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  1. @Luca.b Yeah, sorry. I thought I already mentioned it, but just noticed that I didn't. It's like @Sabresite said, all you have to do is XORing each of the 14 save file section checksums together and that will give you the initial seed.
  2. I would be careful with TID/SID editing though. Whether a TID/SID combination is legal depends on the game. I can't guarantee you that all combinations are accessible, it really depends on which game you mean.
  3. Yeah. Jeremy are just normal Ingame Pokémon. They don't really count as real Event Pokémon, but it's a matter of opinion. And Mystery Mews are initially generated on 16bit Seeds as well. The difference about them is that the Algorithm looped the generation until the Team was full and once finished with generating one Mew it didn't reroll the Seed, because why would it? But instead the rand routine used the result from the last rand for the next Mew. When finished generating they moved them from the Team to the PC, always until there was only 1 Pokémon in the Team and then repeated the process, this way the Mystery Mews were generated as batches of 5 Mews. This was repeated until all Box Slots and Team Slots were filled. Which makes 421 Batches unique + 1 unique Mew in total. So you can say they're pretty much restricted, same like Pokémon Center 5th Anniversary and Negaiboshi Jirachi who don't have their PIDs generated on the 16bit initial seed as well. The only unrestricted BACD Event Pokémon are the Eggs from Pokémon Box Ruby & Sapphire. I can't even remember how they were seeded but I remember it was closed to impossible to RNG. Must have been something really random and a full 32bit integer. @Sabresite Mystery Gift Eggs are ABDE. They're generated Ingame via Script. This is not to confuse with the Nintendo Download Play Eggs. PokéPark Eggs had both methods. And Wishmaker Jirachi (I believe) was broken possibly because the multiboot rom wasn't finished. They used an unfinished sample from 2003 that was made based on the Japanese Berry Update Program for future Events. We know all of this from the already localized version "Meteor Jirachi". They added FR&LG support and moved away from using the RTC for seeding, using save file checksums instead. I don't know what happened to the Anti-Shiny though, if it was completely missing or screwed up. It's interesting to note that they reused the rand /3 &1 algo (previously used for Shiny Zigzagoon's OTG) for the Ganlon/Salac Berries. But apart from that it was pretty unfinished, met location for example was completely missing and had to be readded, it was literally an unfinished sample. The finished version was likely used for Tanabata Jirachi 2004 for the first time or maybe not. This could mean either that Tanabata Jirachi 2004 had broken Seed and Anti-Shiny too, just like Wishmkr. OR it was already fixed when it was distributed. There are many things we don't know for certain.
  4. That's because these Pokémon they're talking about were generated initially on 16bit seeds, so the range is 0x0000~0xFFFF. That's easy to understand basic knowledge. The reason why people like us did years of dedicated research is not because we want to teach how to hack Pokémon, it's because we wanted to separate legal/legit ones from (bad) hacks and also protect people from getting scammed. Because we are making all these great Tools we also have a responsibility to keep everything "clean". If you just get your Pokémon the natural way, then you wouldn't have to worry about "true", "legit" and "valid", so it's obvious what you want to do and I don't think you will get help for this here. It's not even that everything is a big secret. A lot of algorithms and informations are publicized just btw... but we won't tell you... "That's how you do it."
  5. And because hacking perfect 3rd Gen Pokémon is quite difficult (you have to take encounter slots into account) and in untouched form close to impossible (we haven't completely studied 3rd Gen Trash Bytes yet) I personally recommend you to RNG them. The good thing is that RNG in Gen 3 is quite easy and you can do it on Emulator.
  6. We definitely need it unevolved. Regarding the other Metang, it's pretty funny. I already stated before that I think it's a hack, it's in my hacks folder since I saw it the first time. I just couldn't remember what the Trash Bytes exactly were. But yesterday we were going through it and like @Sabresite says the case is obvious. Yet you guys still uploaded it without having it checked first. Reminds me of the Hadou titans which was kinda the same story. Anyways, the good thing is we finally get back to searching for a Rocks Metang. Hope this time successfully. Edit: Just to remind you on what we still miss, not for the Gallery, but for the complete the documentation. All as Gen 3 files please and never transferred to COL/XD! As you remove important data by doing so. I can promise that files I receive won't be made public if you don't want them to. Any file I receive is for research only. Thanks to @Deoxyz who made the list, mine wasn't up to date with the PCNYs. I would recommend to report new files in this or another Thread so that stuff like this won't happen again.
  7. I always find these type of questions pretty funny, because it always goes the same pattern... "I want to hack a competitive/event/shiny Pokemon but I don't want to make an effort to obtain it." No offense... just something I am noticing over and over and it shows how kind most user on this website are to still answer such questions. So this is kinda meant as a compliment too. To answer the question from my side, in case you're too worried why don't you get the Pokemon in a legit way and then check what's going on? You can still hack IVs and Moves and see if it's still considered being legit by PKHeX. But please keep in mind that there are things PKHeX does NOT check, like Trash Bytes for example... even in case you hacked it from the scratch and PKHeX say's it's fine there it's still not legit and it's in the gray zone of being legal... That's why I'm always telling people that they're better off not doing, especially in case they don't know what they're doing... Edit: I really hope no one is feeling offended. Many of us like hacking... I just think it's a important thing to say about this and be honest as someone who was doing a lot of legality research. There are still a lot of things remain to be unknown. One thing people don't understand is that legality analysis isn't for hacking perfect Pokemon, it's to protect people who want to play the game normally from hacks...
  8. Yeah, that's true. But it's not an easy task to do as you might think. There are checksum protections ect. As soon as you mess with something in 10ANNIV/Aura Error Code 5 pops up.
  9. Yeah, no flawless Berry Glitch Fix Zigzagoon. It's ss + mm + hh after all. So the lowest is 0 and the highest is 59 seconds + 59 min + 23 hours = 141. Here is a "timed" (can we even call it RNG? lol) Japanese Zigzagoon. Generated on the initial seed 0x00. 263 ★ - ジグザグマ - 495100005281.pk3
  10. I confirmed how BGF seeds based on information I have from @Sabresite. It's ss + mm + hh and for this the RTC of the RS cartridge is used. As a result the possible Seeds are between 0x00 and 0x8D. Everything above is illegal.
  11. Here we go! Gen 3 Gen 4
  12. Yeah, I even uploaded 5 Jirachis yesterday, so you should know... @St. GIGA Btw. Didn't announced it public yet but we know the common seeding procedures now. And no worries in terms of legality checking. Edit2: Except for Japanese Events between BGF and Hadou Mew. A lot of things are still unknown about them in terms of Seeds.
  13. Did some tests and research with the English Berry Glitch Fix Zigzagoon MB. Trash Bytes of the western Berry Glitch Fix Zigzagoon are identical to the Japanese Berry Glitch Fix Zigzagoon. (We could never see it because of the length of its name.)
  14. First of all... Why are you opening a Thread with the same question twice? As @Sabresite said such a thing doesn't exist because there is simply no demand for it. Normally people generate their Event Pokemon In-Game, because that's how it works if you want a legitimately generated Pokemon. Be happy that PKHeX offers you an alternative, it shouldn't be taken for granted. I don't even see why it's so urgent. Why would someone need tons of Event Pokemon in a short amount of time? I don't want to be suspicious of you, but it sounds a little bit fishy to me.
  15. First of all and most importantly... we don't encourage piracy. If you like Pokémon I would highly recommend you to buy the real games. To give you an honest answer... Everything before X&Y can be done on emulators. Starting with X&Y you're better off playing on a real 2DS/3DS. Not only because of the lack of emulation capabilities that would make it impossible to complete your National Dex in Gen 6. But the question is also how would you use Pokémon Bank to get your Pokémon from B&W/B&W2 to there. The only way to get access to use Pokémon Bank is having the real hardware. So if you only use emulators your road would definitely end here... When it comes to S&M and US&UM there is no National Dex. It's Pokémon Bank exclusive in Gen 7. It seems they kinda shifted from "Bring em all to your new Pokémon game!" or "Recatch em all!" back to really just "Catch em All!". You won't have to spend time to organize and moving Pokémon from game to game to fill your Dex, instead you can store them and you have the option to synchronize your data, which IMO is a nice improvement. Pokémon Bank btw. is more than just a storage app. It's a Cloud and it almost can be seen as part of the game.
  16. melonDS is the only one that emulates local linking. It's still a relatively young emulator, so don't expect too much. DeSmuME had some kind of linking capabilities but I think it was not local and for some reason they removed it later.
  17. I would like to announce that there's a little christmas gift from @Deoxyz to be found on the Internet and also want to take this opportunity to thank him once again, what he is doing for us is amazing and can't be thanked well enough. Merry Christmas! Edit: Also thanks to everyone else involved. Together we have really come far this year when it comes to Gen 3 Events.
  18. Yes. There is no GS Ball patch. + The Japanese Crystal Game won't boot with the patch we got, which btw. has something to do with the Mobile Game Boy Logo being patched out. It could be that the Mobile System GB is activated by default in the Japanese VC release... otherwise I don't know why they would mess with it. Which is why I was wondering wether we get a hard edited Japanese Crystal rom. But like @theSLAYER said this doesn't has to mean anything because the actual patches at the end might be different than what we have seen already. I think @St. GIGA was joking. But I gotta admit that it was a good one! No, let's be honest... First of all, as already stated there is nothing spectacular that has to be programmed here... it's all there and it's an really easy job that can be done in a few min if there is the will from above. And even if it was difficult, they have paid programmers to do the job better (even they do fail at times)... who have not become employees for using search engines to find and steal code from the Internet. lol And btw. I don't think there will be servers... but in case the PCC is activated, it could be that the Japanese version will have Pokémon News added to the patch... additionally to the GS Ball and the Odd Egg Event in some kind of way, but we will see... IF there are servers I guess they would be rather for trading, battling online and possibly the Battle Tower? I'm all up for surprises, I was sceptical if we get the GS Ball and there it is. It's also interesting to mention that there isn't a Japanese trailer yet, usually we there is always a Japanese trailer at the same time there is an international one.
  19. Btw. some interesting information... I have completely overread that they mentioning that the Event was in the first Pokemon News Issue that was apparently released together when the service started. The grammar sounds like there only was one GS Ball Event News Issue. Would make sense as they literally used the GS Ball to advertise the Mobile GB Adapter, to push the sales up, as we know there was an advertisement Flyer back in the days. Which btw. had the same Celebi Shrine Artwork as on the Japanese Information site from the VC GS Ball. NOW... the interesting part is that Háčky from glitchcity actually found the first Japanese News Issue which is hidden in the localized ROMs at 7D:4DD3 and it indeed included the GS Ball. So it could be exactly what was distributed in Japan when the Mobile System GB... this is nothing too new as I already had this guess before, it's just underscoring the theory. @Ammako in the Japanese Version it was the Pokemon News Header. The content of the bank was completely removed in the international versions. Instead the hardcoded Trainer Tower stuff was added and that's apparently where they readded or shifted the flag to in the west versions, seeing the asm this could be true. (I should add that I know the Japanese Version better than the localized ones...) According to the Japanese Website entering the Hall of Fame is the only requirement. "How to meet Celebi When you enter the Pokemon Communication Center of Goldenroad City after entering the Hall of Fame an Event occurs. There is a Shrine in the Illex Forest surrounding a mystery, be ready for an fateful encounter with Celebi!" So I guess entering the Hall of Fame for the first time will set the flag. I think before we speculate further... Let's just wait to see what exactly they did when the VC games will be released and then reconstruct it if necessary to have this "legit", before we start to throw custom made patches around each other.
  20. Yeah, I miss the wiki too. Glad to see someone mentioning it too. Whenever I need information I find myself jumping between github, glitchcity, datacrystal and multiple forums. It would be nice to have a simple and universal place where you can find all the ROM Maps, RAM Maps, Algorithms ect. I personally think that a wikia with more simplicity and technical depth as an alternative to Bulbapedia is something that would be really nice. Bulbapedia is huge but also a bit bulky and not really a suitable place for some information, because they have their own policy. There's really a lot of content that could be added to the PP wiki, unfortunately it's a lot work to get it all together... So considering that nothing has been done since a long time I see why it's gone now. If I had more time I would have loved to work on it...
  21. I almost start to think that this time we will see a hard edit. I'm very curious to see what exactly they did... I totally agree about these Events being permanently available. At least I wish they could do this for one of the rare legendaries per game... With a little side story or whatever as they did with Deoxys in ORAS. It was pretty cool.
  22. There's no reason to be hated for that. There's a side of me hopes that too tbh... because... I would just love to see the reaction if those people that are hyped now still can't still get their legal Shiny Celebii... haha... it would be so entertaining! Some people might just go the lazy way and hack their Shiny Celebiis with PKHeX or download it and the change OT and ID, instead of catching them... I must say that I prefer this type of Event same as the Emerald Mew over the "gifted" Events, but there's a certain feeling of devaluation and I already see the transferred perfect IV shiny Celebiis with all different OT/TID combinations coming... It would be more special if it was an themed exclusive Shiny Celebii Event for that matter. Anyways... I'm just glad everything comes to full circle and I like to compare it with Mew which became finally catchable in Emerald... Because they kept us waiting for so long to allow us catching it ourselves and that's something I personally think makes this Event really special. Marketing wise it is really smart to tie the Event with the release of the Virtual Console release of Crystal... It will surely have an impact when it comes to the sales... Now I just hope they would distribute another fixed Mew... since the VC Gen 1 Mew was kinda messed up. Will not happen I guess but I think it would just be fair considering how rare the first Event was...
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