2,5%. Even if there is a nice and fitting competitive spread with good nature and IVs, chances are that this Species could be tied to another Species or the wrong move or both...
  15. The existence of the algorithm is known since quite a while. And it was finally solved earlier this year. I don't know what exactly of it is included in PKHeX though, but if its all there including Species and Move then it should be fine. Btw. there's something else I haven't mentioned in that other Thread yet because I kinda tend to forget about this... The Initial Seeds were given by an RTC starting with 0x05A0 and incremented by 1 per minute. Problem is that Pokémon Centers aren't open 24/7, but instead rather for like 10 hours a day. I don't know how long exactly it was open back in the days. And IIRC the distribution was for 23 days. It's save to say that not every Seed is exactly legit and this is something that will never be solved. The same applies for Negaiboshi Jirachi and possibly other Events. We ignored to go deeper into this because it can't be solved anyway. And it also kinda depends what someone would consider as legit. If everything that comes from a distribution software is legit or if the distribution time is just as important as a legitimacy factor. Even when it comes to legality, like it's unquestionably the case in newer Gens. It's an interesting question also considering that it seems that an Negaiboshi rom has been leaked and we assume that it has everything from Pokémon Center 5th Anniversary in it. If one day someone manages to edit that rom it would be possible to generate Eggs that could be seen as "legit". Anyway this is as close as we can get for now.
  16. I explained it already in this Thread: For more information: In short: The Method isn't included in PokeGen or the RNG Reporter. It's basically B-A-C-D but the PID starts generating 2 rand()s later. And in shiny Pichu's case additionally there is an forced shiny algorithm coming into play. The real problem is actually that you might not be able to reconstruct it because of the two factors Species and Moves, the algorithm is pretty complicated.
  17. Yeah, nearly impossible. At least in the case of Pokémon Center 5th Anniversary I wouldn't recommend to have high hopes on finding something competitive. There are 65535 Spreads, which are limited to 4 Species. (25%) And then again split because of the 2 Moves. (12,5%) With the exception of Pichu (20%) where you have 2x 10% and Shiny Pichu (5%) where it's 2x 2,5%. I gotta have to say something about the Spreads though. The thing is we don't have a spread list and I don't wanna go as far as @Sabresite says that they're all shitty. He could be right but I don't know, simply because I don't know all of them. Just for the record, you have 16bit Initial Seeds from 0x0000 to 0xFFFF. Which means 65535 in total. PID is called before IVs... sounds all familiar. But I said initial seeds for a reason, because there is something that separates the Pokémon Center 5th Anniversary Eggs and Negaiboshi Jirachi from everything else that came later. Unlike in later Events where the Initial Seed is also the Seed for the first PID call it's not the case here. The PID in fact is actually called with the 3rd rand() and 4th rand(). Then the IVs are called at rand() 5 and rand() 6. Which means in other words that the PID and IV spreads are totally different compared to everything known. I wouldn't rule out that there could be one or two good Spreads. This might be more interesting for Negaiboshi Jirachi though. Then there's the Algorithm. In Jirachi's case it only affects the Berry. However as far as the Egg goes, there's the Species and the two Moves and it's an really awkward algorithm. Which I think is not even public. (I can't remember what's in that other thread.) Just my advise, don't do it. Doing it manually would be a pain the ***. I still kinda wished I could get my hands on a working Negaiboshi rom, just to see what else is still in it from the Pokémon Center 5th Anniversary Event and if it could be switched to generate these Eggs with a few tweaks. I like to mess with these things, just can't make much about it public, because I always keep my word when I get stuff to play with.
  18. Yeah. And like I said to you in my last message, most of the e-Cards are preserved already and thanks to No-Intro even with verified hash. Except a few cards everything else is preserved. I don't know which ones are missing but I guess @BlackShark might have a list. One thing IMO... and I know I repeat myself when I say this... But it would be really neat to have Mystery Events completely analyzed. (And the e-Cards could be helpful to achieve this) And by this I mean including the communication process between the systems... (I think everything else is there already from what I remember...) This way we won't have to rely on injecting scripts and we might be able to activate Events like the Eon Ticket for Japanese Emerald more naturally. The same goes of course for transferring Mystery Gifts. (Joy Spot) Everyone who is capable to disassemble is very welcome. Edit: @Rufinian not legally. We do have the prototype script extracted from the FireRed, LeafGreen and Emerald roms... However this Mystery Gift was never officially distributed. The Altering Cave Event has a serious design flaw anyway. The Mystery Gift Script works so that everytime you talk to the deliveryguy in the Pokémon Center the Pokémon inside the Cave Changes. The responsible value for it advances by 0x01 to be exact and this each time you speak to him, which is because there is no flag for it. The script can be run over a d over. This goes until 0x08. After that it starts again at 0x00. These are the Pokémon for each value: 0x00 = Zubat 0x01 = Mareep 0x02 = Aipom 0x03 = Pineco 0x04 = Shuckle 0x05 = Teddiursa 0x06 = Hundour 0x07 = Stantler 0x08 = Smeargle However once you toss the Wonder Card, the script is gone as well. Which means you stuck with the last Pokémon you had in the Altering Cave. It's possible that they scrapped the Distribution of the Event because of this flaw. Alternatively they could have planned Event to make the Event so that it sets the value to only one of these Pokémon. But that doesn't make sense because the theme of the Cave is that it changes... so that would make only sense if they do the Event several times, which sounds troublesome... or you would have to decide which of the 7 other Pokemon you want... but I think the prototype is really what it would have been at the end. There's no efficient way to fix this issue, because of the way the Cave works and the way Mystery Gifts work. It's not recommended for legal play but if you want to mess with it, feel free to use this Tool:
  19. Yep. 10ANNIV. All downloaded from the English European Distribution Rom. I messed with the save files data, mainly TID and SID to get the result I wanted and it worked. It definitely uses data from the save files but in a different way than Wishmaker... about how... I really don't know... I made some notes but it turned out being wrong when I failed to hit the Seed 0x0008 and others too... Anti-Shiny would be important to know as well.
  20. It's coincidence. 80 isn't really a high number considering there are 25 Natures, the chance to get 1 of them is 1:25... So with 80 different examples it's not too surprising that 1 or 2 Natures are missing, you can do your math. We really need to know what kind of data it takes from the RAM and what it does with it. Then we can force these Seeds + we need it to generate legal seeds. Who knows what kind of surprises we might find... Like impossible Seeds. It really depends on what the algorithm is. I even managed to force Seeds about a year ago, but it was a pain without knowing the complete algo and I don't recommend to try it at this point... It can be achieved by manipulating the save file with an hex editor, but It's not like Wishmaker Jirachi and more complicated. Edit: I would like to share some examples... I thought I had it and managed to get the Seeds 0x0000-0x0007. Then I wasn't able to get 0x0008 and stopped looking further. Would be more efficient to have a look at the asm and see what actually happens. 0x0000.pk3 0x0001.pk3 0x0002.pk3 0x0003.pk3 0x0004.pk3 0x0005.pk3 0x0006.pk3 0x0007.pk3
  21. Thank you so much for your help and for sharing them with us. So you received them from a friend? Can you tell us when? I'm analyzing Japanese Gen 1 and Gen 2 Events in this Thread, in case you're interested: Would be interesting to know when and where your friend received them. It could be Nintendo Space World 1997 or Nintendo Space World 1999, I hope you can help us to solve this mystery. Bulbapedia claims Makuhari was distributed at 1997, but they're the only source who says that next to this outdated website... Even worse wiki.ポケモン.com mixed it up completely, swapping '97 and '99. I almost feel like マリオ、クッパ and ピーチ doesn't exist at OTs...
  22. OMG! A miracle! Thank you so much! YES! We finally have our first Japanese Gen 1 Event Pokemon! Edit: That's unexpected... They used the マクハリ OT at Nintendo Space World 1997? According to my information it currently stand that the OTs are ルイージ and ヨッシー. Do you have more information for us? Did you download them by yourself? Or a friend?
  23. Interesting... I will post something about this later. I think it's about time to reveal something...
  24. Are you up for the challenge? This is fun and I didn't saw this being posted in the forum, so I thought I would like to share it: http://www.pokemon.jp/special/nakigoe151/
  25. What @Sabresite says is the most likely option about how it will happen. Besides people have no clue how rare the GS Ball was back in the days. It was not a distribution like you might imagine. Would I love to see the Pokémon Communication Center back to life? Yeah. But Pokémon News... imagine if they do it like back in the days. We're talking about 10 people per "Distribution". We could say very few GS Balls were actually legal. Just imagine if they do it the same way like back the days. This would be kinda a problem in terms of legality. Because only the Celebiis from the Top Ranked Players would count as legal... Of course I also would like to see a Virtual Console Distribution of the GS Ball. But I fear that if they distribute it, they will kinda want to relieve the Original Event. I can't imagine they will just activate the "Give GS Ball" flag and skip the part how the flag actually gets activated. The flag lies basically in the same area where the News data is, it's a part of it and gets activated when you check your Name in the Top Ranks. (That is IF you make it to there!) Right now I wished they would fix the VC Gen 1 Mews or distribute more Mews. I'm pretty unsatisfied with how they handle these VC Events and I don't really expect that they will pay much attention. I hope they do but it's hard to imagine. I just say this because I think it's better if we keep our hopes low and don't get disappointed if at the end nothing happens. At this point I'm not even sure if we will get a Virtual Console Celebii at all. Nothing in that direction has been announced so far... Let's just drink tea and see what happens.
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